10 Most Popular Foods in Tuvalu

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Situated in the south Pacific Ocean, Tuvalu is an island country influenced by the culture of Australia and Hawaii. This Oceanian country is known for its exceptionally delicious and aromatic cuisine. The country got its independence only a few decades ago.

The locals of Tuvalu are dependent on corned beef, bacon, eggs, fresh vegetables, swamp taro, coconut, milk, etc. This article talks about some of the top ten delicacies in Tuvalu which tourists can’t afford to miss.

1. Tulolo

Tulolo is one of the most popular dishes prevalent in Tuvalu. Pulaka is the star ingredient of the recipe. Pulaka is actually a particular crop grown in Tuvalu. The locals sometimes call this crop Swamp taro. The crop is full of carbohydrates. To make a tasty Tulolo, you must add coconut cream at the end.

Recipe for Tulolo

2. Coconut crab

In Tuvalu, there is a tradition of eating these hermit crabs. The coconut crabs are also popular by the name of “palm thief.” This delicacy is served with crab dip. The coconut crab features more nice and tender meat than regular crabs. People can make coconut crab curry, grilled coconut crab in a seafood platter, crab soup, and so on with such coconut crabs. Most of the coconut crab recipes are curry-based and cooked in coconut milk.

Recipe for coconut crab

3. Toddy

Toddy is actually palm wine. This alcoholic beverage is quite popular in Tuvalu. Natives order a glass of Toddy with their main course in Tuvalu. To make a perfect refreshing Toddy, you will require hot water along with sugar and other whole spices. The Toddy is generally served in tropical regions. This is one of the most sought-after drinks served in Tuvalu.

Recipe for Toddy

4. Fekei

The delicacy of Fekei is prepared with pulaka again. Here, the natives of Tuvalu island use grated pulaka. Generally, local women grate the crop of pulaka. Later, they wrap the grated crop in leaves and leave it in the open fire to steam. Finally, the steamed pulaka is served with coconut cream and Toddy. Fekei can be found in all the restaurants of Tuvalu.

Recipe for Fekei

5. Tuvalu coconut tuna

For making Tuvalu special coconut tuna, you must have freshly caught yellowfin tuna fish. You have to cut the fish nicely and create tuna steaks. Don’t use canned tuna for this dish. Other than tuna fish, you will also require vegetable oil, roughly chopped onion, grated ginger, chili peppers, coconut milk, soy sauce, etc., to cook a perfect Tuvalu special coconut tuna. For garnishing, use cilantro and parsley. Cut them with a sharp knife and spread them all over your dish.

Recipe for Tuvalu coconut tuna

6. Prawn cocktail

This seafood recipe is common in Tuvalu and other Oceanian countries. The prawn cocktail is served in a nice cocktail glass with some cocktail sauce. This shrimp cocktail is ideal for a light starter. This iconic dish is prepared with ketchup and mayonnaise.

Recipe for Prawn cocktail

7. Spag bol

This five-star dish of spag bol is actually a shorter version of the spaghetti Bolognese. You can serve this amazing-looking dress to your guests any time you want. For cooking the Spag bol, you need soft beef meat, onions, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. But, the star of the recipe is the spaghetti pasta. This flavourful spag bol features a meaty sauce to lure the eaters.

Recipe for spag bol

8. Avocado toast

Avocado toast is one of the simplest recipes ever intended. This simple toast can be made at home if you have good quality brown bread, fresh avocado, lemon juice, salt, and pepper near your hand. For avocado toast, you must use mashed avocado. You can have this crowd-pleasing Tuvalu recipe with some feta and earl grey.

Recipe for Avocado toast

9. Meat pie

This pie recipe is popular in all the Oceanian countries. These Tuvalu meat pies are bowl-shaped, and they look like pastry. It features a filling of minced meat. To make this filling, you will require shredded chicken, seafood, mushrooms, vegetables, and so on. Sometimes, crocodile meat is also served inside these meat pies in Tuvalu.

Recipe for Meat pie

10. Pavlova

Popular in the entire south pacific region, Pavlova is actually a summer dessert. The Pavlova is prepared with whipped cream, eggs, sugar, cornflour, etc. The chunks of fruits are added on top of Pavlova. Generally, the chefs of Tuvalu use chopped peach, strawberries, lemon, and other local fruits.

Recipe for pavlova


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