10 Most Popular Foods in Vietnam

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Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country surrounded by Cambodia, China, the Gulf of Thailand, and Laos. Due to this country’s geographical location, Vietnamese cuisine has been structured over the years. While the northern side is highly influenced by Chinese cuisine, the south includes French, Thai, and Cambodian cooking.

Vietnam cuisines are highly inclusive of vegetables, minimum oil and dairy products, and fresh raw materials.

1. Banh mi

This famous Vietnamese sandwich is a product of French colonization. French baguettes or crusty bread rolls are filled with various ingredients like pork, ham, chilies, carrots, cucumbers, green onions, mayo, etc. You can season the sandwich with herbs and sauces.

Recipe for Banh mi

2. Goi Cuon

These are translucent spring rolls filled with delicious pork, shrimp, and fresh veggies. The traditional Vietnamese spring rolls also include noodles (preferably vermicelli), herbs, mint leaves, etc. Vietnamese people like Goi Cuon with peanut sauce and chili paste.

Recipe for Goi Cuon

3. Pho

Pho is a noodle preparation that is considered to be the staple dish of Vietnam. Thinly sliced beef with rice noodles, aromatic broth, and a generous number of spices. You can choose your favorite topping for the seasoning, e.g., onions, hoisin sauce, fresh herbs, lime, bean sprouts, etc.

Recipe for Pho

4. Cha Ca

Cha Ca includes grilled fish marinated with turmeric, roasted with dills, spring onions, and garlic. This is a fulfilling meal preferred as lunch or dinner by the Vietnamese people. Served this with noodles and peanut dipping sauce or shrimp paste.

Recipe for Cha Ca

5. Ga Nuong

Ga Nuong is a chicken preparation that includes baking the chicken with several spices to induce various flavors into it. The chicken is marinated a day before the preparation day, making the exterior crispy while the interior remains juicy and soft. You can consume it with rice or use it as a filling for Banh mi.

Recipe for Ga Nuong

6. Rice Com

This dish is prepared from damaged rice, also known as broken rice. Due to their broken and soft texture, they can absorb the flavors more than regular rice. This is usually served along with pork cutlets and fish sauce.

Recipe for Rice Com

7. Banh Xeo

Crispy golden pancakes filled with pork, shrimp, and vegetables according to your preferences. You can use either wheat flour or rice flour to prepare the batter and a tinge of turmeric to give an earthy flavor, plus the coconut milk gives a sweet taste. The dipping sauce provides a delicious flavor, while the fresh herbs give away a charismatic essence.

Recipe for Banh Xeo

8. Che Chuoi

A very popular Vietnamese dessert, Che Chuoi, is made from coconut milk, bananas, tapioca pearl, sugar, and salt. The Vietnam version includes a particular type of banana named chuối sứ; its ripeness is just perfect for preparing this dessert. Some add pandan leaves to this desert because of its strong aroma.

Recipe for Che Chuoi

9. Egg coffee

Though the combination sounds weird, this tastes nothing less than heaven. The sweet and creamy cream produced from whipping egg yolk and milk is poured upon an espresso coffee. The sweetness won’t be too much prevalent due to the bitter taste of your espresso. 

Recipe for Egg coffee

10. Thit Kho Tau

Marinated and caramelized pork belly cooked with eggs, coconut soda, and broth. Since pork belly consists of an enormous amount of fat, pork shoulders can be utilized if you want a healthier version. You can have this dish with rice and Dua Chua.

Recipe for Thit Kho Tau


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