10 Most Popular Foods in Vanuatu

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If you are bored of having the same dishes over and over again, try some new ones from a different country such as Vanuatu, as they are delectable! Vanuatu cuisine mainly consists of locally grown fruits and vegetables such as banana, coconut, yam, taro, mango, papaya, etc. It is also well-known for its delicious seafood dishes, which are a must-try for everybody!

1. Laplap

Laplap is the delicious national dish of Vanuatu and the most loved dish of this country. It is typically a baked pudding that consists of yam, banana, taro, coconut milk, and salt. It has non-vegetarian versions, which also consist of chicken/ octopus/ beef/ fried fish.

Recipe for Laplap

2. Tuluk

Tuluk is a traditional dish of Vanuatu consisting of tapioca dough with pork-filling. The preparation process requires slowly cooking the meat and cooking it inside the dough in a banana leaf. This dish is readily available in any restaurant in Vanuatu and tastes fabulous!

Recipe for Tuluk

3. Coconut fish curry

The consumption of fish in Vanuatu occurs on a large scale due to its availability in abundance. It requires cooking the fish primarily with coconut and some spices for quite some time. This dish tastes fantastic with some steamed rice and also comes out as very wholesome.

Recipe for Coconut fish curry

4. Kava

Kava is a popular and must-try drink in Vanuatu. It is made from the locally grown Kava crop and consumed by the locals for more than three thousand years now. If you ever visit Vanuatu, do not forget to enjoy the authentic flavors of this country through this traditional drink!

Recipe for Kava

5. Vanuatu coconut cake

Vanuatu coconut cake not only tastes delicious but comes out as relatively healthy as well. It requires mixing grated coconut, flour, eggs, sugar and butter, and baking it until adequately cooked. It is light, delicious, and easy to prepare.

Recipe for Vanuatu coconut cake

6. Simboro

Simboro is another prevalent dish from Vanuatu. It is a roll consisting of ingredients such as banana, yam, taro/ flour, and manioc. The preparation process requires steaming everything in a banana leaf and covering it in coconut milk. This dish is delicious, savory, and a must-try.

Recipe for Simboro

7. Coconut crab

Coconut crabs are widely found in the Vanuatu archipelago. They are a species of hermit crabs and a source of food for the people of Vanuatu. The locals consume it in various ways, such as in the form of curries, stews, etc.

Recipe for Coconut crab

8. Beef fillet

Beef Fillet is a dish from French cuisine and is quite popular in Vanuatu. It requires cooking the meat with some spices and is served with pepper sauce and potatoes gratin. It can easily be found in Port Vila and is sure to blow your mind with its fantastic flavors!

Recipe for Beef fillet

9. Poulet fish

It is widely consumed in this country and is praised for its meaty texture and unique flavor. There are various ways to consume this fish, such as grilling, frying, baking, steaming, etc. The locals like to cook it soon after catching it to have it fresh.

Recipe for Poulet fish

10. Poisson cru

Poisson cru is a Tahitian salad which is a favourite in Vanuatu. It is typically a raw fish salad consisting of vegetables and has a tangy taste. However, it tastes incredible, and the preparation process is also quite less-time consuming!

Recipe for Poisson cru



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