10 Most Popular Foods in Trinidad and Tobago

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Trinidad and Tobago are twin islands that have a lovely culture and rich delicacies to complete your trip. Further, the mouthwatering recipes make the destination even more special. This region has every cuisine you are looking for. So, a food lover cannot be disappointed when in Trinidad and Tobago.

Selecting the finest dishes was indeed difficult; however, the dishes in this list are the finest. Taste all of them when you travel to Trinidad and Tobago to make your vacay complete. Read on to explore more about this exciting destination. 

1. Doubles

Doubles is an iconic dish that is cooked by frying bread. It is a common breakfast and meal option in the country. The dish is similar to India’s chole bhature recipe. However, people prefer eating it with accompaniments like grated coconut, tamarind sauce, and other tangy sauces. 

Recipe for Doubles

2. Trinidad pelau

The savory dish is cooked using beef/chicken, rice, coconut milk, vegetables, and herbs. This delicacy is made in a single pot and is a mouthwatering delicacy you must taste. It will surprise you with its flavors and lovely taste. Do not skip on this lip-smacking recipe when in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Recipe for Trinidad pelau

3. Bake n Shark

Adore fish? Then, this fish fillet recipe will surely make you glad. The dish is made by frying fish fillets and served between roti or soft bread. People in Trinidad and Tobago use Shark, but you can also try fishes like tilapia, grouper, skate, and kingfish to cook this lovely dish. Munch on this perfect recipe to satisfy your taste buds well. 

Recipe for Bake n Shark

4. Fish broth

Another favorite fish recipe in Trinidad and Tobago is their Fish broth. The flavorful soup is prepared using fresh herbs, fish, vegetables, and pasta or dumplings. This dish may vary in every place because the marination may not be the same everywhere. Thus, do not skip this tasty treat and specialty of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Recipe for Fish broth

5. Coconut Bake

Trinidad and Tobago have a rich coconut recipe for all sweet lovers. The popular bread has a light texture and is very soft. It is baked with flour, butter, grated coconut, brown sugar, and coconut milk. Traditionally the bread is cooked round and served with butter, tomatoes, cheese, and saltfish. 

Recipe for Coconut Bake

6. Crab n dumpling

You cannot leave Tobago without trying this dish. This delicacy is a popular food on the island and will leave you craving more with every bite. Dumplings are cooked in curried crab and coconut milk curry. It is a classic meal that you will surely enjoy while traveling to the island. 

Recipe for Crab n dumpling

7. Pone

Pone is yet another dessert recipe in Trinidad and Tobago. It is a lovely pudding that has a thick and moist consistency. You will adore this dish if you are a dessert lover. The dish is made with cassava, pumpkin, sugar, cinnamon, raisins, and coconut. 

Recipe for Pone

8. Callaloo

Callaloo is a creamy green dish that is popular on both islands. It is usually served with macaroni pie, chicken, vegetables, or fried rice. Trying this tasty treat will surely not disappoint you. The consistency is a little slimy but lovely to taste. So, try it without any hesitation. 

Recipe for Callaloo

9. Soursop Icecream

Soursop is a popular dessert in Trinidad and Tobago. It is prepared with water, cornstarch, salt, condensed milk, and ripe soursop. All of these ingredients are churned well before freezing to make this ice cream. It is indeed a perfect delight for sweet lovers. 

Recipe for Soursop Icecream

10. Curry duck

This curry is a popular dish in Trinidad and Tobago. In the recipe, duck is marinated using cumin, curry powder, pepper, salt, scallions, onions, hot peppers, and garlic. The traditional delicacy is served with rice and roti for the best taste. 

Recipe for Curry Duck


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