20 Foods That Start With J

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If we ask you to name some of the foods that start with J, you wouldn’t be able to name more than six or seven. Try it, and then look at the list of food items mentioned below.

We are sure there is a lot for you to learn.

1. Jalapeno

Jalapenos are peppers that come in red or green color and are mostly consumed in North America. They are spicy and readily added to Mexican food. Jalapeno tastes like salsas and increases the essence of food. If you have ever consumed nacho, you must have tasted jalapeno. To create any smoking-rich taste, add jalapeno to your food.

2. Jackfruit

Jackfruit is the same as fig and is grown in tropical areas such as Brazil, Africa and Asia. It looks like melon and has bumpy skin. It is a fruit that tastes like chicken and is cooked in sauce. Mostly jackfruit is added in curry or stew dishes to increase the flavor. 

3. Jerky

Jerky is meat that is dried and cut into pieces. This dish is originated in South America, and it is also called dried meat. It is salted meat that tastes delicious. After cutting the meat into small pieces, the meat is dried for hours and added salt to give it a salty taste. Some other ingredients are also added in to increase the taste further.

4. Jam

Jam is made up of mashed fruit chunks containing pulp or not. Jam is considered a spreadable item that is consumed along with bread, especially in the breakfast. It comes in any flavor you want. The jam tastes sweet and increases the taste. It is a low caloric item that is just mostly used to increase the flavor.

5. Jook

Jook is a dish which is originated from East Asia and is mostly consumed for breakfast. Jook is also considered an appetizer. Jook is a rice porridge that the elder mostly consumes. It is low caloric and light dish, especially for the ones who are ill.  It is also called congee.

6. Jelly

Jelly is a dessert that contains sweetened flavors and products. This dessert is made from fruit juice and sugar. It is a thick and uniform dessert that is frozen and served cold. Mostly made from fruits like raspberries, grapes, bananas, strawberries etc. it is low caloric dessert.

7. Juice

Juice is everyone’s favorite beverage consumed many times in a day. Juice is made from crushing fruits and veggies with the addition of sugar sometimes. Juice is high caloric and contains many nutrients. It is good for health and keeps a person hydrated throughout the day. The juice is formed by adding the ingredients to the blender and mixing them well.

8. Jam roly-poly

As the name indicates, jam roly-poly is steamed pudding which is originated from Britain. It is formed by adding raspberry jam and a baked bread roll. In Britain, this is a must to have dessert at any family gatherings or parties. It is very refreshing and fulfilling and is enjoyed with cream or ice cream.

9. Jujube

Jujube is also called a Chinese date and is a very small fruit. It is mostly grown in southern Asia and consumed all over the globe. The shape of jujube is like an olive, but it is bright red. There is a seed present in it, and jujube is enriched with vitamin C and other antioxidants.

10. Jiaozi

Jiaozi is a Chinese dumpling that is consumed mostly in Eastern Asia. It’s a dumpling that is mostly consumed at festivals and functions. It consists of meat and vegetables, which are wrapped into a dough and is sealed. As it contains meat and veggies, it is enriched with proteins and carbs.

11. Julep

Julep is a cocktail that includes alcohol and is made from bourbon, sugar, water, ice and mint. It is mostly consumed in America. Sometimes julep is also called mint julep. This cocktail is very nutritious as it contains lots of nutrients and antioxidants. Along with being nutritious, it is also high in calories.

12. Jelly rolls

Jelly rolls are thin and spongey. It mainly contains jelly rolled into the dough, and it is similar to cinnamon rolls, but cinnamon rolls are not so sweet. Jelly rolls are appealing and have a sweet taste. The flat sheet, just like a pan with jelly rolled in, is very famous among children.

13. Jerk chicken

Jerk chicken is the most delicious food in the entire world. If you haven’t tasted it yet, you are missing out a lot. Jerk chicken is chicken coated with spices and cooked on the grill. It is smoky and spicy. It is delicious and is protein enriched.

14. Jerusalem artichoke

It is also called sunchoke and is originated from North America. It is not like actual artichoke, but it tastes just like chestnut and looks like a potato. Jerusalem artichoke is a different dish which everyone like cant and its taste is hard to develop.

15. Jicama

Jicama is originated in Mexico. Jicama is a root veggie that tastes like apple and has a thick consistency. In America, it is readily sold along with lemon and lime juice. It is very delicious to taste and even looks appealing.

16. Jonathan Apple

Jonathon apple has the best taste and contains a sweet and sharp flavor. One can cook it or eat it in raw form. Jonathan’s apple is yellowish with a creamy interior.  It is enriched in vitamin C and contains fourteen percent sugar.

17. Jordan almond

Jordan almond is known as candy-coated almonds which are mostly served at weddings. It is said that Jordan almonds teach us bitters of almond and the sweetness of sugar, which indicates life’s bitterness and sweetness. The good thing is that Jordan almond comes in any color you want to match your function’s theme.

18. Joumou

Joumou is a mildly spicy soup that is served in Haitian cuisine. This soup is served with pumpkin, which is simmered in a saucepan and potato, beef, and some veggies like carrots and cabbage. This soup is very nutritious and enriched with calories. You can’t consume it as an appetizer, but it is a full-course meal.

19. Jambon

Jambon is a French word that means ham. So jambon is a dish initiated by French cuisine which is made from pig’s meat. It is an enriched source of fat and is prepared on the grill. This fresh ham weighs about at least nine kgs. The unique thing is that it is slowly cooked.

20. Jaboticaba

It is a fruit that is cultivated in Brazil and is grape-like. It tastes sour, just like the mixture of lychee and grape. It is very nutritious and healthy. Kids tend to like it more, and it is enriched in vitamin B and antioxidants.


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