20 Foods That Start With M

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Did you guys ever play word games with your friends or family and ask for food names starting with a specific letter. If you tried that and failed to tell many food items that start with the letter M.

Here’s to learn some new food items that will help you win the next time.

1. Macadamia Nut

Macadamia nuts are soft and large with a creamy texture. It consists of high-fat content, and especially it has a high amount of unsaturated fats. It is considered a healthy snack, and its daily recommended intake is around ninety-five nuts per day.

2. Macaroni

Macaroni is a very common dish that is cooked all over the world. You must have known this term, along with cheese, therefore, called as Mac and cheese.  Macaroni and cheese are mixed to make delicious pasta.

3. Macaroons

Macaroons are cookies that are made from coconut. Macaroon is a French dish that contains almonds too. It is a high caloric dish that is especially served at festivals and parties. Macaroons come in different colors and flavors that attract kids.

4. Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi is a fish that is consumed in warmer weather. Mahi Mahi is mostly found in the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii and the Indian ocean. It is very delicious and sweet in taste. Mahi-mahi is mostly consumed along with lime juice. 

5. Mahonia Berries

Mahonia berries are the fruit that is grown in mahonia trees. It is similar to blueberries and has a dusty texture. These berries have a sharp flavor and are consumed in raw form or sometimes in baked form.

6. Maize

Maize is originated from Southern Mexico and is a cereal grain. It is also known as corn in some parts of the world. Maize is one of the basic crops in many areas and has been farmed for thousands of years. Maize is very tasty; it can be consumed alone or added into dishes like salads or soups.

7. Malabar Gourd

Malabar gourd looks like a watermelon, but it is actually a vegetable that is sour. It is similar to pumpkin, and every part of this veggie is consumable. One can consume flesh, greens and seeds all of Malabar gourd. It contains a high amount of antioxidants.

8. Malabar Spinach

As the name indicates, Malabar is not the type of spinach, but it resembles spinach in appearance. Malabar spinach is added in curries and is mixed with other ingredients like herbs, garlic and spices. So, it can’t be consumed alone but is added for taste.

9. Malt

Malt is a type of cereal that is prepared by the process of malting. Malting involves soaking the grains in water and dying them later on through hot air after the grains start germinating. Malt is also used to prepare alcoholic drinks such as whiskey.

10. Mamey

You must not be familiar with this, but mamey is a fruit grown on plant mamey sapote. It is mostly grown in Mexico and America. This fruit can be consumed in raw form, but mostly it is used in milkshakes, ice cream and is added in other sweet dishes.

11. Mamoncillo

Mamoncillo is also called Spanish Lime because it contains a thick green texture. Mamoncillo is grown on a soapberry tree and has a hard shell. Mamoncillo shell is cracked open to consume the inside part. It is soft from the inside and has a slimy texture.

12. Manchego cheese

Manchego cheese is served in melted form and is a hard cheese, and it is very delicious and fulfilling. Manchego cheese originated from La Mancha, located in Spain, and is formed by the milk of sheep raised in Manchego.

13. Mandarin Orange

Mandarin oranges are one type of oranges; it is squat and take a long time to ripe. They are similar to tangerines and are often mixed with them. Mandarins are made from the hybrid form of citrus fruits and are very enriched in vitamin C.

14. Mango

Mango is a fruit that is consumed in summers. It has skin that needs to be peeled off before consumption. Mangos are very nutritious and full of juice. It is grown in tropical regions and is very healthy for health.

15. Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a sweet syrup that is added to pancakes etc. it is originated from Canada and is prepared from the sap present in the maple tree. It is sweet and has a thick consistency. The pale tree stores starch during winter and are extracted during summers.

16. Marang

Marang is also a fruit that is grown on a marang tree. It Is similar to jackfruit and has the same characteristics. Marang is large and has a green shell. The shell of the marang has spikes and is edible. Rang mostly grows in warmer climates and is grown in Borneo, Mindanao Island and Palawan.

17. Marble potatoes

Marble potatoes are named after their size and their patterns like marble. These potatoes are small and round. Marble potatoes can be red, pink and purple. These potatoes are cooked in similar ways, just like other potatoes and are roasted before serving.

18. Margarine

Margarine is an alternative name for butter and is very healthy to consume. Margarine is also cheaper as compared to butter. It is made from fat milk and is prepared in vegetable and olive oil. Margarine consists of more calories and is high in caloric content than butter.

19. Marlin

Marlin is a fish that has a firm texture and is stronger in taste. Marlin has long pointed fins and a flat body. It is mostly found in tropical and subtropical seas such as Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is enriched in omega-three fatty acids and is a great source of protein. It also tends to improve vision and keeps the heart health stable.

20. Marshmallows

Did your heart skip a beat? Marshmallow is a lovely snack that is consumed all over the world and is very fulfilling. It is made from gelatin and has a soft gooey texture. The marshmallow contains gelatin, sugar and water. It can be added along with desserts or can be consumed in raw form. Kids love to consume marshmallows.


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