20 Foods That Start With L

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To keep this article informative and exciting, we have mentioned certain unusual food items that start with L. You must be thinking of lemon, lime, lasagna, lobster when it comes to the letter L, but we have mentioned food items from all over the globe, which surely will be new for you.

So let us start learning food items and their benefits starting from the letter L.

1. Lamb

Lamb meat is consumed in middle eastern cuisine.  It is the most commonly consumed meat. In turkey, the kabab prepared are made from lamb meat along with some spices mixed in. lamb meat is enriched in zinc, iron and vitamin.

2. Lasagna

Lasagna comes from Italian cuisine. It consists of ingredients like cheese, tomato sauce and some meat. Lasagna is rectangular shaped and is made from flour. It is baked and is high in calories as it contains cheese, veggies, milk, chicken and much more.

3. Latte

Latte is the type of coffee that is commonly consumed nowadays. It is very simple to make, and it can be formed at home. Latte contains steam milk with cream. It is tasty and creamy. The coffee content is less in a latte. That’s why it is not so strong.

4. Leek

Leek is a version of spring onions and is mostly used in salads. But the important fact is that leek needs to be cooked first before adding them to any dish. Leek is a part of middle age cuisine, especially in Europe.

5. Lemon

Lemon is mostly grown in the southern part of Asia, and they are originated from the evergreen tree from the rose family. The lemons are round and yellow in color. They have a sour taste and are citrus. Lemon contains a high amount of vitamin C and is added to dishes to increase the essence.

6. Lemonade

Lemonade is made from lemon. The citrus juice found in lemon is squeezed and mixed with water, ice and mint leave. It is a refreshing drink that is especially consumed in summers. One can also add sugar to lemonade to decrease the sourness of lemon.

7.  Lobster

Lobster is marine shellfish, which is consumed all over the world. Lobster is a very nutritious and healthy dish. It is also very expensive. Lobster is cooked in boiled form and added some spices, along with side salad.

8. Lahana Sarma

Lahana is called cabbage in Turkish. So lahana sarmasi are cabbage rolls. This is a very famous dish in Turkey. It consists of cabbage leaves with a filling of met inside. To increase the taste, lemon is also added.

9. Lovage

Lovage is a tall plant, and its leaves are mostly consumed. Lovage leaves are very nutritious and consist of many health benefits. Lovage is a significant part of south European cuisine and is consumed for its numerous health benefits and antioxidant properties.

10. Lynchburg Lemonade

Lynchburg lemonade is a beverage that consists of numerous ingredients. It is a fancy drink made from the mixing of numerous drinks and mixed greens. It also contains ice and lemon to enhance the taste. Lynchburg is very refreshing and mostly consumed in summers.

11. Lime

Lime is also a part of the lemon family. It is also sour in taste and is added to enhance the taste of food. Lime is nutritious and contains a high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants. Lime contains more sugar and acids as compared to lemon.

12. Linguine

Linguine is pasta that is made from spaghetti. It is a special pasta made from presto sauce and fish sauce. It is high in calories and is very delicious. Compared to the rest of the pasta, it tastes a little different; that’s why it’s hard to develop its taste.  It is spicy, not creamy.

13. Liqueur

The liqueur is alcohol and is made from some regular items. It consists of natural ingredients and flavors. Some of the side adding are sugar and flavors. The liqueur is consumed in fancy parties and all over the world.  Once a person becomes habitual, it is often hard to resist its consumption.

14. Liver

The liver is the organ of an animal consumed in some parts of the world, mostly in middle eastern cuisine. The liver of cows, chicken and lamb are mostly consumed. It is darker-colored meat, and some chefs add liver in kebabs. Live is marinated in spices and cooked afterward.

15. Lentils

Lentils come in varieties such as red, green and yellow. Lentils are enriched in proteins and are a good meat substitute. Vegan and vegetarians consume lentils. Many dishes can be formed by lentils that are lentils soup, salad, etc. It is very nutritious and healthy food.

16. Loaf

A loaf is said to be a quantity of bread.  A bread loaf can be a whole bread or a piece of bread. There is another term similar to loaf: meatloaf, which means a lean piece of meat. The loaf is mostly consumed during breakfast.

17. Lollypop

Lollypop is round candy. There exist many varieties of lollypops of different tastes and flavors. Ordinarily, they contain sweet filling inside or produced using different prepared desserts strips, and a while later outlined into the shape of a treat. They are sweet and high in sugar. Too much consumption can be hazardous and can cause a sugar rush.

18. Legume

Legume is a veggie that comes from the family of Leguminosae. It is similar to seeds etc., and it is high in proteins and a good meat substitute. Legumes come in certain varieties and are good for health. The food guide pyramid says one should consume two to three times legumes in a week.

19. Latke

Latke is made from potatoes; it is called potato pancake, which comes from Jewish cuisine. It is mostly consumed at festivals like Hanukkah. It contains potatoes, spices, onions, eggs and flour. It is fried at high heat and served hot.

20. Linguica

Linguica is a sausage made from pork. Portuguese people consume It mostly. Pork meat is mixed with onion and garlic. Linguica is a good source of protein but can’t be consumed a lot due to its sharp smell and harsh taste.