A Guide to Canning Garlic in Oil

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Food Blog Photos (20)Calling all garlic lovers! If you’ve ever wished you could keep the flavor of roasted garlic around all year, canning garlic in olive oil is the answer. This method of preserving garlic gives you a delicious topping that you can use on anything from salads to pizza. While it’s easy to find pre-made versions, there’s something special about making your own in a mason jar — and we have an easy way for you to make it. Here’s what you need to know about canning garlic in oil at home. 

The Benefits of Canning Garlic in Oil 

Canning garlic in oil provides a number of benefits over using fresh garlic bulbs, including the following: 

  • Easier handling – As mentioned above, one of the main benefits of canned garlic is that it requires less time and effort when preparing meals. Instead of having to peel and mince (or garlic press) fresh raw garlic cloves before adding them to your dish with canned garlic, all you need to do is open the jar and scoop out what you need. This makes preparing meals significantly easier and faster. 
  • Longer shelf life – Another benefit of canning garlic is that it has a much longer shelf life than fresh garlic. Freshly harvested cloves typically last for about 2 weeks before spoiling, while canned cloves and garlic oil will last for up to 1 year if stored properly. Not only does this give you more convenience when planning meals, but it also means that you don’t have to worry about running out of your favorite ingredients quickly because they will keep for a long time.
  • Enhanced flavor – Finally, processing your own garlic cloves also means that they will have an enhanced flavor compared to fresh ones due to their long cooking time in oil-filled jars. The slow cooking process results in sweeter and yet stronger tasting flavors than what one would find with freshly peeled cloves right off the bulb. This makes them ideal for adding depth and complexity to dishes requiring intense flavor profiles like sauces or marinades.  

The Process of Canning Garlic 

Canning garlic in oil is a simple process that requires a few pieces of cooking equipment, some ingredients, and an understanding of how proper food preservation works. The first step in safely canning garlic in oil is gathering the tools you will need for the job. You will need a large pot with a lid or cover or a pressure canner, several canning jars, lids, and bands, a jar lifter or tongs, a food processor or blender, olive oil (or another type of oil), fresh garlic cloves, and a clean white cloth. Make sure all your equipment is clean before you get started. You can find whole garlic cloves at the farmer’s market or even store garlic that is already peeled at the grocery store (you can also find unpeeled garlic as well).

Once everything is ready to go, begin by filling your canner with water and bringing it to a rolling boil over high heat. Then, fill your jars with minced or chopped garlic cloves and fill them with enough oil to cover the cloves completely. Make sure not to add too much garlic. Wipe down the rim of each jar with a damp cloth, then seal each lid securely before placing them into the boiling water bath for at least 10 minutes. It’s important to make sure you’re using adequate processing times and the right parts oil and right part garlic. Once done processing in the water bath, remove and let cool for 24 hours (returning to room temperature) before storing away for later use. There are also different ways of canning garlic, although this is probably the easiest way.

Storing Your Garlic 

Once sealed, store your jar of garlic-infused oil in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. This will help ensure its longevity; when stored properly, your preserved garlic should last up to four months without any issues! However, if at any point during those four months, your preserved garlic starts smelling off or looking discolored or slimy, discard it immediately—it may have gone bad due to improper storage or contamination from bacteria like botulism or salmonella. 

Using Your Preserved Garlic 

The best part about preserving garlic this way is that it’s ready for use whenever you’re ready for it! Simply spoon out some of the garlicky-infused oil and add it directly into whatever dish you’re making—it adds an intense garlicky flavor without having to peel and mince fresh cloves each time! Additionally, don’t be afraid to get creative with your usage: drizzle some over roasted potatoes or vegetables for an extra kick of flavor; mix it into salad dressings or marinades; use it as a dip for breadsticks or crackers; or even spread individual cloves on toast with a little bit of butter and herbs for an easy snack! The possibilities are endless!  

Food Safety Considerations When Canning Garlic 

When it comes to food safety when canning garlic in oil, there are several considerations to take into account in order to ensure your recipe turns out safe and delicious every time! First off, always make sure that all of your equipment has been cleaned prior to use, then only utilize fresh ingredients such as minced/chopped fresh garlic cloves and high-quality oils like extra virgin olive or grapeseed oils so that you don’t end up with any nasty bacteria on your preserved goods! It’s also important that when sealing each lid, they are secured tightly, so no air bubbles remain trapped inside, which could cause spoilage during storage – this is why it’s important not only to sterilize but also to process each airtight container properly using the boiling water bath method mentioned above! Finally, make sure any canned goods are stored away from sunlight in cool, dry places for optimal results! 

Try it For Yourself!

Canning garlic in oil is a great way to preserve its flavor throughout the year without sacrificing quality or taste (or having to buy it from the grocery store constantly!). All it takes is some basic kitchen knowledge and supplies (like a canner), plus some fresh ingredients. With these tips on how to properly preserve your ingredients through canning methods, you’ll be able to enjoy flavorful dishes all year round… plus, did you know garlic has health benefits? Whether you’re looking for an easy topping for pizza or salad – canned garlic will provide delicious flavors anytime! So get out those pots and get ready for some serious food preservation fun!