10 Most Popular Foods in Tonga

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Tonga is an island with rich culture, tasty food, and lovely people. Your trip to this lovely destination can never go wrong. The country is prized for its fresh seafood and the original harvest they use to cook their dishes. So, if you want to taste a variety of fresh fish and other seafood items, Tonga is your ideal stop. Visit the country and plan an exciting vacay with your family for a perfect break. Below are some popular foods you will find only in Tonga. Thus, whenever you visit the island, ensure you munch on these favorite delicacies. 

1. ‘Ota Ika 

A very famous dish you will find in Tonga is ‘Ota Ika. It is a traditional recipe that is cooked by marinating raw fish in lemon extract and coconut cream. Moreover, it also has tomatoes, chilis, cucumbers, and onions to add taste. ‘Ota Ika is a lovely dish that you cannot skip when in Tunga. 

Recipe for ‘Ota Ika

2. Lu sipi 

A favorite of many people across the pacific islands is Lu sipi. The dish is made with lamb and is served on taro leaves. The rich coconut, onion, and other flavors make it a perfect delicacy for all. You will observe many types in this dish in Tonga, so do not skip on any. 

Recipe for Lu sipi

3. Lu Pulu 

Lu Pulu is another common dish you will easily find in Tonga. This dish is made with coconut milk, canned corned beef, tomatoes, and onions. People in Tonga adore this delicacy and even every visitor that tastes it. The dish is baked and served hot for fine taste. 

Recipe for Lu Pulu

4. Keki 

Doughnuts in Tonga are slightly different from the regular ones. They have a lovely twist that any person will crave. You can find these deep-fried doughnuts in any bakery across the country. It is a very popular delicacy that all sweet lovers cherish eating. 

Recipe for Keki

5. Umu-cooked fish 

Another famous Tongan food is umu-cooked fish. It is worth tasting and has plenty of flavors to surprise you with every bite. People in Tonga adore eating it and cook it for special events only. The dish is cooked using a traditional recipe of Tonga that you will not get elsewhere. 

Recipe for Umu-cooked fish

6. Fikakai Topai 

Fikakai Topai is a unique dish made by tossing dumplings in sweet caramel and coconut syrup. The finest part is you can easily customize it as you wish. The island favorite will indeed capture your heart and make you crave for more. 

Recipe for Fikakai Topai

7. Kale Mao 

A lovely chicken curry recipe is Kale Mao. The dish has every taste you need, be it spicy, sweet, or savory. This curry is flavored with ginger, curry powder, garlic, and other distinct flavors that will leave you astound. People prefer eating it along with rice, bread for a better taste. 

Recipe for Kale Mao

8. Kapisi Pulu 

Another popular dish cooked on special occasions is Kapisi Pulu. It is prepared with banana leaves, cabbage, beef, onions, and coconut milk. The baked recipe is a superb delicacy every visitor must try. So, when in Tonga, do not skip this lovely traditional dish. 

Recipe for Kapisi Pulu

9. Panikeke 

If you are looking for a tasty breakfast option in Tonga, then Panikeke is the ideal pick for you. It is a mouthwatering delicacy that will help you start your day perfectly. The dish is cooked using baking powder, salt, sugar, flour, and other toppings for better taste. So, if you crave something sweet, you can entirely rely on this dish. 

Recipe for Panikeke

10. ‘Otai

A perfect beverage for summers is ‘Otai. The quick recipe is very refreshing and perfect for all occasions. It is made with watermelon juice, pineapple, lime juice, and, most importantly, coconut milk. The lovely texture and rich taste are certainly a sure try in the country. 

Recipe for ‘Otai




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