10 Most Popular Foods in Uzbekistan

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People across the globe honor and like Uzbeki cuisine as it is one of Central Asia’s diverse and flavorful cuisines. Just the names of exquisite Uzbek foods will make you have them. Samsa, Lagman, Shashlik, Shurpa, Manti, Plov, and many more have such enticing flavors that one can’t suppress the urge to try them all sizzling hot.

Most Uzbek cuisines have a centuries-old tradition, and the preparation of foods is complemented by different rituals that have survived to the present day. For centuries, all of the unique characteristics of Uzbek cuisine have evolved. Here we have listed the 10 most popular foods of Uzbekistan that will be a delight for all foodies.

1. Chuchvara

Uzbek or Chuchvara dumplings are well-known in Euro-Asian and Central Asian countries and are traditional dumplings of Uzbekistan. It is generally stuffed with finely chopped meat and is often compared with Russian dumplings and ravioli. It is a smaller dumpling boiled in broth with veggies and fried meat, rolling a large dough piece. It is then stuffed with different fillings after cutting in small squares.

Recipe for Chuchvara

2. Dimlama

Dimlama, also called Damlyama, Basma, or Dumlama, is a flavorful stew that involves beef, veal, lamb, cabbage, cumin, peppers, turnips, tomatoes, carrots, garlic, onions, and potatoes. This Uzbek delicacy is well-known during summer and spring (annual harvest time).

Recipe for Dimlama

3. Kovatok Palov

Oshi Toki, or Kovatok Palov, is a typical Uzbek rice pilaf delicacy. This plov is prepared with beef or mutton, onions, carrots, grape leaves, rice, salt, oil, and spices. Besides, one portion of meat is crushed and combined with sliced onions and spices.

Recipe for Kovatok Palov

4. Obi non

Lepyoshka, often referred to as Obi non, is a flat tandoor bread well-known in Uzbek, Tajik, and Afghan cuisines. It is a disc-shaped bread and thicker than a naan. Obi non was influenced from the Middle East, with its origins from South and Central Asia.

Recipe for Obi non

5. Lagman

Lagman, the Uzbeki delicacy, is full of distinct flavors. It is a recipe between light pasta and a rich soup. Lagnan consists of meat, onions, tomatoes, peppers, tomatoes, carrots blended with spices and prepared as a soup. You can serve Lahna over pasta, the one-of-a-kind soup that you have ever tried.

Recipe for Lagman

6. Samsa

Samsa, a crunchy pastry, is a triangular-shaped delicacy stuffed with onions, fragrant spices, minced meat, including chicken, beef, lamb, or pork (rarely), and is baked perfectly. It is an ideal blend of juicy interior and crunchy outside, delivering a delightful contrast that results in an incredible culinary treat.

Recipe for Samsa

7. Shashlik

Every Uzbekistan region has its way of preparing Shashlik, and each location does it incredibly well. But Gijduvon’s shashlik is regarded as the greatest and most distinctive. The secret to preparing Gijduvon shashlik is tough to understand, yet the taste is unique and incomparable.

Recipe for Shashlik

8. Shurpa

Shurpa, the vegetable, and rich lamb soup, is a popular delicacy in Uzbekistan. Fatty, rich broth blended with vegetables and big pieces of lamb, are prepared slowly with herbs and fragrant spices.

Recipe for Shurpa

9. Tuxum Barak

Khorezm Egg Dumplings or Tuxum Barak are often referred to as Yumurta Barak. These egg dumplings contain fillings of beaten egg and are boiled till tender and originate from Xoram or Khorezm, the region of Uzbekistan.

Recipe for Tuxum Barak

10. Tuy Palovi

The complementing flavors and rich taste make Tuy Palovi exceedingly delectable. It is usually served with a delicious salad consisting of crispy onions and ripe and juicy tomatoes. Tuy Palovi is a must-have delicacy at wettings and is always cooked by men.

Recipe for Tuy Palovi


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