Best Airtight Containers

5 Best Airtight Containers (Reviews Updated 2021)

Are you upset about your favorite biscuits going stale just two days after you bought them? Or everything you buy from the bakery or even the grocery store goes too soft to enjoy and loses its taste. It’s not because some sort of negative energy or a stale breeze has entered your house.

It’s what the atmosphere does when you leave your biscuits and baked items in a container that is not airtight.  Anyway, it’s the right time to change the way you have been preserving your munching stuff till now! We have gathered a list of the best Air Tight containers which will keep your food fresh and leftovers delicious for the next day.

Best Air Tight Containers

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1. Dwell Food Storage Air Tight Container

Dwell Food Storage Air Tight Container

This set is for people who like to show off their snacks and organized stuff on the kitchen counter. This set of six pieces come in 1-liter capacity each, and you can put all your everyday use items that are too necessary to take out of the cupboard every day but too eager to get stale in these air tight container. This item is made from BPA free plastics, making sure that no moisture or air enters into your food and the taste inside will not be changed under any circumstances.

The plastic is of high quality and is not susceptible to bending or damage easily. Whatever you place in it, the transparent plastic remains clear and easy to clean, and there are no stains left on the container because of the highly colored food placed inside it. You can also place liquids in these containers and not worry about leakage in any way.

You can use the maximum capacity and make sure that there is no seepage. Easy to carry and portable, you are good to go with sending some homemade cooked items packed in this container. The lid is very easy to open and close with a secure handle at the top that will give you the ease of use anytime, anywhere.

However, this ease of opening and closing can lead to the weakening of the seal over time, but the product is excellent to run for years if used properly.

Why do we like it?

  • Elegant design
  • Easy to clean
  • A set of six containers
  • Large capacity
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2. Dragon 10 Piece Air Tight Containers

Dragon 10 Piece Air Tight Containers

A whole set of pretty decent containers to complete your kitchen needs. This set of 9 containers are elegant and ideal for everyday use. If you are one of those people who love cooking in bulk and like to store foods for everyone to enjoy, then this is your best shot. And the best part is they are in different sizes and shapes, so you will not have an army of similar containers all with the same capacity.

To cover all your needs from small to big storages, here is the deal for you. Each container has a flat top, which makes sure you can arrange them over the top of each other without the fear of dropping and breaking them in any way. Moreover, they come with the option to mention labels, which is the best thing about this product.

Imagine someone in the kitchen for the first time. They will be easily guided to what they need without having to open and check every container for what they need. The containers are airtight at best, and the top handle is made with a very innovative approach.

That being said, you can open and close the container, and the handle can lie flat down, so there is no hurdle when placing one container over the other. The BPA free plastic ensures that the food or anything stored in this container remains fresh and you get the best taste always.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to use
  • Simple and attractive design
  • A whole set of different sizes
  • Complete range for a kitchen
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3. Herb Guard Air Tight Container

Herb Guard Air Tight Container

Looks are captivating, and this airtight container is a living example of that. Considering the design, built, and overall looks, the product is slightly on the higher side of the price, but it is for all the right reasons. Made from a high-quality glass jar, which is ideal for everyday use and even during travel, this product’s UV glass ability ensures that this product won’t crack or shatter under any pressure.

The dimensions of this product include 6 inches in height and a wide diameter of 3 inches with an overall capacity of 500 ml. Whether you want to carry a liquid or any powder or solid substance, this jar can handle anything, and you won’t have to worry about any leakages. According to the manufacturers, the glass-walled container can keep food and spices as good as new for six months and even longer.

The jar is covered with a plastic lid and a screw-on design, making this product 100% airtight. The additional feature about this product is that it comes with a boveda humidity pack that you can use to absorb any humidity in your product, not go stale, and too soft to eat. The UV glass also has an additional job, which is to ensure that the external temperature or even sunlight will have zero impact on the contents inside the jar.

Whether you placed some cold stuff inside it (except ice cream), your product will not be rotten because of the heat.

Why do we like it?

  • Amazing design
  • A tight seal on the lid
  • Humidity pack adds a bonus.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
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4. Juventus Cobalt Blue Glass Air Tight Containers

Juventus Cobalt Blue Glass Air Tight Containers

For something vibrant and daring in your kitchen, this item is your best bet. If your kitchen theme follows a dark pattern where everything goes in darker hues, this set will compliment your kitchen more than anything else. Our reason for choosing it might be aesthetic purposes first, but it serves so much more than that!

Also, let us ensure that these containers do not have a sticker layer of blue on them, but they are originally cobalt blue. It’s not a paint that will fade away with time. Phew! Let’s come to unique features.

The container has a height of 2.77 inches and a wide diameter of 2.36 inches. The round cylindrical shape makes it compact, smart, easy to carry, and pretty pleasing to look at. Each set has two jars of the same capacity so that you can rock the twin look in your kitchen, and the capacity can be measured as 4 ounces or even 120 ml, which is sufficient for everyday use.

When you look at it, you might not get the impression of a tough sealed air tight lid, but the truth is far from that. With a screw-on lid, the product is airtight at its best, and you can place anything from solid to liquid and not worry about any sort of leakages.

Why do we like it?

  • Kitchen and other purposes
  • Strong and resilient glass
  • Easy to wash with warm water and soap
  • Versatile and attractive
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5. Hokeki Air Tight Container

Hokeki Air Tight Container

Amazing with the looks, this is one of the most attractive candidates on our list, and if you want to set the bar high for your entire kitchen’s look, then this is for you. Hokeki air tight container is made with stainless steel canister that will not only provide it with due strength, but the shiny silver exterior is gorgeous to look at. You can put anything you want in it, and nobody will even know what snack you are hiding in this opaque, airtight container.

As we understand how disappointing it is to buy one thing for ourselves just to find out that our siblings ate it. You can now keep your snacks in this container, and the yummy snacks will lure no one in it. Enough about looks; the real part is the capacity.

The container has a capacity of up to 16 ounces. The dimensions are 2.9 inches in height, and with a wide diameter of 5.1 inches, you can put many things into this container without worrying about the space. Moreover, Hokeki airtight container comes with a stainless steel spoon with a capacity of 30ml.

The spoon has a silicone handle, which is pretty desirable and does not heat under high temperatures. You can place hot stuff in it and make sure the spoon remains cool and calm. The top lid has a vacuum seal in a one way built manner. This ensures that no Carbon Dioxide is trapped inside the jar.

The 100% BPA silicone rubber seal makes sure that no hint of moisture can get in and your food remains fresh and new. And the best part? There is a month tracker on the top of the lid where you can set the date to its filling and get the second batch before running out of the first one.

A container that speaks for itself. Isn’t it amazing?

Why do we like it?

  • Stylish and made with modern technology
  • Lightweight
  • Strong and resilient
  • Easy to clean
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Air Tight Containers Buyer’s Guide

Looking at our list, you must have picked one or two containers for your kitchen, and some may have chosen even more. After all, the shapes and designs are pretty, and they are all you have been looking for for years. However, you must be aware of the factors and considerations we have taken in the course when choosing the airtight containers for you.

If you are going for airtight containers’ shopping, then these factors are important to be seen and noted.


Initially, the airtight containers have been made of glass because of their elegant look and excellent insulating properties. But a problem with the glass containers is that they are somewhat heavy and fragile. If you are one of those people with children in their home, we wouldn’t recommend buying a glass container.

Secondly, the market has now evolved, and you can buy airtight plastic containers easily. One factor to closely look at is that the plastic should be BPA free, and you must make sure there are no chemical leakages into your food. The acrylic airtight containers have also been making rounds in the market and popular for their durability and reliability.

If you opt for an acrylic air tight container, you need to be positive that it is free from PVC and BPA.

Size and Capacity

This is a factor dependent on your need, and only you can justify the size and shape you prefer for your containers. As for shape, round containers take the lead because they take less space and occupy more stuff into them. So when choosing an air tight container, make sure to check the size and buy it just what you need.

Too big of a container will take a lot of space, and too small of a container will keep half of your food protected while the other half goes stale.


This matters a lot to us. Containers from the same set look elegant and give a planned touch to your kitchen. If you are buying varying sizes and shapes of containers, make sure they all look the same of somewhat similar.

This will not only add a theme to your kitchen, but you will also look like a great organizer who knows how to manage their stuff just the right way. After all, a kitchen is the heart of the home, and it should be full of effort.

Guarantee and Warranties

Many people don’t consider this factor since it is just an airtight container. But a warranty and guarantee is a bonus which you shouldn’t just let go of. When it comes to an airtight container, make sure to look for the biggest and most significant feature, i.e., the tendency of air blockage.

An airtight container with a reliable seal on the lid is the winner, no matter how simple it looks. On the other hand, a warranty is a promise for the lasting of your container, and it is a factor that should be paid attention to closely. After all, you do not want to spend every other day running to the supermarket to buy an air tight container just because your previous one doesn’t work.