20 Foods That Start With N

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Learning about food is always a wise decision to make. Today let’s learn more about food items and their health benefits that start with the letter N.

There is a long list of food items that start with the letter N, but we have narrowed down the top twenty for you.

1. Nectarines

Nectarine is a common fruit that you all must have heard of. It is often mixed with peach, but they both are way different. Nectarine comes in a variety of colors, out of which yellow is most commonly consumed. It is sweet and is often baked in as an ingredient of desserts.

2. Navel oranges

Our next item is also a fruit, and that is navel orange. It is a frit that has been genetically modified in Brazil to make them easy to produce and high yielding. The navel orange is very nutritious and healthy as it contains vitamin C, fiber and Potassium. It is very tasty and sweet to consume.

3. Nectar

Nectar is extracted from the plants; it is sweet as it contains a high amount of sugar content, which is present naturally. Nectar is usually added to desserts. You must have heard of honey nectar, but nectar is not specific to honey but anything semi-solid extracted and sweet.

4. Nashi Pear

Nashi pear might be new to you, but it is another name for Asian Pea.  It is originated from East Asia and is a great snack. It is very delicious and has watery content that would finish your thirst. Nashi pear is very nutritious and has many health benefits.

5. Natal Plum

Natal plum is also a fruit found in southern Africa, and its other name is num-num. It is a fruit grown on a plant that can be dangerous for humans to consume as it contains toxins. The only safe part of the plant is the natal plum which is very healthy to consume as it contains vitamin C, calcium and magnesium.

6. Nutmeg Melon

Nutmeg melon is similar to cantaloupes. They have a sweet taste, and their flesh is of orange or yellow color with a green exterior. This is mostly consumed in summers as it is refreshing and tasty. They have a sweet taste and have more water content.

7. Naranjilla Fruit

Naranjilla fruit is Spanish fruit, and in Spanish, it means little oranges. It is a part that originates from the citrus family like lemon, limes but it looks more like tomato and eggplant. It is consumed as a fruit and is very chewy. It is cut into pieces than consumed.

8. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a seed that is consumed in winters. It is a seed that is dried before consumed and has a sweet and savory taste. It tastes best when combined with cinnamon and added to any dish.

9. Nigella seed

Our next food item that starts with N would be nigella seed which is mostly consumed in Austrian and south Asian cuisine and has a nutty and smoky taste. It is very healthy, especially for reducing blood pressure and cholesterol; nigella seeds are also referred to as black seeds.

10. Nachos

Nachos is a dish which is served mostly in Mexico and is famous all over the world. Nachos consist of tortilla chips with cheese and other ingredients such as spices, herbs etc. nacho also contains sour cream, jalapenos and chicken. It is one of the delicious dishes prepared in Mexican cuisine.

11. Nuggets

Did the word nugget make you excited? Well, nugget is everyone’s favorite snack, especially among children. Nugget and fries are consumed all over the world. Nugget is made from chicken breast, and bread crumbs are applied to it. It is later deep fried and served hot.

12. Noodle

Just like nuggets, noodles are also everyone’s favorite and a tasty side dish. Are you hungry and you don’t feel like cooking something, you can always rely on this instant food called noodles? Noodles are a staple dish in China and have many variants, such as egg noodles etc.

13. Naan Bread

Naan bread is also a side dish that is famous in Indian cuisine. It is the bread that is cooked on a grill or on the stove. It is plain and has ingredients like garlic, coriander and sometimes meat. It is very delicious and is consumed along with curry.

14. Nori

Nori is an unusual name and not so common food. Well, nori is a Japanese food that is made from seaweed. It is also used as an ingredient to prepare sushi and has a strong flavor. It is added as an ingredient in many dishes due to its delicious taste and strong odor.

15. Nesselrode

Nesselrode is a healthy dish present in French cuisine and is made from nuts, cherries and fruits. It is a mixing prepared in the form of pudding a pie. It is a high caloric energy-dense item that cant e consumed in large quantities. 

16. Nerd

Nerd is a sweet treat that is popular in American cuisine and comes in different flavors and colors. Nerds are sweet and sour at the same time. It is a mixture of some sweet nerds mixed with sour nerds. It is a unique and tasty snack.

17. Nutella

Nutella is a chocolate spread with hazelnut in it. It is sugary and very tasty. It is mostly consumed in breakfast by spreading it on a piece of bread, but some people use Nutella topping cakes and desserts. Nutella is enriched in calories and has lots of proteins due to the presence of milk content.

18. Nantua

It is a French sauce that is originated from Nantua. It consists of cream and crayfish butter. It is added to many dishes, especially seafood. Nantua has a unique taste that everyone does not like, but it’s hard to resist once you develop its taste.

19. Natilla

Natilla is also called natillas de Leche, which is a creamy custard. This dish is originated in Spain. It is healthy, rich and milky as it contains vanilla. Natilla is loved by kids and is very nutrient-enriched.

20. Natto

Natto is originated from Japan and is a Japanese dish. It consists of fermented soybean and is mostly consumed at breakfast. Natto is a sticky paste that tastes like blue cheese but with little sweet and bitter flavor.