10 Most Popular Foods in Tanzania

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The United Republic of Tanzania is situated on the east coast of the African continent. This small country of Tanzania is known for its cultural diversity and excellent culinary practices. Food lovers come to Tanzania in search of spice.

The natives of Tanzania use cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, and other spices in each of their delicacies. Among meat, they depend on chicken, fish, and pigeon meat mostly.

1. Mchuzi wa Samaki

This fish recipe is actually a curry-based dish, and it features lots of spices. The key ingredients of Mchuzi wa Samaki are garlic, oil, tomato, lemon juice, onions, etc. You should use finely chopped vegetables for this fish curry, and for chopping, you can use a chopping processor. Spread some freshly cut coriander leaves on the Mchuzi wa Samaki plate. For this recipe, you should use fish like cod, red snapper, sea bass, and so on.

Recipe for Mchuzi wa Samaki

2. Chipsi Mayai

The Chipsi Mayai is actually Tanzanian street food. Here, the egg is prepared in the form of an omelet, and the chips and fries are inside the egg. While cooking Chipsi Mayai, you can add finely chopped bell peppers, coriander leaves, tomatoes, onions, green chilies, and so on. You can serve this delicious street food with special Kachumbari sauce.

Recipe for Chipsi Mayai

3. Mchemsho

The traditional recipe of Mchemsho features both meat and vegetable in boiled form. If you are traveling to the northern part of Tanzania, you must order the Mchemsho. The main ingredients for cooking a delicious Mchemsho are green beans, potatoes, carrots, eggplant, etc. Those who prefer non-veg Mchemsho often order beef or chicken Mchemsho. Instead of animal meat, you can find fish in the recipe as well.

Recipe for Mchemsho

4. Zanzibar pizza

The Zanzibar pizza is quite different from the traditional Italian pizza. These Zanzibar pizzas feature the shapes and sizes of pancakes. Ghee makes the Zanzibar pizza crispy and golden. The ingredients for preparing Zanzibar Pizza are chicken, seafood, eggs, cheese, mayonnaise, and so on.

Recipe for Zanzibar pizza

5. Mshikaki

This Tanzanian Street food is quite popular in Kenya as well. To prepare a lip-smacking Mshikaki, you can use either goat meat or beef. The African recipe of Mshikaki features a number of spices and herbs. This spicy delicacy is considered a full meal. You can serve it with some dips or sauces if you want.

Recipe for mshikaki

6. Ugali

This Tanzanian recipe is ideal for both lunch and dinner. You can serve Ugali with some delicious Nyama Choma and Nswaa. To prepare the dish, the chefs use cornmeal paste, mashed vegetables, sour milk, and so on. Ugali is considered as a side dish in Tanzania. Tourists love this particular dish.

Recipe for Ugali

7. Nyama Choma

The traditional Nyama Choma is actually a grilled meat recipe. Most Tanzanians use goat meat to prepare this delicacy. A wonderful smoky flavor comes from this Nyama Choma. To cook the African recipe of Nyama Choma from scratch, you will have to set aside around an hour. The dish can be a little bit chewy.

Recipe for Nyama Choma

8. Maandazi

Maandazi is nothing but fried bread eaten as a snack or side dish in Tanzania. You can dip the Maandazi in hot sauce if you want. The Maandazi will make your lonely cup of tea or coffee extraordinary. The Maandazi is somewhat similar to donuts. To prepare the circular Maandazi, you will need yeast, milk, sugar, etc.

Recipe for Maandazi

9. Vitumbua

The Vitumbua is popular as an African breakfast pancake. These deep friends Vitumbuas are made with rice flour, yeast, and coconut. This sweet delicacy will blow your mind with its excellent aroma. Tourists in Tanzania pretty much love the street food of Vitumbua.

Recipe for Vitumbua

10. Pilau

Many Tanzanians call the recipe Pilaf. The dish features an Indian origin. To prepare the Pilau, you will require cumin, cloves, cinnamon, peppercorn, and other spices. You can think about preparing the Pilau for your guests during festivals and occasions.

Recipe for Pilau


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