10 Most Popular Foods in Zimbabwe

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Situated in the southern part of the African continent, Zimbabwe is a culturally rich land-locked country, and it is known for its delicious cuisine. The Zimbabwean cuisine features mostly fresh vegetables and fruits, exotic meats, etc. The indigenous foods of Zimbabwe originated several thousand years ago. Let’s know about the top ten traditional dishes of Zimbabwe.

1. Mupunga unedovi

This simple African dish features only three ingredients. The key ingredient of Mupunga unedovi is long grain rice. You can cook the long grain rice in a hot water pan or a rice cooker and cook it until all the water is soaked. The peanut butter is added to this hot water pan. For making a perfect Mupunga unedovi, you will have to overcook the rice.

Recipe for Mupunga unedovi

2. Chickenduza

The Chickenduza is actually a popular dessert in Africa. To prepare the Chickenduza, you will require butter, flour, vanilla, yeast, eggs, etc. Some chefs from Zimbabwe also add red food color to the recipe. The Chickenduza is actually a special African candy cake. There will be a thick icing layer on top of the Chickenduza.

Recipe for Chickenduza

3. Muboora

This colorful African dish of Muboora is made with pumpkin leaves, tomatoes, etc. You must wash the pumpkin leaves properly, and later, they are simmered in boiling hot water in a saucepan. You can serve this Zimbabwean delicacy with tasty Sadza any time you want. You can add some peanut butter to this Zimbabwean delicacy of Muboora.

Recipe for Muboora

4. Dovi

This is actually a traditional peanut stew. The top ingredients to prepare the recipe are peanuts, garlic, okra, carrot, potatoes, onion, and so on. You can either add meat to the dish or keep it 100% vegetarian. Among meats, it is safe to use chicken, goat meat, or lamb in the recipe. The foodies generally love the Dovi with a plate full of rice and mashed potatoes.

Recipe for Dovi

5. Itshwala

Itshwala is a common Zimbabwean food. This healthy and tasty recipe is full of carbohydrates. The key ingredients of Itshwala are beef, chicken, Mopani worms, pork stews, collard leaves, and so on. The itshwala is actually a maize meal popular in Zimbabwe.

Recipe for Itshwala

6. Porridge

In Zimbabwe, Porridge is also called bota or lyambazi. This maize meal is prepared in hot water. It will take around 45 minutes to complete the cooking. To make the recipe flavourful, the chefs can add some margarine, sugar, peanut butter, etc., to the dish. In the end, you can spread some fresh cream on this Porridge.

Recipe for Porridge

7. Umxhanxa

This traditional food of Umxhanxa is mostly eaten by the Kalanga people. The Umxhanxa is actually a seasonal dish prepared with plenty of spices. The tourists coming to Umxhanxa generally order the recipe for their lunch. It can take around two and a half hours to prepare the food.

Recipe for Umxhanxa

8. Mutakura

This wholesome recipe of Mutakura is cooked with various food ingredients such as maize, Bambara nuts, cowpeas, and so on. The dominant ingredients of Mutakura are peanuts and maize. You have to boil the ingredients for several hours until soft.

Recipe for Mutakura

9. Maasi

Maasi is a delicious Zimbabwean dish that is served with sorghum sadza. The Khoisan people of Zimbabwe came up with the dish of Maasi at first. Today, you can order Maasi in various retail stores. Maasi is full of protein, and it contains some beneficial fat.

Recipe for Maasi

10. Nyama

This is actually a stew recipe that is quite popular in Zimbabwe. To prepare the best quality Nyama, you need finely cut beef meat. Vegetables are an integral part of Nyama. These are carrots, green beans, and so on. The dish is cooked on low heat.

Recipe for Nyama


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