10 Most Popular Foods in Switzerland

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Do you know that Switzerland is actually an agriculture-based country? Swiss cuisine has a slight touch of French and German delicacies. The Swiss people add cheese and potato to almost all their dishes. Raclette, Fondue, Muesli, etc., are pretty popular dishes of Switzerland.

The Swiss cuisine shows significant diversity, and it has the potential to blow the mind of tourists with its extraordinary yet simple taste. Let’s take a look at the top ten Swish dishes which everyone should try once in their lifetime.

1. Fondue

This traditional Swiss food of Fondue is made of creamy cheese. Fondue is generally served with bread. You have to dip the small bread pieces in a molten cheese bowl. To prepare Swiss Fondue, you will have to add garlic, wine, lemon juice, etc., to the molten cheese. This delicious Swiss food is a must-have in Switzerland.

Recipe for Fondue

2. Landjager

Are you looking for some snacks in Switzerland? The Landjager can be served in both breakfast and dinner. The Swiss chefs add semi-dried sausage to the dish. To prepare the traditional Landjager, you will need lard, pork, beef, sugar, red wine, and so on. The Landjager is actually a spicy dish. The dish was originally prepared for hunters and backpackers.

Recipe for Lanndjager

3. Alpine Macaroni

This rustic Swiss dish is loved by tourists who come to Switzerland to spend their holidays. The main ingredients of Alpine Macaroni are cheese, onion, potatoes, and macaroni. This classic Swiss recipe emerged as the tastiest dish in Switzerland. It was primarily made to feed the hard-working herdsmen. You can prepare Alpine Macaroni at your home easily.

Recipe for Alpine Macaroni

4. Rosti

The Rosti is nothing but a big potato fritter. If you visit any café or restaurant for breakfast, you will get to order the Rosti. According to the Swiss people, the Rosti is actually a swiss version of potato pancake. Take the Rosti out of your hot pan if you see crisp on its outer layer. While in Switzerland, you must try this savory delicacy.

Recipe for Rosti

5. Saffron risotto

The Saffron risotto is a mouth-watering recipe that is quite in demand among travelers. Here, the Swiss chefs use red strands of saffron. People of Switzerland prefer to call the recipe Ticino. Generally, the saffron risotto is served with pork sausage and a glass full of fine wine.

Recipe for saffron risotto

6. Malakoff

This is nothing but a fried cheese ball dish which is quite popular in the western part of Switzerland. The recipe features only Swiss cheese and bread. You can order Malakoff in Swiss restaurants as your main course. Add some pickled onion and mustard sauce to the dish. Wine can accompany the swiss dish of Malakoff well.

Recipe for Malakoff

7. Bundner Nusstorte

The Bunder Nusstorte is actually a nut-filled pastry that is highly popular in the eastern part of Switzerland. This shortcrust pastry features caramelized sugar, chopped walnuts, heavy cream, etc. You might like the dish with a cup full of hot coffee or tea.

Recipe for Bunder Nusstorte

8. Tartiflette

This is originally a staple dish. The starchy Tartiflette features several ingredients such as sliced potatoes, caramelized onions, etc. You will find chunks of bacon in the Tartiflette. You should use only Reblocohon cheese to prepare the Tartiflette.

Recipe for Tartiflette

9. Vacherin Mont D’Or

In every cheese shop in Switzerland, you will find this delightful dish of Vacherin Mont d’Or. To prepare the dish, one should use white wine, creamy cheese, boiled potatoes, garlic, etc. This recipe is pungent to some extent.

Recipe for Vacherin Mont D’Or

10. Zopf

This is a special type of bread found in Switzerland. The bread is quite soft and tender in nature. This white loaf is made with several items such as milk, eggs, butter, yeast, white flour, and so on. The recipe of Zopf has been served in Switzerland for multiple decades. You can brush raw egg yolk on this bread for its golden crust of the outer region.

Recipe for Zopf



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