10 Most Popular Solomon Islands Foods

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While you plan to visit the Solomon Islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean, you should get ready to taste unique and delicious local cuisines in this country. The island consists of nearly 1000 islands, and hence travelers have the opportunities to taste unique dishes here.

So let’s check the top 10 famous Solomon Islands Foods to make your trip memorable. 

1. Taro root chips

If you are looking for the staple food of the Solomon Islands, Taro root chips are one of them. Taro roots can get cooked in different ways. At first, the Taro root is boiled and then fried to make the chips. The best thing is that this food is rich in fiber and contains other health benefits. 

Recipes for Taro root chips

2. Tuna coconut curry 

Another prime dish of the country is Tuna coconut curry. The perfect blending of sauce made of coconut milk, and spices, has made this dish extremely delicious. Enjoying the dish relaxing on the beach can be an excellent experience for you. The dish gets an awesome taste if it is a bit undercooked. 

Recipe for Tuna coconut curry 

3. Palusami

One of the most loved Solomon Islands Foods is palusami. The prime ingredients of this cuisine are taro root leaves, beef, and coconut. The citizens of Solomon Islands and other parts of Oceania extremely love to have this dish as their meal. The food also comes with great nutritional value as it is enriched with protein, fat, calories, and necessary vitamins. 

Recipe for Palusami

4. Coconut pudding

Some may be surprised to hear about the availability of pudding here. But you can get a great dessert, coconut pudding, on the Solomon Islands. The dessert can be prepared in no time, and it is awesome to taste. The tasty dessert is perfect for enjoying the summertime on the beach. The dessert is enriched with all the necessary nutritional value. 

Recipe for Coconut pudding

5. Poi

The national dish of the Solomon Islands is Poi. The prime ingredient to prepare the cuisine is Taro Root. The preparation of the dish is extremely simple, and it comes with a delicate flavor. After preparation, the dish becomes a bit purple, and it is suggested to eat as early as possible after preparation. 

Recipe for Poi

6. Cassava Pudding

Another dessert that you cannot miss during your trip to the Solomon Islands is cassava pudding. Grates cassava, sweet potato, and coconut milk make this pudding extremely delightful. People also call it a savory cake rather than a pudding. This Solomon Islands food is an extreme favorite among the kids, and hence if your kids are with you, they will surely like it.

Recipe for Cassava Pudding

7. Papaya chicken with coconut milk

The above is another great dish that you cannot miss to taste during your stay in the Solomon Islands. Chicken is blended with papaya, coconut milk, and other spices to make it a spicy and appetizing dish. This can be a perfect meal during lunch. The dish is often served with fried banana chips. 

Recipe for papaya chicken 

8. Kibbie Pie

If you love having meat pie, Kibbie Pie can be a good choice for you. Kibbie pie is a meat pie that is prepared with ground beef. It is also accompanied by pomegranate seeds that enhance the taste of the cuisine. The citizens here enjoy this food a lot, and you will also like the taste of it.

Recipe for Kibbie Pie

9. Pork roast

Another typical food item on the Solomon Islands is Pork roast. It is available in almost every restaurant in the country. Pork roast is often presented with apricot, and thus it becomes more delicious and enriched with nutrition. This dish is quite popular among travelers all over the world. 

Recipe for Pork roast

10. Roasted lobster

Roasted lobsters blended with coconut curry become a unique dish on Solomon Island. The cuisine’s spicy and delightful taste is a must to try once you are in this country. This Solomon Islands food is not only yummy but also is enriched in necessary food values. 

Recipe for Roasted lobster



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