10 Most Popular Foods in Zambia

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The southern African country of Zambia is culturally rich, and tourists keep coming to Zambia to experience its delicious cuisine. The people of Zambia are mostly dependent on staple food like maize. In Zambian cuisine, you will get to see various stew recipes, vegetable dishes, desserts, and so on. If you are curious about Zambian meals, you should take a look at the following top 10 dishes Zambia has to offer.

1. Nshima

This Nshima is prepared from ground maize. This spicy yet delicious recipe of Nshima has similarities with the Ugali served in Kenya. You can serve the Nshima with a bowl full of sauce, stews, or soups. It goes pretty well with Delele. This Zambian dish is served in all the eateries of the country.

Recipe for Nshima

2. Curried Gazelle

To prepare the delicacy, the locals use the African animal named Gazelle. For this dish, you will require gazelle rump steak, chopped garlic, chopped onions, coconut milk, tomato paste, cardamom, cumin, and so on. This flavourful recipe is slowly simmered before you get your desired consistency. The Curried Gazelle will go well with a plate full of steamed hot rice.

Recipe for Curried Gazelle

3. Chikanda

The Chikanda is actually a Zambian snack that is sold in every roadside food stall. This savory dish of Chikanda uses a thick mixture of dry red chili and peanuts. The locals think of Chikanda as an African Polony. Originally, the Bemba tribe of Africa came up with this extraordinary recipe of Chikanda. Chikanda goes as both an evening snack and dessert.

Recipe for Chikanda

4. Kalembula

The traditional dish of Kalembula is made in Zambia with sweet potato, tomato, onions, and various types of nuts. The sweet potato leaves are also added to this delicious dish of Kalembula. The chefs add groundnuts in the pounded form to make the dish flavourful. You can have the Kalembula with Nshima if you want.

Recipe for Kalembula

5. Delele

This is actually an Okra recipe. The delicious Delele is prepared with traditional vegetables, baking soda, black pepper, and salt. Don’t forget to add plenty of tomato to the recipe. You can slice these tomatoes and add them to boiling hot water. The recipe of Delele features a nice texture, and it looks pretty colorful from the outside. The dish of Delele will boost your appetite.

Recipe for Delele

6. Ndiwo

This Zambian dish of Ndiwo features various leafy green vegetables along with tomatoes and onions. Among the leaves, the Zambian chefs add cassava leaves, pea leaves, bean leaves, pumpkin leaves, etc. The Ndiwo features various meats as well. This traditional dish of Ndiwo will be found in any restaurant in Zambia.

Recipe for Ndiwo

7. Ifisashi

While in Zambia, you must try the lip-smacking delicacy of Ifisashi. The main ingredients for preparing an authentic Ifisashi are tomato, onion, spinach, peanuts, pumpkin, sweet potato leaves, collard leaves, and so on. You can add nicely cooked fish, chicken, beef, etc., in the Ifisashi recipe. But, traditionally, the Ifisashi is prepared as a vegetarian dish.

Recipe for Ifisashi

8. Chibwabwa

If you have tomatoes, onions, and pumpkins in your refrigerator, you can make a Chibwabwa easily. When prepared, the dish features a creamy and rich texture. You have to savor the Chibwabwa with Nshima if you want. Generally, the Zambians prepare the delicacy of Chibwabwa for their special occasions and ceremonies.

Recipe for Chibwabwa

9. Kapenta stew

The traditional Zambian dish of Kapenta is a delicious fish that features similarities with small sardines. In Lake Tanganyika, you will find these Kapenta fishes. To make it tasty, the local chefs add chopped tomatoes and onions to a hot pan with the grilled Kapenta. For chopping these vegetables, you should use chopping processors. Finally, they make a stew out of this dish.

Recipe for Kapenta stew

10. Michopo

This amazing-looking Michopo snack is sold on roadside food stalls. This street food includes either roasted beef or mutton. Plenty of chilies are used in this recipe. Other ingredients of Michopo are tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and so on. This appetizer will taste good with some local Mosi.

Recipe for Michopo



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