5 Best 9×13 Pans (Reviews Updated 2022)

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One of the stars of the kitchen the 9×13 pan is a must-have for many people who love to bake great dishes and serve them even better. A kitchen is merely incomplete without a 9×13 pan, and if you haven’t got your hands on this culinary item, then you should make it a part of your kitchen tools.

A 9×13 pan is ideal sized serving and baking dish. With a capacity to hold up to 3 quarts, this pan is sufficient to bake a family-sized cake or even pizza. Figures 9 by 13 represent 9inch height and then 13-inch width, respectively. If you are thinking about the depth of the pan, then it’s always 2 inches deep. This standard size allows you to bake lasagna and various other items due to its heat-friendly nature, and you must be wondering the right product for you.

Don’t worry if you are looking to be a 9×13 pan clan member or even want your old one to exchange for better, then get down to our top 5 recommended 9×13 pans.

Best 9×13 Baking Pans

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1. Wilton Non-Stick 9×13 Inch Pan

Wilton Non Stick 9x13 Inch Pan

Ideal for high temperatures of the oven, this pan can smartly bake anything you would like. Bake your delicious deep-dish pizza, a tasty lasagna, or even loaves of bread or cakes. The material provides a non-stick base to the food, so you don’t waste any material and later on scratch it off.

The pan is also dishwasher friendly; however, it needs to be operated at medium temperatures only. The 9×13 pan also comes with a lightweight, transparent plastic lid so you can place and refrigerate your food just by closing the lid.

Suitable for heating and cooling purposes, this pan is the top candidate of our 9×13 pan list, and you should go for it.

A little drawback would be that its size and shape are only fixed and if you are planning to go for a round cake just purchase another pan but other than that it is one of the most suitable items on the list.

The structure of this pan is strong and does not deform upon temperature changes. It also can cater to any kind of food you like. Whether it’s a pizza dough or a brownie dough, the pan evenly heats the food, and the baking is just perfection.

Make sure to note the value of 5 years warranty that comes with this pan, which is a surprising thing, but that’s how Wilton buys your confidence.

Why do we like it?

  • Strong and Robust
  • Dishwasher friendly – no scratching or extra effort on cleaning
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
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2. USA 9×13 Pan Bakeware

Usa 9x13 Pan Bakeware

Made with original steel, this baking pan is ready to face some extreme temperatures. The USA 9×13 bakeware pan is here to bake the perfect cakes for you while withstanding the hot oven temperatures all by itself.

All you need is to pour your delicious baking mixture into these steel pans and wait for the uneven baking to take place. Made with aluminum, the material is 100% original and uniform to ensure your cake and pizza are baked equally throughout the length.

The pan’s depth ensures your cake has a soft spongy texture and enough to accommodate the whole batter without the fear of falling off when rising. The company takes pride in making this fantastic product accessible and affordable for everyone.

Not only this, the bottom comes with a rigged surface to add an extra texture to the bottom of your cake and also easy to remove the baked product. Nobody likes to lose valuable cake just because it stuck to the bottom.

The 9×13 pan is also super easy to wash. Just pour in some warm water with a drop of detergent, and you are good to clean it as well as new. Make sure you buy this buddy to bake your cakes and make your pizzas the star of the dinner.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to clean
  • Strong and robust aluminum body
  • Able to resist high temperatures
  • Rigged surface
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3. Pyrex Basics 9×13 Baking Dish

Pyrex Basics 9x13 Baking Dish

Almost there, making it to the 9×13 pan mark, this Pyrex quart glass baking dish has dimensions of 13.2 inches by 8.9 inches. The reason for still adding it to our list? You will find out.

Pyrex has been a name of style and strength when manufacturing a heat resistant glass dish that can withstand high temperatures. This pan with a gorgeous rubber lid is the star of our list for many reasons.

The airtight lid is sure to keep your food fresh for a more extended time, and even if you baked something that you need to refrigerate, just put on the lid and place it in the refrigerator.

The oblong shape ensures it does not take up extra space and simple to lift and carry. The stylish glass body allows the ease of viewing your cake rising and baking to its finest.

Since the Pyrex glass is the best in the market, it is for sure that you can place this pan under high temperatures, and the results would be too good to be true. Moreover, you can also serve your cake or pizza in the same dish without having to go through the trouble of dishing it out.

The style is presentable, and the dish is easily washable too.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to clean – dishwasher friendly
  • Made and assembled in the USA
  • Pretty and durable
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4. Calphalon Non-Stick Bakeware 9×13 Pan

Calphalon Non Stick Bakeware 9x13 Pan

This is one of the best 9×13 baking pans ever in the market. If you want to give a professional touch to your cakes with the precise rectangle shape and a strict 9×13 size, then this is the pan for you.

Not only this, the surface is made up of durable steel that can withstand high temperatures and provide even heating throughout the mixture. The pans have a uniform structure that prevents hot spots and excessive heating at a single point.

The folded corners are cut sharp at 90 degrees to ensure a right-angled cake with no chance of slight height difference. If you want to create a perfect rectangular layered cake, then give this kitchen item a try.

The steel is coated with a high-quality non-stick surface to make sure your delicious cakes are not wasted by sticking to the corners and the bottom. You can bake a cake and release it quickly without even hinting that the pan was used recently.

Just use a simple soft cloth and a medium detergent to clean away the pan and avoid scratching away with any harsh tools to keep the coating intact. The only drawback? People are not much pleased with the Calphalon emblem at the bottom that is printed on the cakes.

Why do we like it?

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Nonstick coating
  • Easy release
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5. Fat Daddio’s POB-9133 9×13 Baking Pan

Fat Daddio’s Pob 9133 9x13 Baking Pan

An extra inch to provide deep dish baking this pan is best for making deep dish pizzas and extra spongy cakes. If you are going for a taller cake, then this item is for you.

Made with environmentally friendly material, this pan is an excellent option for baking cakes, brownies, large loaves of bread, and extra stuffed deep dish pizzas. With an experience of making the best baking pans for over 50 years, Fat Daddio’s has gained popularity on its own.

This item is made with a new scientific approach, anodizing aluminum, which makes the product durable, safe, healthy, and able to handle vital pH substances such as lemon juice and tomato sauce.

The anodized aluminum makes sure the material’s natural pores are closed so that there are no unwanted flavors absorbed and the baked item remains free from sticking to the bottom. Moreover, anodized aluminum is an environmentally safe product that is formed without the addition of harmful chemicals.

Not only are you baking great things, but you also play your role in keeping the environment safe and protected. Moreover, the aluminum makes this pan able to withstand high temperatures, and you can bake easily in it without worrying about uneven baking or hot spots.

Why do we like it?

  • Environmental friendly
  • Extra durable and strong
  • Extra deep dish baking
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Best 9×13 Pan Buying Guide

Who even puts that much thought when buying a 9×13 buying pan? The dimensions are right, the size seems okay, and the material is shiny; let’s give it a go!

This is one of the most common and imperative mistakes you could make when you go pan shopping. While you have witnessed various variations of baking pans in your family for generations, you must be thinking that I never had to put this much thought into buying a pan before.

After all, you cannot sit heartbroken every time you try a new baking recipe, closely measuring all the ingredients making sure you sieved all the dry ingredients, and matching all the details, but still, somehow, your cakes turn out to be a disaster.

It’s not because of you but a wrong decision you made a while ago, which you do not even remember. So here is our 9×13 pan buying guide to help you make your baking journey much more comfortable.


While you may not consider the importance of a pan’s shape, the corners are one of the vital candidates of a baking pan. This is why the market prices for 90 degrees corner pans are relatively higher.

The 90 degrees 9×13 baking pans make sure that your baked item gets a more professional look and the final shape looks way more appealing. Especially for deep-dish pizzas, the right angles are a desirable feature.

Moreover, if you are a fan of even baking (which you should be), buying a 9×13 pan when 90 degrees corner is a must-have.


The most popular material for baking pans is aluminum, and there is a strong reason behind that. While there are many metals in the periodic table, aluminum has a close relationship with heat and baking.

An aluminum pan is highly durable when compared to other versions of metal used in 9×13 baking pans. The aluminum tends to host non-stick features, which is a must-have for buying baking pans.

Moreover, the anodized aluminum is now the talk of the town for various reasons. It is environmentally friendly, does not contain any harmful chemicals, and brings out the ease of releasing the baked item and cherry on the top? It is exceptionally lightweight.

The material does not bend or deform under high temperatures and has an excellent ability to remain fit in cold temperatures.


Resistant to heat but cracks under cold? Nobody wants unbiased things, let alone a baking pan that cannot resist cooling temperatures yet only acts well in the oven.

After all, what’s the purpose of buying a pan with a lid when you cannot put it in the refrigerator. Imagine if you need to cool down your cake to have a fresh cream topping, you cannot risk damaging the shape by taking it out hot off the pan.

These are the cases where the adaptability of a 9×13 baking pan is considered. The material you choose for your pan should be able to withstand hot scalding temperatures as well as cold temperatures such as those in your freezer.


Some people only think of cakes whenever the term baking is said. But only the professional and practiced people who love experimenting with new tastes and variations to satisfy their sweet cravings know the importance of an all-rounder pan.

Of course, you will not buy hundreds of pans to meet your needs of baking a new dish every time. Pizza, cakes, pies, brownies, loaves of bread, and lots of bakery items and buying a pan that suffices for all is the smart move.

Even though you are not a frequent baker, you never know when a sudden craving for some pie or banana bread takes a toll on you.

So we would advise you to keep your options broad and open when hunting for the perfect 9×13 pan because a few dollars well spend could be ideal for you.