5 Best Air Fryer Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Even Gordon Ramsay may sometimes need to peek inside a recipe book to find the right quantity of paprika to red chili powder. Learning and growing is a basic part of human life, and no matter how much you hate to be wrong, sometimes we need a guide in our life. Especially when you have recently familiarized yourself with something new and trendy. In this case the Air Fryer. One of the top talks of the market, an Air Fryer is a popular kitchen appliance.

Your neighbor had it for years and has been sending you delicious dishes made in the Air fryer, so now you want to keep up with the trend too. Or you find yourself worried about the cholesterol of your family and trying to switch to healthy options. Both ways, an Air Fryer is a good choice, and we recommend it to you. If you haven’t purchased it yet, then you should make it a part of your kitchen gang, or if you already have it, then you need some delicious recipes to make the best use of it.

Best Air Fryer Cookbooks

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Here are our Air Fryer Cookbooks reviews:

1. The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

As the name suggests, this cookbook is enough for you to guide you through the delicious and healthy journey of Air Fryer. The specialty of this cookbook is that it not only has the recipes for your air fryer, but it guides you on how to make the best use of your air fryer’s features.

You can learn about the baking and grilling option in your air fryer, and not only this, all the recipes are very short and take approx. 10 minutes. You will be surprised by your options and the variations you can bring in a simple meal.

Whether you want to make a roasted chicken, fried chicken, chicken munchies, or anything related to chicken, you are here for various options. The amount of oil used in the recipes is very less, thus making the best of the air fryer’s health constraint.

With over 100 recipes to be aced in under 10 minutes each, you can call yourself a master chef and continue to impress everyone with your health conscious yet tasty air fryer recipes.

You can get the crispy skin on the chicken with even the minimum amount of oil, and you will be surprised how each recipe turns out to satisfy your cravings completely.

Make sure to read the additional bonus information with each recipe that gives a clear idea of the nutrients you will get with each recipe, and you can plan your meals and diet plans like a pro.

Why do we like it?

  • Recipes are classified as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
  • Nutritional values mentioned
  • 10 minutes recipe for quick servings
  • Easy and everyday ingredients
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2. Air Fry Everything

Air Fry Everything

From French fries to crispy chicken, finger fish, to potato chips, this air-fry everything cookbook is one of the bests. Named as foolproof recipes for fried favorites and easy fresh ideas by a blue jean chef, Meredith Laurence has all the recipes to get the best and maximum use out of your air fryer.

The ingredients used in all the recipes in this cookbook are simple, affordable, and everyday use. Meredith Laurence knows that the food cooked in Air Fryer is crispy and delicious, but it is also very healthy. Thus she combined her years of knowledge and love for food to formulate the best combination of foolproof and tasty air fryer recipes.

All you need is to surf through the entire book and find the most suitable recipe according to your taste buds. And as someone who is a fan of cheese, this book is a must have.

With the smart option to pair cheese with anything and everything, this cookbook is a treat for cheese lovers. After all, what’s better than having a loaded cheese on top of everything and you don’t have to worry about the unhealthy oily food because the air fryer takes very minimum oil to cook till perfection.

Why do we like it?

  • Diverse recipes
  • Nutrients breakdown is also mentioned
  • Food portions are listed
  • Simple everyday ingredients
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3. Air Fryer Cookbook

Air Fryer Cookbook Emily Randall

550 delicious recipes? That’s a huge number. It’s enough to make meals for a lifetime, we guess, especially when each recipe is so simple and delicious that you want to come back for it again and again.

This air fryer cookbook is named ‘recipes for fast and healthy meals’, and you do not want to miss it on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Made with basic everyday ingredients, this cook book deserves to be on your kitchen counter at all times.

And not to forget, your goal to achieve a healthy food plan and very low oil consumption in everyday foods will come true with this genius cookbook.

The book is divided into various sections under breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, and you can get various options to choose from, such as meat, poultry, vegetable, fast food, seafood, fried food, and whatnot!

The recipes are simple and can be made in just 10 to 15 minutes. Whether you want to make a quick takeaway lunch for your kids or have a detailed snack party for your friends, you are covered with the 550 recipes for your air fryer.

The book not only has recipes, but it will also help you get started to learn how your new air fryer works. With a detailed demo to let you get familiarize with the machine, you can now be maestro when it comes to cooking delicious and healthy meals in no time.

Why do we like it?

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Easy to make recipes
  • Single serving to multiple serving
  • Simple dishes with nutrition factors
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4. The Super Easy Air Fryer Cookbook

The Super Easy Air Fryer Cookbook

Simpler is better, and it is proved with this super easy air fryer book on our list. If you are one of those people who has gotten their hands on the wondrous air fryer just yet, then this is the book for you.

With tons of basic ideas to make your favorite fried chicken and several ways to ace a fried fish, you are in for an amazing kitchen experience. You will be pleased with the amount of variation you can bring in your kitchen with this simple cookbook and be ready to become the talk of the next dinner.

Have you been craving donuts for months now, and your gym trainer isn’t happy with the idea of you having one? Now you can brush that guilt under the rug since you can make fast food and oily (otherwise) items in this air fryer with just a tablespoon of oil.

With the opportunity to shift towards a healthy lifestyle, this cookbook is a dream come true for the little kid inside you who does not like giving up on sweet treats yet wants to remain healthy and fit.

Moreover, you can read all the listed nutrients that you will attain when having a healthy meal cooked in with this cook book. Read through the instructions if you are not yet pro at using your air fryer in the best way possible.

You must be amazed how you can cook delicious items such as mozzarella sticks, breadsticks, samosas, and chicken nuggets with just a pinch of oil and the taste remains the same or even better.

Why do we like it?

  • Quick and easy recipes
  • All fast food recipes in healthy ways
  • Calorie intake mentioned
  • Guide to use the air fryer
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5. Air Fryer Cookbook

Air Fryer Cookbook

This book is like a dream come true for six hundred air fryer recipes for beginners and advances users. Whether you are a starter who just bought an air fryer or someone who has been working with this machine for years, the 600 recipes are just a treat to have.

Covering up all the ingredients from a diverse group of people, the recipes include everything from poultry, fast food, fried food, sweets, seafood, meat, snacks, savories, and anything you might need for anyone on the table.

All you need to do is just choose the right category for you and then surf through the hundreds of recipes made with simple everyday ingredients. And the best thing? The recipes don’t even take that much time. It’s just 10 to 15 minutes tops.

To serve your sudden guests, the best air fried chicken or a plate full of chicken nuggets. Or fry your chicken for the zinger burger with a side of fries.

Need something sweet to enjoy with coffee? The air fryer can make desserts like no other, and this cookbook makes sure you have the right recipe for it.

And saving the best for the last, you can make dishes from various cuisines all around the world. Whether it be Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, French, or Italian, you are all covered with this book.

So surprise your guests and your family members with the magic you do in the kitchen.

Why do we like it?

  • Culinary delights from various parts of the world
  • Nutritional information mentioned
  • Easy and simple to make recipes
  • Low-calorie recipes
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Air Fryer Cookbooks Buyer’s Guide

In a world where the internet has taken over everything, buying cookbooks is just one of the best ways to stay close to tradition and original recipes.

More often than not, people don’t find it necessary to invest in a cookbook, and you may think that recipes are all available on the internet. But when you buy something new and modern as an Air Fryer, you cannot risk multiple attempts to get anything.

As simple as it sounds, Air Fryer needs a little time and attention, and you need to be careful yet smart to learn how to use it. Moreover, switching to healthy, less oily food after having foods floating in oil and calories for years is boring.

So a cookbook makes it delicious and effortless.


Nobody likes to have the same lunch, dinner, or breakfast all day, every day, especially when you are a mother who has to deal with your children’s tantrums every day and make meals up to their preferences.

You are worried about whether they are getting enough nutrients for their growth and still cannot make them eat all the healthy food out there.

In such cases, there needs to be a lot of options to choose from. So one of the major factors in choosing the best air fryer cookbook is the number of recipes and recipe diversification.

Sure, you don’t want to spend money on just finding 100 different ways to make fried chicken or a simple variation in chicken nuggets. You need a blend of ideas with different food classes, so you are your family gets all the nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.


Other than health concerns, one of the major reasons why people opt for an air fryer is because they are tired of spending long hours in the kitchen.

That being said, air fryer cookbooks should contain concise and short recipes. Imagine having to get up an hour early so that you can make a healthy lunch for your kids.

Number of Recipes

A good cookbook has recipes from all the cuisines and, if not all, then some. The recipes are divided into multiple sections and classified as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This not only creates ease but ensures that the cookbook has various options for you to choose from. And after all, you need to try multiple food variants to claim that you are a master chef level cook.

So make sure you choose an air fryer cookbook that has many-many recipes so that you and your kids are not bored of the same fried chicken or basic fish recipe.


Air fryers are supposed to make life easier, and this is why the time taken, and the complexity of the recipes in the air fryer cookbooks is a major concern.

If you have switched to any air fryer, then chances are you are switching towards healthier and better options, and one better option is to save money and time.

With the difficult recipes, you cannot stress your budget or run out every time to buy an ingredient that you haven’t used in your life before.