10 Most Popular Foods in Turkmenistan

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Every country consists of its cuisines, which exhibit its authenticity. If you want to have a lifetime of experience, do try some delicious cuisines from Turkmenistan. Turkmen cuisine primarily consists of vegetables, meat, spices, and locally grown crops as staples. So, we have listed a few Turkmen dishes which will make your mouth water and tummy happy!

1. Shurpa

Shurpa is a delicious stew from Turkmenistan which primarily consists of meat and vegetables. It is not very rich as it does not consist of many spices. It mainly consists of some vegetables such as onions, carrots, tomatoes, etc., and some boiled meat (usually mutton) and mutton broth.

Recipe for Shurpa

2. Gutap

Gutap is a flatbread made by stuffing beef/lamb sauteed with some spices and vegetables. The ingredients for the filling may vary at times and might consist of different types of vegetables and meat. It is cooked on a hot pan and comes out as highly delicious.

Recipe for Gutap

3. Manti

Manti is a popular dish across the world, and every country has its version. Like “Momos,” preparing Manti requires stuffing small pieces of dough made from flour with cooked meat, vegetables, and spices and steaming them in a pan. In addition, a type of special yogurt sauce enhances the fantastic taste of Manti.

Recipe for Manti

4. Lyulya kebab

Lyulya kebab is a mouth-watering preparation that consists of cooking pieces of marinated meat on skewers. It requires mincing the meat with some onions and spices and refrigerating it for some time. The mince is then wrapped around the skewers and grilled on coal barbecue.

Recipe for Lyulya kebab

5. Sashlyk

Shashlyk is also popular in many countries, but the Turkmen version is a little different. It requires skewering pieces of meat marinated with spices on an open fire made with “haloxylon,” a shrub that grows in the Kakuram Desert of Turkmenistan. This arrangement gives the dish a unique taste which adds to the savory flavor of the meat!

Recipe for Sashlyk

6. Chekdirme

Chekdirme is a lamb stew from Turkmenistan which is light yet extremely tasty. This dish is not very rich as it consists of many spices and is relatively easy to make. This dish comes out as unique due to the raw flavors of the meat, salt, and pepper present in it.

Recipe for Chekdirme

7. Gainatma

Gainatma is also a lamb stew, which comes out as an incredible yummy Turkmen dish. It is pretty filling and does not require a long preparation time. The main ingredients used in this dish are lamb meat, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, and some spices.

Recipe for Gainatma

8. Pilaf

Pilaf is a rice dish that is quite popular worldwide. It requires cooking meat and vegetables with spices on a pan and adding and mixing the rice well. Consume this wholesome dish just as it is or with some side dish.

Recipe for Pilaf

9. Dograma

Dograma refers to “to chop up” and comes out as a widely consumed dish in Turkmenistan. It is typically a meat (usually lamb/mutton) stew that consists of small pieces of “corek,” a flatbread, sauteed with some onions. It consists of tender meat, delicious broth, and a fantastic taste!

Recipe for Dograma

10. Kefir

Kefir is a refreshing yogurt drink quite popular in Turkmenistan. It consists of kefir tubers and the milk of animals such as cows, goats, or sheep. It has a sour taste due to the fermentation of the milk.

Recipe for Kefir


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