20 Foods That Start With U

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Some of the most strange and interesting food items start with the letter U. Below; we have mentioned the top twenty food that starts with the letter U, which will increase your knowledge and help you learn a lot.

So, let’s get started, and you keep reading the article until the end.

1. Ugli Fruit

Ugli fruit belongs to Jamaican tangelo, which exists in the citrus fruit group. The ugli fruit is a hybrid of tangerine and orange with a grapefruit tang.  It is also called unique fruit; it is bumpy and looks unappealing but tasty and nutritious.

2. Umbrella Fruit

The umbrella fruit is also called ambarella and is grown in tropical regions of the world. This fruit starts to change color from green to yellow, which indicates it’s all eaten. It looks like mango and even tastes similar to mango and pineapple. It can be added in sauce and soup formation. 

3. Udon Noodles

Udon noodles are made from wheat and are of thick consistency. It belongs to Japanese cuisine and is served hot along with vegetables. Udon can be added to soups to enhance the taste. It tastes delicious and gives a unique taste to any dish it is added to.

4. Uthappam

Uthappam is a south Indian dish that is made from pancakes. The outside part of uthappam is thick and crispy, and the inside is spongy and soft. It is like tasting two completely different food. It is most consumed in breakfast and is low in fats. Uthappam is served along with rice, herbs and spices.

5. Ugali

Ugali, also called ugali pap, is a porridge made from wheat flour. This dish belongs to African cuisine. In addition, some of the side ingredients it includes are water, flour, and salt. A thick paste is formed and later rolled into small balls and served.

6. Utah Scones

Utah scones are bread that is beep fried and looks similar to doughnuts. The bread is sweet and puffy. It includes the topping of sugar. That’s why it is called a scone. Utah scones taste like honey, butter and buttermilk. It also includes filling of fruits and is consumed as a dessert.

7. Upma

Upma belongs to Indian and Sri Lanka cuisine and is made from porridge of semolina or sometimes by rice flour. It is utilized in breakfast, is often served with fruits. It is nutrient-enriched and can also be served along with ginger and onions.

8. Ube

Our next choice would be ube which is purple yam used to make a purple muffin, purple ice cream, and purple cake ube is starchy and has many health benefits. It tastes like sweet potato and is a nutrient-dense diet.

9. Ugni Fruit

Ugni fruit is mostly consumed in New Zealand and is also called Chilean guava or tazziberry. The red berries are grown on shrubs and looks exactly like pomegranate. These berries are small in size and sweet, like cotton candy. The texture of Ugni fruit is like pear, and this fruit is added to desserts as a topping.

10. Upside down Cake

Upside down cake sounds funny, though, but believe us, it exists. This cake contains fruits layered at the bottom, then cake batter is poured on the fruits, and after baking, it its flipped, and caramel topping is done. The fruits utilized are pineapples, berries, and bananas. Upside down cake is delicious and unique.

11. Urchin

Urchin is a sea food, and there exist nine hundred types of urchin foods, out of which some are eatable. Urchin contains only a small portion of meat them which s consumable. Urchin is consumed after cooking, and they taste creamy, thick and buttery.

12. Ume

Ume belongs to the prune and plum family. Ume is green and firm and belongs to Asian cuisine. Ume is also called Japanese, Chinese and blossom plum. It is used to make wine and some other fermented beverages. It has a bitter taste but has a nice fragrance.

13. Umeboshi

Umeboshi is another type of Ume fruit. It is said that it is the pickled type of Ume fruit. It is found in Japanese cuisine and served as a side dish. The taste of umeboshi is salty and sour. For people who like sour food, like pickles, it is the best option.

14. Urfa Biber

Urfa bibber is dark pepper that belongs to Turkish Cuisine. Firstly, the pepper is dried and turned into pepper flakes, and later it is used as a seasoning. Ufa bibber has a salty and smoky taste which can be added to enhance the taste of any dish.

15. Urda Cheese

Urda cheese is originated from Romania and is very famous in Siberia and Hungary. It is whey cheese which is soft and is similar to ricotta. This cheese is made from goat, sheep, and cow’s milk and is later molded into different shapes. The taste of Urda cheese is sweet and salty at the same time.

16. Urad Dal

Black lentils, another name is Urad Dal, in some regions. Urda dal is bean-like and is consumed in Indian Cuisine. Urad dal is used to make spicy dishes and includes ginger and garlic as side ingredients. Urad dal is also called mung beans.

17. Umble Pie

Umble pie is a traditional dish and very expensive. It is originated from France and is an age-old dish. Umble pie is a savory pie made using animals’ hearts, lungs or kidneys. It is quite not famous worldwide as these parts are not mostly consumed.

18. Ulava Charu

Ulava Charu is lentil soup that belongs to south Indian cuisine and is served with cream or butter. Sometimes rice is also eaten along with ulava charu. To enhance the taste of this dish, mustard seed and fenugreeks are added. Veggies like peas, chilis and carrots are also added in.

19. U-No Bars

Lastly, Annabelle candy company produces a U no bar, a chocolate bar with a thin layer of chocolate wrapped around a molten chocolate center. U no bars come in flavors like mint and almonds and are delicious.

20. Urgelia Cheese

Lastly, urgelia cheese is soft, rich, sweet cheddar cheese from Northern Spain and contains yeast and salt as special ingredients. The taste of this cheese is fresh and unique. When used after melted, it gives the best taste ever.