10 Most Popular Foods in Tunisia

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The country of Tunisia has clear seashores and amazing historic monuments to make your trip perfect. Further, this place is loved for many reasons, and one is food. The varieties this country has to offer are simply exceptional. So, whenever you visit Tunisia, do not leave without tasting these wonderful delicacies.

The dishes below are a favorite of many, and every visitor highly prefers them. Picking a few great dishes was certainly not simple, but we have managed to list the finest. Keep reading to know all about this lovely place. 

1. Brik

Brik is a superb Tunisian dish served in a thin pastry-like covering with an egg filling. People also prefer tuna, capers, cheese, chicken, and anchovies’ fillings. It is a lovely and healthy start to the day. So, try this classic recipe to begin your trip well. 

Recipe for Brik

2. Shakshouka

A lovely poached egg and tomato combination is Shakshouka. The dish is pretty easy to cook and simply delicious to taste. So, ensure you taste it when you travel to Tunisia. You will find it at any restaurant as it is a specialty. The dish is cooked with spices, onions, and tomatoes to give you all the flavors you need. 

Recipe for Shakshouka

3. Merguez

Merguez might sound like a French dish, but it belongs to Tunisia. It was brought to the country when France ruled over it. The dish is a spicy sausage recipe that is cooked with either beef or red meat. You can eat it directly or with bread. It is a very delicious treat that also includes sumac, garlic, and cumin to add taste. 

Recipe for Merguez

4. Poulet Meshi

Poulet Meshi is a famous chicken dish that you will come across quite often when in Tunisia. The grilled chicken recipe is roasted till the meat turns tender. It is served with chickpeas, onions, and lemon to give you an ideal meal recipe. 

Recipe for Poulet Meshi

5. Couscous

Couscous is a traditional recipe that is a must-have and a national delicacy of the country. The dish is cooked using tiny grains of semolina and is usually prepared on Fridays in Tunisia. Try this globally famous dish to enjoy your trip the most. The rich and flavorful delicacy will surely satisfy all your cravings. 

Recipe for Couscous

6. Harissa

The popular harissa sauce is a Tunisian specialty. It is made with spicy bell peppers, olive oil, spices, and herbs like garlic, caraway, coriander, and cumin. Tunisia has many varieties in this sauce, so ensure you try them all. It is a popular sauce recipe added to chicken, sandwiches, and even soups in Tunisia. 

Recipe for Harissa

7. Fricassee

A fricassee is a traditional Tunisian recipe that is cooked with flavors and calories. It is not preferable if you are dieting but a fine dish for your cheat day. The dish is made using many ingredients like flour, oil, eggs, yeast, and salt. Further, its filling includes capers, harissa, olives, hummus, boiled potatoes, and eggs. 

Recipe for Fricassee

8. Chorba

Chorba is a lovely soup recipe you can find anywhere in Tunisia. It is made with beef, lamb, and also fish varieties. Tunisia is known for this popular delicacy, and visitors prefer eating it whenever they travel to Tunisia. So, ensure you do not skip this lovely dish when in the country. 

Recipe for Chorba

9. Lablabi

Lablabi is a traditional chickpea soup that is easily found across Tunisia. It is flavored using garlic, cumin and is popularly served with bread. This dish is a perfect winter recipe that you will adore eating all day. 

Recipe for Lablabi

10. Kafteji

Kafteji is a Tunisian dish made with fried vegetables. The dish usually includes bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, and pumpkins. Further, the fried veggies are combined with eggs and other seasonings to give a perfect taste. 

Recipe for Kafteji


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