10 Most Popular Foods in the United Arab Emirates

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The United Arab Emirates has all you need in an ideal vacation destination. The country will surely not disappoint you and give you lip-smacking delicacies you will not find elsewhere. Undoubtedly, UAE has top dishes across the globe; however, tasting the right foods is important. We have managed to list a few famous delicacies below. So, take a quick look at it if you are traveling to the UAE or wish to try a specialty. The United Arab Emirates is a classic destination with everything you look for in a perfect vacay!

1. Shawarma

Shawarma is a lovely dish that is very popular across the UAE. It is a famous street food that will leave your mouthwatering. Try all the varieties and options the country offers to pamper your taste buds. One cannot skip this tasty treat when in UAE, so ensure you try it all. 

Recipe for Shawarma

2. Al Harees

The popular delicacy is specially prepared on occasions or for weddings. It is a royal recipe that will leave you to astound with its lovely flavors. The porridge-like recipe is all you need in a perfect recipe. The cooking process is not quick but will surely please you once you try it. 

Recipe for Al Harees

3. Fattoush

If you are a health-conscious person, UAE has the finest salad recipe for you. The salad is made with lettuce, cucumbers, mint leaves, garlic, lemon, tomatoes, and olive oil. Its lovely taste will surely surprise you with every bite. Moreover, the dish is very flavorful despite being a salad. So, please do not skip it!

Recipe for Fattoush

4. Tharid

Tharid is a slow-cooked stew recipe that is made with goat, lamb, or chicken. It also contains tomatoes, pumpkin, roasted veggies, and marrow to maximize taste. The stew is served with Rigag and is a perfect option for every person looking for something very flavorful. 

Recipe for Tharid

5. Al Machboos

Another popular recipe in UAE is Al Machboos. The main contents of this lip-smacking dish are fish, shrimp or red meat, and rice. Further, it is seasoned with spices and cooked patiently to enhance the overall taste. People prefer eating it with raita or salad for a perfect taste. 

Recipe for Al Machboos

6. Quzi

Quzi is a popular UAE dish cooked on special occasions. The dish is made with meat and served with nuts and rice. You will find this unique recipe only in UAE. Further, Quzi has many spices to pleas each taste bud. So to complete your trip, you have to try this tasty treat.

Recipe for Quzi

7. Falafel

Falafels are a stunning side dish you must try. The fried patties are full of flavors and have a lovely taste you will not forget. So, missing out on falafels in UAE is certainly not possible. Ensure you try the variations and make your trip worthy. 

Recipe for Falafel

8. Stuffed camel 

One of the biggest dishes across the globe is stuffed camel. You will not find this delicacy in all restaurants but only in specific places. Also, it is usually prepared at grand weddings and is a favorite of many meat lovers. So, try this royal delicacy to make your trip experience unforgettable. 

Recipe for Stuffed Camel

9. Balaleet 

This sweet and savory dessert recipe will certainly capture your heart. It is a perfect treat for all sweet lovers and a favorite of many travelers. So, ensure to try it when you travel to the  UAE to make your vacay complete. The rich flavor and taste will surely please your taste buds. 

Recipe for Balaleet

10. Esh Asarya 

Esh Asarya is a dessert that completes all meals. The UAE sweet is quite similar to a cheesecake and has a whipped cream topping. Moreover, the traditional recipe includes rosewater, lemon juice, and other natural essences to add taste. The extraordinary dish is a must-try for every person visiting the United Arab Emirates.  

Recipe for Esh Asarya