20 Foods That Start With Z

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Z is the last alphabet, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing exciting related to it. You will be amused to look at the food items that start with the letter Z; these food items are some of the most fun and tasty snacks and full course meal you will surely crave after knowing.

So read the article and learn some colorful facts related to the letter Z.

1. Zoodles

Zoodles is a combination of zucchini and noodles. It is the type of pasta with low carbs present and a mild taste. Zoodles is a healthy snack containing low amounts of carbohydrates and fats and a high amount of protein. Zoodles is also called pasta-like taste and has a strong flavor.

2. Zucchini

Zucchini is also called green squash, is darker and grows in summer. Zucchini is a veggie with a high amount of manganese and vitamin C. One can consume it in the form of curry or as soup.  Zucchini is safe and healthy and has a high amount of cucurbitacin, which can be toxic if consumed in high quantity,

3. Zuppa Toscana

Zuppa Toscana is an Italian dish that is served as a soup.  The soup is prepared with plenty of ingredients like carrots, bread, potato, onions and celery. Sometimes kale, sausages and bouillon are also added in. You can also freeze it and reheat it later. The quality will not be denatured.

4. Zuccotto

It is made with chocolate, ice cream, and cake, a semi-frozen dish. It is a dish that originated from Florence and includes liqueur addition. It is a high caloric, a nutrient-enrich dessert that everyone loves all around the globe.

5. Ziti

Ziti is a small pasta noodle that originated from Italian cuisine and is also called baked ziti. It is similar to lasagna and is healthy. Veggies like carrots, potatoes and spinach are added to this dish to increase the taste and nutritious value.

6. Zeppole

Zeppole is an Italian dish that includes American donuts. These dough balls are fried deep and include various fillings and toppings. Some people like chocolate toppings, like sugar, while others like whipped cream.  The filling of cream, jam, jelly, custard etc., is included.

7. Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini fritters include parmesan cheese with eggs and other ingredients low in carbs and healthy snacks. These cakes are savored and sweet at the same time. Zucchini fitters are great for appetizers, snacking, and being served in brunch.

8. Zinger

Many of you must be familiar with a zinger in the form of zinger burgers. Zinger is crispy chicken with a tender core and is very yummy. Zinger is spicy and delicious. It is enriched in proteins and is very nutritious.

9. Zander

Zande is freshwater fish that is found in Europe. Zander is baked, fried or grilled. Zander has a mild taste, and it tastes like perch. As zander is seafood, it has a high omega-three fatty acid present in it with some other antioxidant properties.

10. Zucchini bread

The taste of Zucchini bread is a mixture of banana and raisin.  The taste of this bread is sweet and nutty with a touch of cinnamon. It has walnuts added, which gives a crunchier and more delicious taste to the bread.

11. Zopf

It is also bread made from eggs, milk, flour, yeast and butter. It is a popular dish in Switzerland and is also called Sunday bread. zopf is traditionally consumed on Sunday morning and is a healthy breakfast treat. The dough is brushed with oil and later fried or baked to give brownish touch.

12. Zimtsterne

Zimtsterne is called German star-shaped cinnamon. It is a cookie that is start-shaped and has cinnamon as the main ingredient. Zimtsterne is gluten-free and is a famous holiday snack. Kids love to consume zimtsterne.

13. Zwieback

Zwieback is a crunchy toast that was sold by the brand name Nabisco. It is doubled layered roll and tastes sweet. It is doubled baked and is known as rusk. The ingredients found in it are flour, eggs and sugar. It is nutritious and healthy and loved by the older age group.

14. Zwetschkenknodel

Zwetschkenknodel is also called a plum dumpling. It is a dessert that is utilized in Austria and Germany. The dough is made from yeast, semolina and potato. The filling includes tart, which gives a tasty and appealing touch.

15. Zebra cakes

Zebra cakes are hexagonal and include a sweet cream layer between a single cake layer. White icing is also included with the addition of chocolate stripes. The ingredients of zebra cake include chocolate, icing and white stripe.

16. Zereshk polo

Zereskh is a Persian word that means barberries, and zereshk polo is a Persian dish that includes rice and chicken. It tastes sweet and tangy. The Zereskh polo is naturally gluten-free and is a good source of protein and fats.

17. Zapiekanka

It is also called polish pizza and is toasted. The ingredient it includes is cheese, meat and mushrooms. Zapiekanka is served with ketchup and is a popular dish of food vendors. Zapiekanka is healthy and nutritious.

18. Zerda

A dish originated from the middle east and is a Turkish dessert. It is a dish that includes pudding and even rice pudding. It is yellowish and is very delicious. Zerda is made from wheat and is fried for a long period with sugar and food color.

19. Zarzuela

Zarzuela is Spanish seafood that is made up of scallops and mussels. It is served along with white wine and bell peppers. Some people consume it along with red wine instead of white wine.  Red bell peppers make it delicious and worth eating.

20. Zig zag vine fruit

Zig zag wine fruit is Australian fruit orange berry, and its skin is also eatable. It is mostly used to make wines and liquors and is known as spicy sherbet. The fruit is consumed in raw form also and has antioxidant properties.