20 Foods That Start With Q

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So whatever reason made you open this article, you will surely learn some unique food starting from Q.

1. Quahog

Quahog is seafood that contains hard shell clam and is found inshore of North America. It can be baked, grilled or steamed with more ingredients such as herbs, spices and sauce. Quahog is very tasty and can be consumed raw with the lemon addition. It has many health benefits and is enriched in vitamin B12 and omega-three fatty acids.

2. Quails

The quail is a bird that is consumed in tropical areas. It is very tasty and is cooked by adding ingredients like mushrooms, onions, butter and parsley. Roasting or grilling makes quail more delicious. High levels of proteins and vitamin C are found in quail. It also boasts up the immune system and promotes fast healing.

3. Queenfish

Queenfish are found on the pacific coast of America and contain white meat. To preserve the nutritious properties, queenfish is iced after capturing. Often it is baked or fried and is served in the form of fillets. It is enriched in omega-three fatty acids, reduces heart diseases and promotes brain health.

4. Qeema

Qeema is an Indian dish that is famous when consumed along with peas called qeema matar. It is a combination of minced meat and peas. It is also consumed along with rice and roti. Qeema contains a high amount of proteins and reduces blood pressure due to potassium in it. It also supports RBC formation.

5. Quenelles

Quenelle is a type of dumpling that is served in the form of many shapes. It includes creamed fish, breadcrumbs, eggs and meat. Also sometimes called pike quenelles or liver quenelles. Quenelles contain a high amount of carbonates and proteins. It helps to maintain a healthy weight and provides basic energy.

6. Quail Egg

Before we have mentioned the consumption of quail, similarly its eggs are also consumed. Quail egg is quite a popular dish that is served in many areas of the world. Sometimes it is consumed in the form of fried egg and sometimes just boiled. Quail egg plays a vital role in preventing chronic diseases, and it also contains a high amount of potassium, which helps reduce BP.

7. Quarter Pounder

Moving on towards a famous and delicious hamburger which is considered as international fast food. Quarter pounder is usually consumed in breakfast or lunch. One can prepare it at home as well. The ingredients found in it are cheese, bacon, etc. it has many health benefits such as improving digestion, contains calcium, vitamin A and Vitamin B9.

8. Quiche

Quiche is a dish of French cuisine, and it includes pastry crust, eggs, milk and cream. It can also be prepared with the addition of veggies, seafood and meat. Quiche is very easy to cook and is a full course meal. It is enriched in vitamins and minerals.

9. Queen of Pudding

A British dessert that contains baked breadcrumbs, jam and meringue. It is a dish formed with basic ingredients and tastes delicious. Some of the side ingredients it includes are sugar, butter, milk, egg York and lemon. It is a good source of carbohydrates.

10. Quesadillas

Quesadillas is a Mexican dish that is filled with meat, cheese, spice and later baked on. It is very simple to prepare quesadillas and is mostly consumed in breakfast. One can also add fillings like chocolate, eggs, cheese, fruits. It is a good source of calcium and amino acid.

11. Quinoa

It is a South American seed that is used to produce alcohol. Quinoa seed is one of the healthiest food, and it provides a wide range of health benefits. Quinoa includes magnesium, protein, fiber and mineral content.

12. Quorn

Quorn is a natural source of protein and fiber and is a meat substitute. It is made from a fungus called Fusarium venenatum. Firstly, the fungus is fermented into mycoprotein, and later it is served with the addition of other ingredients. It is a good source of selenium and calcium.

13. Quark

Quark is a fresh dairy product made from milk and cheese. It tastes like yogurt, cheese and sour cream. Sometimes mashed potatoes are added instead of cheese. It improves the working of gut flora and supports the immune system.

14. Qatayef

Qatayef is a dessert it includes is cream, cheese, almonds, pistachios and nuts. It is an Arabic dish that is especially consumed in Ramadan. Qatayef is a good source of carbohydrates and improves up the immune system.

15. Quindim

Quindim is a special dessert consumed in Brazil. It is a custard that is creamy and sweet. The main ingredients it includes are sugar, egg, milk and butter. It contains lutein that promotes memory and reduces concentration.

16. Quince

Quince is a tasty fruit that is cultivated at a warm temperature. It is very nutritious and tasty. Mostly it is used to make jam, jelly and pudding.  It is enriched in vitamins, minerals and helps in weight loss. It also keeps the blood pressure normal.

17. Quenepas

Quenepas is a small grape-like fruit that contains pulp. The pulp is mostly used to produce fresh juices. It is often consumed after being roasted. There are many health benefits of quenepas, such as promoting bone strength, blood cell formation, healthy sleep, and helps in weight loss.  It is also a good source of vitamin C.

18. Quandong

Quangong is a portion of food that Australian people consume, and it contains sour and salty taste. One can also consume Quandong in raw form. It has many health benefits such as promoting heart health, immune system and Alzheimer disease. It also improves blood cell production.

19. Queso Dip

Queso dip is a Spanish saying which means cheese, so queso dip is Mexican food which is a dish dipping. It is made from cheese by the milk of Goat milk. It can be made in a variety of ways, but we can guarantee it’s the best.

20. Quavers

Quaver is a British snack that is cheesy and crispy. It is the form of potato chip that is incomparably delicious. People love to consume quavers as they contain great taste and are low caloric. It is a side dish which is loved by kids.