10 Most Popular Foods in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Like all other countries, the Democratic Republic of the Congo also has some special food items that you must try. From big and fancy restaurants to simple street stall foods, you will find delicious foods everywhere around the country.

Their cuisines have been influenced by many traditional foods from China, Italy, Lebanon, India, South Africa, France, Belgium, and Arab foods. We have listed the 10 most popular foods in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the paragraphs below.

1. Saka-Saka

Saka-Saka is widely consumed across the country. It is one of the popular foods in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and few other countries in central Africa. It is made with a combination of cassava leaves, onions, garlic, palm oil, and smoked fish as the key ingredients.

Recipe for saka-saka

2. Moambe

Moambe is the national dish of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The dish consists of fish or chicken with cassava leaves, bananas, palm nuts, hot pepper sauce, rice, and peanuts. The ingredients are cooked well before serving, and if you are fond of chicken or fish, this dish is for you.

Recipe for moambe

3. Kwanga

Kwanga is also known as chikwanga. It is the traditional bread of Africa wrapped in banana leaves. Cassava and banana leaves are the key ingredients in it. The dish may be called something else in other regions. It is a side dish, and locals normally serve it with the main course.

Recipe for kwanga

4. Fufu

Fufu is another dish eaten in almost all countries of Africa. It is a mouthwatering and sticky dough-like staple. Cassava flour is the key ingredient in the recipe. Don’t forget to add a little salt and pepper for better taste.

Recipe for fufu

5. Madesu

Madesu is often eaten for breakfast in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This tasty dish is made of tomatoes, beans, onions, peanuts, and few other ingredients. It is eaten along with rice ad cassava.

Recipe for madesu

6. Pili-Pili

 Pili-pili is a hot and spicy chili paste or sauce used in the majority of the dishes for better taste and flavor. The different names across Africa know it. It is easy to make. Pili-pili has a very earthy, pungent, and smoky flavor, which is loved by all.

Recipe for pili-pili

7. Caakiri

Are you tired of spicy foods and want to try something sweet? Then treat yourself with caakiri. This dessert is something you don’t want to miss. The delicious pudding consists of cream and couscous as the key ingredients. While other ingredients include yogurt, evaporated milk, vanilla extract, nutmeg, pineapples, and sugar.

Recipe for caakiri

8. Satori

Satori is a special dish made of fish. The main ingredients in this food are pumpkin seeds, garlic, plantains, and tilapia fillets. For better taste, seasoning is very necessary, and locals always add it.

Recipe for satori

9. Dongo-Dongo

Dongo-Dongo is another famous traditional dish from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is prepared with okra, fish, onions, and garlic as the key ingredients. The fish is either smoked, fried, or salted before adding to the recipe. Once cooked, the dish is normally accompanied by fufu and rice.

Recipe for dongo-dongo

10. Mikate

Along with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, mikate is also famous in other South African countries. It is a yummy snack you can eat anytime you want. It is made with a fried dough normally shaped into balls. Its name may differ based on the region.

Recipe for mikate


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