10 Most Popular Foods in Togo

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Togo is a country placed in the western part of Africa. Not many people know about it, but the country is a fantastic destination for many reasons. One reason for its fame is the Togolese cuisine. People across the globe crave their special varieties and do not miss out on them whenever they visit the country.

Below are the famous delicacies found in Togo. We have managed to mention the finest dishes only. So, ensure you try these lovely foods and do not skip any of them when in Togo. Keep reading to know more. 

1. Grilled Togo Chicken

Chicken is a favorite of many. Togo has a unique dish for all meat lovers. The grilled Togo chicken is a special variety that will please your taste buds entirely. It is cooked with red palm oil, onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, and cayenne pepper. Try this delightful chicken recipe whenever in the country. 

Recipe for Grilled Togo Chicken

2. Groundnut soup

Groundnut soup might sound strange, but it is a very tasty dish you must and must try. It is a traditional recipe that uses crushed peanuts, bitter leaves, and uziza seeds. Also, it has a tinge of ginger, okra, tomatoes, onions, and more. It is a unique soup that you will not find elsewhere. So, when in Togo, do not skip this one!

Recipe for Groundnut Soup

3. Brochettes

Togolese food is a little different from the traditional food found in many parts of Africa. Brochettes is another grilled recipe that you will adore. This dish is made with grilled fish or meat. Some people also use pork; however, using it is a little unusual in Togo. Further, the lovely skewers are served with hot sauce or chili powder to add taste. 

Recipe for Brochettes

4. Fufu

Fufu is generally served along with Groundnut soup. Fufu is a recipe that is mild or sour. People prefer dipping it into a soup or sauce to enhance flavor. The dish is made with maida, maize, and cassava tubers. This fabulous food is a must-have for every visitor. 

Recipe for Fufu

5. Gboma dessi

It is a stunning combination of green veggies and meat. People in Togo usually use chicken to make this tasty delight. Seasoning chicken makes the dish with spices like nutmeg, cardamom, ajowan, ginger, and then fried. The dish is a great delicacy for all people willing to explore Togolese dishes. 

Recipe for Gboma dessi

6. Akpan

There are very few desserts in Togo. However, Akpan is the only lovely dessert delicacy made with fermented yogurt, corn kernels, condensed milk, and ice. People usually tear the sachet and eat this dessert directly. Try this unique dish to explore the finest delicacies of Togo. 

Recipe for Akpan

7. Jollof rice

Jollof rice is a world-famous dish that you must try when in Togo. The dish is made by cooking rice with scotch bonnet peppers, nutmeg, and curry powder. Also, vegetables like onions, tomatoes, and peppers are added to them. People prefer adding beef, chicken, or fish to this recipe for better taste.   

Recipe for Jollof rice

8. Djenkoume

Yet another popular Togolese dish is the Djenkoume. It is like a tomato cornmeal fritter and is served with other dishes like rice. Djenkoume is made using made with garlic, red palm oil, tomatoes, ginger, etc. Taste this delicious food with other side dishes to get the finest taste. 

Recipe for Djenkoume

9. Akara

Akara is a doughnut that is made from cowpea. The dish is deep-fried and cooked with soft peas, onions, native palm oil, and salt. It is a must-try for all visitors and a perfect breakfast option when in the country. 

Recipe for Akara

10. Palm-nut soup

People in Togo like palm oil and prepare quite a few dishes using this ingredient. The soup is made using fresh palm nut pulp, fresh fish, and other spices. It is a lovely dish with a lot of flavors. So, ensure you taste it whenever you go to Togo. 

Recipe for Palm nut soup




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