10 Most Popular Foods in Ukraine

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Situated in the eastern part of the European continent, Ukraine is a large country which is known for its cultural diversity and pristine natural beauty. Ukrainian cuisine has a lot to offer you. The natives of Ukraine have collected these recipes for years from their ancestors.

Ukrainian cuisine is mostly focused on vegetables, nuts, meat, and staple fruits. They have lots of delicacies in the category of soup, salads, appetizers, desserts, etc. Let’s taste the top ten Ukrainian delicacies.

1. Chicken kiev

The traditional chicken kiev is one of the most sought-after delicacies of Ukraine. This chicken kiev is a simple chicken recipe. You have to cook this lip-smacking dish in molten butter. The chicken kiev is served in every café and restaurant in Ukraine. Today, you will get to order chicken kiev in other countries as well.

Recipe for Chicken Kiev

2. Salo

Salo is actually a Ukrainian appetizer. Salo is the second most popular dish in Ukraine. Pork fat is added to this recipe of Salo. This Ukrainian dish features lots of vitamins. So, sick people can also eat the Salo. If you are thinking of ordering Salo for your lunch or dinner, you will have to order some side dishes along with it too.

Recipe for Salo

3. Vareniki

The traditional Ukrainian dish of Vareniki is actually a dumpling recipe. To prepare the Vareniki, the chefs first prepare a dough. For the filling, they use vegetables like cabbage, mushrooms, cherries, potatoes, etc. The addition of cheese will make the Vareniki creamy and extra delicious. The Vareniki can be a little sweet for some people.

Recipe for Vareniki

4. Stuffed cabbage rolls

This is one of the tastiest Ukrainian delicacies, and it takes several hours to prepare the stuffed cabbage rolls. For the filling, the chefs use minced meat. The people of Ukraine call the dish Golubtsi. For preparing the stuffed cabbage rolls, you will definitely need fresh cabbage. The recipe is ideal for both dinner and lunch.

Recipe for Stuffed cabbage rolls

5. Okroshka

The Ukrainian dish of Okroshka is actually a savory soup. The tourists generally order Okroshka during the summer months in Ukraine. Almost all the restaurants and cafes keep Okroshka on their menu. To make a perfect Okroshka, you will require sausages, carrots, radishes, cucumber, etc. Okroshka is highly nutritious, and so it will be good for children.

Recipe Okroshka

6. Holodets

According to tradition, Ukrainian people welcome their guests with this tasty food of Holodets. The dish is made from fresh pork leg meat and cold meat broth. The dish looks like an inverted bowl. You have to eat it with a spoon. The Holodets can be served with some canned tomato ketchup. The Holodets will make a good appetizer in Ukraine.

Recipe for Holodets

7. Nalisniki

This traditional delicacy of Ukraine is generally wrapped in a pancake. The Nalisniki features cheese and raisins in its filling. This Ukrainian dish is cooked on low flame. This Nalisnniki is one of the most ordered recipes in Ukraine. The dish can be prepared in just 15 minutes.

Recipe for Nalisniki

8. Paska

Paska is nothing but the easter bread in Eastern Europe. This traditional Paska bread is made at Ukrainian homes during festivals. To make a delicious paska, you will have to focus on creating a perfectly nice dough. The paska is generally sold in general stores of Ukraine.

Recipe for Paska

9. Borscht

This is another soup recipe quite well appreciated in Eastern Europe. The Borscht is actually a beetroot soup. It is super healthy in nature and will help your body recover fast. Cream or yogurt is finally added to the Borscht for garnishing. You can serve the Borscht with some garlic doughnuts.

Recipe for Borscht

10. Holubtsi

To prepare the Ukrainian delicacy of Holubtsi, you will need boiled cabbages. The chefs also need boiled rice and meat to prepare the Holubtsi from scratch. You can use vine leaves if you want to wrap the dish. A classic holubtsi will make your dinner extraordinary and mouth-watering.  After having a plate full of Holubtsi, there won’t be much space left in your stomach.

Recipe for Holubtsi


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