20 Foods That Start With P

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Exploring different food items for entertainment and learning purpose is always a good idea. Below we have mentioned some of the basic food items and their nutritious facts related to the letter P.

This will help you learn a lot about letter P and some food items.

1. Papaya

Papaya is a fruit that is grown in tropical regions and is sweet in taste. It is added to the mixed fruit platter or often consumed alone. One of the best things about the papaya is that it is also used as a meat tenderizer as it contains papain in it which breaks the collagen inside the meat.

2. Passion Fruit

Passion fruit may be a term you are not familiar with, but it’s actually found in Brazil, and it is known for its sweet taste. It has eatable seeds. There are two variables present of passion fruit, which includes small and purple one and large and yellow one. It has a high content of minerals and vitamins.

3. Plums

Plums are like oversized cherries and contain a seed in the center. It is sweet in taste and is consumed fresh, and some of the people bake them in the form of pastries, pies and even add them in fresh salads. Plums are nutritious and healthy.

4. Peaches

Peach is everyone’s favorite fruit, having a sweet and lovely taste that is unable to resist. Once you start eating a peach, there is no stopping unless you run out of peaches. Peaches are also added in desserts such as peach compote, added into fruit trifles and consumed in juice.

5. Pineapple

Pineapple is also one of the tropical fruit that contains sweetness and tartness at the same time. Pineapple juice in the form of pina colada is very famous. Pineapple is tasty and nutritious as it contains vitamin C and Vitamin E in abundance.

6. Pomegranate

Do all tasty fruits start with P? pomegranate is a refreshing fruit, especially during hot summers. It is a fruit grown in the middle east but loved all over the world. Pomegranate is sweet and is very healthy for health. It keeps the skin fresh and promotes heart health.

7. Parsnip 

Parsnip is white carrot and has two different tastes one is sweet, and the other is nutty. Parsnip is often consumed with mashed potatoes, and it tastes so good. Sometimes it is roasted or sauteed to added in pasta or to serve along with the chicken.

8. Peas

Peas are green legumes that are consumed all over the world. Peas, when cooked in butter, give a tremendous taste. Peas come in many variants, but the most commonly consumed ones are sugar peas and snow peas. Peas are tasty and nutritious. Peas are often added to vegetable soup.

9. Pepper

Pepper is a spice that tastes hot and spicy. There exist many variants of pepper known as jalapeno, habanero and cayenne.  Pepper is well known for its hot-burning taste and is often added in salad, sauces and dishes to increase the taste. For adding in frying recipes, bell pepper and sweet pepper are used.

10. Potatoes

Potato is either baked, mashed or fried and consists of starch. Potato is a great source of carbohydrates. It is a widespread vegetable that is utilized everywhere. Potatoes in the form of French fries are the most common form of utilization.

11. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a versatile food that is famous all around the globe. Pumpkin has a mild taste, and there exist many forms in which people consume pumpkin, such as soups, cakes etc. people even roast pumpkin or gill them. Pumpkin is a big veggie that has a high amount of antioxidants.

12. Peanuts

Peanut is groundnut that consists of many nutrients. It is a must art of diet and has many health benefits. You can either consume It in raw form just by breaking its shell or spend it topping on dishes like pastries, cakes etc.

13. Popcorn

Popcorn is the junk food liked by everyone, especially while watching a movie. Popcorn is a healthy snack, though, as it includes few calories.  They are not high caloric but very tasty snack. Kids often consume popcorn daily as it is salty and soft to consume. 

14. Pistachios

Pistachios have a mild yet slightly sweet taste. Pistachios are often added as a topping on the desserts. They are enriched in minerals, fibers and vitamins.  As pistachios are nutrient-dense and good for heart health, it is recommended to consume them daily.

15. Pretzels

Pretzel is a snack that is soft and hard at the same time. It is eaten along with dipping and sauces.  Pretzels are a very tasty and healthy snack with lots of nutrients found in them. It is also energy-dense and high in carbs.

16. Pancake

Pancake is consumed all around the world and is a thin flat cake that is consumed in breakfast. It is an energy-dense food item that is very fulfilling and delicious at the same time. In western areas of the world, pancakes and milkshakes are considered a nutrient-dense diet.

17. Pasta

Pasta is a wheat-based dish that comes in many sizes. It is a noodles type that is boiled, then sautéed veggies are added, along with chicken and are served hot. It is a good source of carbs and proteins.

18. Pie

Who doesn’t like to consume pie? Pies are a popular dish that is consumed worldwide. It is filled with fruits, cream, custard and whatnot. The pie is very fulfilling and delicious. It is a multilayered dish that can be formed easily at home.

19. Pizza

Pizza is an Italian dish that is consumed worldwide. In this era, many brands produce pizza such as dominos, Italian ovens etc. pizza can also be made at home. Pizza sauce is also spread on the pizza to make it more delicious. Pizza is a full-course meal that is fulfilling and delicious.

20. Poached Eggs

Our last food item would be poached eggs which are easy to prepare. Just add an egg into simmering water and cook for five minutes; your egg will be prepared. Poached eggs have a creamy texture and are mostly added to salads and soups.