5 Best All-Purpose Seasonings (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you tired of the same old repetitive flavors in a dish? Just as a basic routine, our taste buds demand something extraordinary once in a while. Especially when you have been following the same procedure for years to bake a pizza or make a pie, sometimes a change is good.

Even though the original recipe is a hit and loved by you and your family for years, now is the time to bring some variety to it. And the truth is you do not need to do some hard and fast modification to view the result. Anything simple as anew seasoning in your kitchen cabinet can spice up the entire taste.

Best All-Purpose Seasonings

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Here are our all-purpose seasoning reviews:

1. Grace All Purpose Seasoning

Grace All Purpose Seasoning

Grace all-purpose seasoning is not a widely recognized product and brand, but we ought to speak about its amazing flavor and genuineness. This candidate on our list is essential if you need a unique twist of flavors ready to blow away your taste buds. The all-purpose seasoning is designed with a Caribbean twist.

The ingredients and choice of flavors in this product are wisely chosen, and the flavor speaks for itself. With a powdery texture and a fine brown color, you can ensure that it will taste up your food and add a beautiful look to the final presentation. The ingredients used are 100% natural and fresh, and you have the company’s word for it.

A distinctive quality of this product is that it does not only go with the usual, but as recommended by the brand’s owners, the product resides well on shrimps. For prawns and shrimp lovers, your taste buds got another special treat. The product comes in a pack of 2 bottles 6 oz. Each is enough for multiple uses, and you can spend enough time before running out to buy some more.

The original ingredients include celery, thyme, oregano, a little bit of salt (remember that), ginger, cumin, black pepper, garlic, and much more. It is, in short, a burst of flavors in a pinch. Don’t forget to try it on your pasta, pizza, sandwiches, bread, salad and what not! The options are just too many.

Why do we like it?

  • Light and flavorful
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Free from artificial flavors
  • All 100% natural
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2. Goya Adobo All-Purpose Seasoning

Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning

What’s a list of top picks all-purpose seasoning without Goya Adobo. Like a fancy name, the line of seasoning introduced by this brand has a touch of uniqueness. It is safe to say that this is one of the most desired and loved all-purpose seasoning brands.

The recipes, the ingredients, and the originality of this product make it an unstoppable purchase. Whether you are looking for something basic to get your taste buds used to extra flavor or something sturdy at a professional level, Goya adobo can serve you the best. The serving comes in three-pack of 8 oz. sufficient for various uses.

Their flavors are light and on point. Top your pizzas, pasta, spaghetti, steaks, garlic bread, sandwiches, burritos, or anything to everything, and you won’t find yourself tired of the flavors. With the primary ingredients garlic and oregano, you will be surprised how this seasoning brings taste at so many levels.

Maybe it’s the proportion; maybe it’s the idea or the originality of technique, you never know. Try this product as your basic everyday all-purpose seasoning, and you will be thanking us later. Moreover, the brand is certified with high-quality standards and is stated as kosher free.

If you are not a fan of trying too much variation with your food, we recommend this product. After all, who doesn’t like a little fun with their products once in a while? We know we do! And the best part? Sometimes you need a pinch of it to boost up the entire flavor.

Why do we like it?

  • Light for everyday use
  • Well known high-quality brand
  • Simple mixture with easy flavor
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3. Simply Organic Spice Right Everyday Blends

Simply Organic Spice Right Everyday Blends

Let’s go right, let’s go organic! The simple organic spice right everyday blends are one of the most favorite all-purpose seasonings. For the health-conscious voice in you who has been trying to go healthy for years, listen to it and bring this flavorful beauty home. This product is made with 100% original spices, and we can bet on that.

The company has its roots to promise that they only grow what is organic and nothing beyond that. While many herbs are grown with artificial additives and pesticides for quick results, they are also added with a bunch of preservatives to retain the flavor. This damages the originality of the product.

If you are set on strict rules, then organic spice right everyday blends deserve to be in your kitchen right away. They are made with major flavorful ingredients; onion, Garlic, black pepper, tomato, bell pepper, carrot, celery, rice, and sage are some neat flavors to bet on. Moreover, to add a touch of freshness and a great feel, the orange peel has been added for a great touch.

You can also sense a strong hint of rosemary, oregano, and thyme. Imagine having all this in a bottle? Now you have it. Just bless your food with the right flavors and bold aroma with this candidate on our list.

The product is certified kosher and meets some of the strictest standards of quality.

Why do we like it?

  • Free from salt
  • Tested for standards
  • Sustainable
  • Free from harmful additives
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4. Simply Organic Italian Seasoning

Simply Organic Italian Seasoning

As the name suggests, this seasoning is made with original Italian flavors and is ready to add extra Spezia to your food. Specially made with all organic ingredients, the herbs and the choice of items in this are finely picked to ensure maximum quality. To define the entire magic, three words; uniquely sweet, spicy, and highly aromatic.

This is our second choice of all-purpose seasoning from the simply organic brand, and the reasons are high quality and strict adherence to satisfying your taste buds. The seasoning is kosher certified and free from any harmful additives. You can get this cute glass jar in your kitchen and be ready to enjoy your meals with extra flavor.

Some of the clearest and finest ingredients used in this seasoning are oregano, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, basil, and sage, and all of these ingredients are directly obtained from the source. Once you open this jar, your kitchen will be lit up with original Italian spices’ bright aroma. It goes with everyone, whether it be pizza, pasta, steak, bread, or even popcorn, this masterful blend of simple ingredients is magic in a bottle.

Moreover, with the label of a trusted brand such as simply organic, you can remain stress-free as the products free from any harmful additives or even artificial flavors. There are no unnatural colors nor fake odor to it. This authenticity brings the real taste, which is why many people opt for simply organic and their all-purpose seasoning choices.

Why do we like it?

  • Made from natural and sustainable ingredients
  • Free of Salt
  • Very flavorful and versatile
  • Cute and compact size
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5. Frontier All Purpose Seasoning

Frontier All Purpose Seasoning

Frontier all-purpose seasoning has a cute bottle with even cute writing on it. While looks are deceiving, this all-purpose seasoning is not here just because of the looks. Our list’s extremely tasteful and flavorful candidate is here to make your meals better and tastier than ever.

The versatility and flexibility of this all-purpose seasoning are what make it the best. Sprinkle it over your salad, your lasagna, pizza, pasta, sandwich, steak, or anything on your plate, and you will get a great boost of flavors ready to take you on cloud nine. The brand frontier co-op is one of the leading names in the food industry, and you can be free from any harmful additives when you buy this product.

Made with the original citrus and aromatic herbs for a touch of standout flavors, this product is a must-have in your kitchen. Moreover, when you purchase this bottle of flavors, you are sure to be actively participating in a good cause. The frontier co-op donates 4% of their earnings to the charity per annum, which is a chance to be a part of a good cause.

Back to the flavors, this product is free from salt, and no extra sodium is part of this recipe. You can make sure to use it as the last to add and remain stress-free about messing with the balance. The colorful ingredients of the product add a beautiful look to the final appearance of the product.

And our advice? Just shake it and sprinkle it on top of everything. Your dish will itself be a standout even before your guests have tasted it.

Why do we like it?

  • Glass Bottle is Environmental friendly.
  • Made from natural and healthy ingredients
  • Kosher certified
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All-Purpose Seasoning Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing the right all-purpose seasoning for you, it is governed by personal choice and preferences. The type of seasoning you want depends on the variety of flavors you are willing to see in your food or the type of experiments you want to create with the taste. After all, your taste buds will approve or disapprove of something for you.

However, one common feature to look at in an all-purpose seasoning is the quality of ingredients. High quality and smart choice of ingredients will govern the final flavor. Make sure to opt for organic and natural choices as they play a vital role in giving original flavors to the product.


As visible from our top choice list for all-purpose seasoning, there are several variations to the product. Some seasonings come in powder form, some in the form of sprinkles, while some are even large chunks of flavors. The choice of all-purpose seasoning texture is a great factor, especially if you are someone who goes for looks.

While a powdery all-purpose seasoning isn’t much on the aesthetic sides, chunks of oregano and thyme add an extra look to the final dish. You may be a fan of oregano floating over your pasta and thyme sitting gracefully over the pizza; then large chunks might be a good choice for you or even tiny sprinkles.


People have different preferences, and it is hard to conclude something that goes for everyone when it comes to food. This is where this factor comes in handy. The flavor of your all-purpose seasoning is the ultimate decision-maker for you.

If you are a fan of a more complex and a blend of various ingredients at once, you should go for many ingredients. If you are someone attracted by simplicity, then we have basic ingredients’ seasonings on our list too. Be sure to check the ingredients listed at the back of the all-purpose seasoning so that you can make your choice.


Before you go all-purpose seasoning shopping, you must be aware of the usage you wish to get out of it. While the name suggests, an all-purpose seasoning can go on top of everything, such as roasted and baked meals, fried or grilled chicken, pasta, fish, spaghetti, and what not! If you are looking for something to spice up your pizza, then you must go towards herbs.

Or want a flavor to enhance your pasta? Then Italian seasoning is a good option since it will provide the original Italian flavor to your pasta.

Health Constraints

Many people try to switch towards healthy organic options, and with the help of all-purpose seasoning, you can do that. Most of the all-purpose seasonings are made with natural and organic ingredients, thus covering up the artificial flavors added in sauces and other seasonings. Also, most of the all-purpose seasonings are made salt free to ensure a low and adequate sodium level in the overall diet.

Besides, since all-purpose seasonings are only spice and herb blends, they are low in fat or fully fat-free! Similarly, as there are so few ingredients in these blends, many all-purpose seasonings are also low in carbs. If you are looking for basic and easy ways to spice up your food without having to go for unhealthy sauces and spices full of artificial flavors, then you must buy an all-purpose seasoning for your kitchen.

A little dash of sprinklings can raise the taste and quality of your food.