20 Foods That Start With W

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You must think that the food item from letter W is not more than five or six but below we have mentioned some new food items that start with W and we are sure you will be glad to know about them. We have also mentioned the health benefits of these food items.

So read the article thoroughly to increase your knowledge.

1. Wasabi

Wasabi is a Japanese horse dish that is consumed along with sushi. It is a spicy green sauce that is made from the japonica plant.  It has a pungent odor and has green color. Wasabi is often sprinkled on food items to provide a mustardy odor.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon is a large round fruit that is green from the outside and red from inside. Watermelon is juicy and consists of ninety-two percent water. It is sweet in taste and overcomes dehydration. It is nutritious fruit and consumed in summers.

3. Wheat

Wheat is a staple food in many countries. Wheat is used to prepare bread, pasta, cereals and other food items. Wheat seeds are grounded to make flour and are an excellent source of fibers and carbs. It contains gluten and can cause gluten intolerance in some people.

4. Watercress

The watercress is green and leafy, which contains a peppery and spicy taste, mostly used for garnishing. When it is cooked, it gets less spicy and tastes like other veggies. People consume watercress mostly in salads, just like garlic.

5. Wontons

Wonton is a dish that belongs to Chinese cuisine and is used to be cooked in ways like frying, boiling and steaming. Wontons are deep-fried and include a filling of mushroom, onion, seafood and meat. It is a healthy diet with many nutrients.

6. White rice

White rice is also a type of brown rice, out of which husk, germ and bran are removed during milling. Milling turns the rice white and keeps it fresh for a longer period. Rice is a full-fledged meal that tastes salty and savory. It has a high amount of carbs in it.

7. Walnut

Walnut is a mixture of seed and nut, or you can say it is not purely a nut. It is a fruit-type nut with a high amount of vitamin E, vitamin B and folic acid. The fiber amount is high in it, with less amount of carbs and fats. It is a perfect healthy snack for people on a diet.

8. Wolfberry

Wolfberry is another name for goji berries and has several health benefits. It can be consumed in raw form or snacks such as smoothies and mixed fruits. The berries contain antioxidant properties and have a special nutrient known as beta carotene.

9. White Chocolate

White chocolate contains cocoa butter and has dark chocolate inside. While it contains cocoa margarine, white chocolate isn’t certified chocolate since it doesn’t have strong cocoa as milk and dim chocolate have. All things being equal, it’s a sugary chocolate treat produced using cocoa margarine, sugar, and a couple of other delectable fixings.

10. Wiener

A wiener is generally known as a sausage, and a wiener is an American top pick. Regardless of whether you consume it in raw, barbecued, fermented, or in bean stew, but we are sure you’ve had a wiener sooner or later in your life.

11. Wagon Wheels

Wagon Wheels belongs to the United Kingdom production. They’re produced using two treats with a marshmallow filling in the center. The entire thing is then plunged into chocolate. Throughout the long term, there have been a lot of varieties, incorporating ones made with caramel, twofold chocolate, orange, and then some other.

12. Waldorf Salad

Waldorf salad is one of the beloved kinds of organic product/veggie salad mixtures, and it’s a continuous starter food in many homes in the mid-year. Everybody makes Waldorf salad somewhat better; however, it ordinarily incorporates grapes, apples, celery, and nuts. Many individuals additionally add raisins in with the general mish-mash.

13. Weetabix

Weetabix is the most irregular cereal that you have consumed at any point. It’s sold fundamentally in the United Kingdom, and on second thought of little, reduced down bites, this grain turns out in huge, oval lumps nearly as large as little hotcakes. Individuals add milk, normally alongside organic products or berries, and break the lumps into more modest pieces to eat.

14. White Sauce

Otherwise called Béchamel sauce, white sauce started in France. Indeed, even today, it’s known as one of the country’s four conventional sauces. It has a lot of employments, including a pasta or pizza sauce, a velvety expansion to goulashes, or a plunging sauce for veggies. Various individuals make it unexpectedly; however, France’s customary sauce is made with both salt and nutmeg.

15. Water

Past H2O – one thing that everybody knows about and ingests eventually, regardless of where on earth he resides. Water is crucial for the endurance of each living thing, including plants. The human body includes 60% water, and without ordinary water consumption, we’d pass on.

16. Welsh Rarebit

Individuals initially referred to this dish as “Welsh bunny,” yet that was befuddling because there was no real hare in it. It’s similar to barbecued cheddar made on thick toast with many flavors.

17. Wheat Berry

Wheat berries are all that are palatable in a wheat portion. Essentially, it’s the entire piece short the structure. They have an exceptionally nutty character, and they’re frequently added to trail blends, bean stews, and different plans. They’re higher in protein than raw grain, yet they additionally have more gluten.

18. Winter Squash

There are a few unique assortments of winter squash, and my most loved one is butternut squash. People like to heat with margarine, earthy-colored sugar, and cinnamon, similar to making a yam. Other famous assortments incorporate oak seed squash, spaghetti squash, and banana. They’re called winter squashes since they fill in the cooler months of the year.

19. White Wine Vinegar

White wine vinegar is by and large what it seems like it would be: white wine left to age and oxidize. By and large, individuals don’t drink it. It’s utilized as a cooking fixing in particular. White wine vinegar has antioxidant properties.

20. Witlof

The exacting interpretation of witlof is “white leaf,” yet it has numerous different names, including chicory, endive, and witloof. It’s harsh and somewhat nutty, and it’s occasionally utilized as a substitute for espresso. You can eat it crudely, yet it’s all the more regularly eaten as a component of a plate of mixed greens. It can likewise be prepared, steamed, or utilized in pan sear.