5 Best All-Purpose Cleaners (Reviews Updated 2022)

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A good all-purpose cleaner can take the dirt away from your kitchen and eliminate all the stress from your mind. While fighting and getting rid of grease and sticky spots, a good all-purpose cleaner is essential for peace of mind. After all, nobody has all the time in the world to scrub floors and scratch counters to remove food residue and any stubborn marks.

When it comes to a good all-purpose cleaner, you can be sure that it has the ability to wipe dust and dirt from anywhere and everywhere. Whether it be your bathroom floor, your kitchen countertops, plastic furniture, glass table of greasy remains above the stove, it can vanish all the particles. This is why you must pay close attention to choosing the right all-purpose cleaner for you.

Best All-Purpose Cleaners

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1. Active Probiotics Surface Cleaner

Active Probiotics Surface Cleaner

The real germs and dirt killer, this product has some high-level dirt dissolving and germs killing ability, which you will not be able to find anywhere else. Made with a high formula that has active probiotics, this all-purpose cleaner can wipe away dust and dirt particles that have been in the place for over three days. Isn’t it great?

You can use it twice or thrice a week to ensure your kitchen and entire home are deeply cleansed of dirt and germs. The high-tech scientific formula is made up of the latest, innovative and biodegradable technology that wipes away the dirt from the surface and cleans it to the core. The mode of action is to break down the dirt particles into the microscopic level.

When you use this spray on the dust particles, it penetrates deep into the dirt molecules and ensures the chemical level breakdown. Spray this all-purpose cleaner on dirty surfaces and wait a few minutes before you start wiping up. Once you wipe up, your surface will be as clean as new with no hint of debris or dirt.

Ideal for high-level cleaning with no greasy streaking marks, this product has performed amazingly in the laboratory teste. It is proven the best choice for greasy soil and oily kitchen surfaces. So wipe away your kitchen counter free of dirt and oil and enjoy the clean final look.

The cherry on the top? This product comes in two distinct flavors Apple and Jasmine and Citrus Bloom. Whether you are a fan of flowery scent or fruity aroma, you have the ultimate choice.

Why do we like it?

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Micro-Level dirt Removal
  • Fast process
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2. Diversey Virex Disinfectant Cleaner

Diversey Virex Disinfectant Cleaner

Talk about technology. This product not only cleans your home but also deodorizes it to the best. You will be wondering about the fresh feel in your air once you are done cleaning with the Virex disinfectant. With an action time of as little as three minutes, you will be pretty sure to have a shiny home in less than an hour.

And with cleaning being an everyday chore, who has all the time in the world to do it every day? Not to mention, once you use this product, it will be enough to kill germs for approximately three days, provided that you do not bring the germs inevitably. For houses with kids, this product is the best bet; you never know when your kid could get their hands on something laden with bacteria and germs.

The spray bottle is very convenient and easy to use every day. The product is eager to kill any germs and harmful bacteria along with tough grease marks. However, it is important to remember that this product is sufficient only for hard and non-porous surfaces.

Granite, stone, and other porous surfaces are likely to penetrate quite easily with the invasive solution. Over time, this is likely to cause these surfaces to degrade. Other than that, this disinfectant is made with hard cleaning technology so that you can use it on a wide range of surfaces. Wipe away porcelain, plastic, your dirt floors, and even walls.

Just make sure to keep it away from the reach of children that goes without saying, Right?

Why do we like it?

  • Tough on germs and dirt
  • Removes unpleasant smell from the home
  • Fast cleaning time
  • Fresh lemon scent
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3. Clorox Clean-Up All-Purpose Cleaner

Clorox Clean Up All Purpose Cleaner

Marked as the healthiest cleaning spray of all, Clorox clean up all-purpose spray is known to remove dirt and bacteria up to a high level. While other all-purpose cleaners remove dust particles visible to the naked eye, there are still some chances of bacteria being left behind that could be detrimental to overall health. Clorox cleanup is known to kill those bacteria and germs and ensure that your surface is safe for cooking, keeping food, and even for small babies.

Many homeowners are worried about the dirt and germs their pets bring in to the house. Especially if you have little kids in the home, the chances of being affected by animal germs are very likely. In such cases, you need a strong all-purpose cleaner that does not only takes care of germs on a superficial level but ensures cleaning at a greater depth.

Formulated to kill 99.9% of viruses and germs, it is safe to use a wide range of surfaces from stovetops, kitchen counters, cabinets, tables, and washroom and baby sanitary station. The formula does not contain any harmful chemicals that will irritate the eyes, nor will the smell trigger any allergic reactions.

One of this product’s best and unique features is that it comes with an additional 32-ounce bottle with an original 180-ounce bottle. The 32-ounce bottle is easy to refill and use over and over rather than taking the large bottle with you everywhere. To mask the smell of active bleach, this product has a touch of fresh scent, leaving your home clean and fresh every day.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to use a spray bottle
  • Hard on germs and dirt
  • Ideal for cleaning cars
  • Additional refill bottle
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4. Spic and Span All-Purpose Cleaner

Spic And Span All Purpose Cleaner

Are you sick of the pungent and strong smell that stays in your home even after the cleaning process? While this smell is essential when strong chemicals are at duty to fight the stubborn grease and bacteria, many customers complain about strong smell irritating their throat and eyes. Not to mention unease the little kids.

The spic and span all-purpose cleaner has come up with a solution to your problem. Rather than letting you cry over the highly toxic and unbearable smell of the product, this all-purpose cleaner makes the cleaning of confined spaces where there are no windows; easy and hassle free. You do not have to worry about sitting with the smell because the special formula prevents the chemicals” smell from overtaking the house.

This product’s heavenly scent is infused with a citrus touch, which is appealing, and your most hated chore will become your favorite one. With a fresh feel to the home, the air in your house will feel happy and bloomy. It’s a great deal to get both cleanliness and alluring fragrance in one.

Not about the functionality, the spic and span all-purpose cleaner is ideal for every day antibacterial duties. Whether you have a home with little kids and pets or a kitchen with greasy, oily food on the stove, this item has got it all covered for you. Moreover, not only on the surface level but this spic and span all-purpose cleaner removes all types of harmful bacteria such as Influenza Type A, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia Coli.

All these bacteria can cause harmful impacts on the body, and for a safe and healthy home, it is essential to get rid of them.

Why do we like it?

  • A family pack of four
  • A fresh scent for a fresh home
  • Removes grease and dirt to the highest level
  • Easy to use
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5. Ecover Dish Soap

Ecover Dish Soap

You must be wondering what dish soap is doing on our list for an all-purpose cleaner. Well, when the product is this good, it is bound to take its place to the top. The Ecover dish soap can be used as your all-purpose cleaner. Yes, it’s a hack we are giving you away.

If you are not convinced with spray bottles with all-purpose cleaner spray and need something sturdier to wipe away the grease, this is the best choice. You can use this dish soap to clean a substantial part of your home, and nobody wouldn’t even notice you don’t own a separate all-purpose cleaner. This is the quality of its job.

With an ability to fight stubborn dust and grease marks, this dish soap is known to kill germs and bacteria to the best. While dish soap is made with light chemicals, the formula does the work without damaging your hands or the surfaces. Whether you want to shine upon the kitchen counter or the bathroom tiles, use a little drop and scrub away all the dirt.

And the best part is yet to come. This product is made with plant based ingredients, which makes it free from any toxins or harmful chemicals. Being an environmentalist, we recommend you this product to the best. The impact is zero to a minimum on the aquatic life when drained in water, and you will be stress-free while using it around your little kids.

The product comes in a 25-ounce bottle with a refreshing scent to awaken the house with happiness.

Why do we like it?

  • Natural scent
  • Fast and tough on dirt
  • Biodegradable
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All-Purpose Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

There is not healthy home that is complete without a reliable all-purpose cleaner. Whether you are a clean freak or someone who is okay with the bare minimum, an all-purpose cleaner is an essential part of your kitchen or even storeroom. With all the innovations and inventions in the market, there is no single reason you shouldn’t depend on an all-purpose cleaner to ensure your home and family’s safety against harmful bacteria.

However, the type of cleaner you choose depends on various factors, and you must pay close attention to these.


The capacity and the size of the all-purpose cleaner is an essential factor. Considering the wide usage in every part and corner of the house, you must be looking for something durable in the long run and lasts you enough time. After all, it is not wise to buy a small bottle and run to the grocery store every other day.

So make sure your size of the chosen all-purpose cleaner is dependent on your need. If you have a home with kids and pets, you might want to get something in a greater size considering the need to clean effectively every other day. Otherwise, with a home with adults only, the chances of dirt and germs getting in are slightly lesser.


The scent is an important part of an all-purpose cleaner. Since an all-purpose cleaner has various chemicals and strong bleaching agents in it, the smell is likely to take over the house during the cleaning process. This strong smell is not safe for kids and patients such as asthma patients.

Make sure you choose an all-purpose cleaner with a good scent that suits you and your family. After all, the home smelling of bloomy berries has an amazing vibe to it.

Easy to Use

The product you choose should be easy to use with an easy pump technology and a bottle size that is practical. You cannot buy gallons of all-purpose cleaner and carry it around all the house’s corners and edges. If you are going for a large gallon, buy a spray pump separately so you can refill the bottle and use it however you want.


Since you are investing in an all-purpose cleaner, then it should live up to its name. Check for the versatility of the product you are buying. If it works on some surfaces but not others, then try looking for something else. Besides that, a product should be able to shine surfaces and kill bacteria and germs in the long run.

After all, what’s the purpose of cleaning if it doesn’t kill harmful germs and breaks down dirt particles, so they are no longer harmful to you and your family.