10 Most Popular Foods in Sweden

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Popularly known as one of the Scandinavian countries, Sweden has an extraordinary cuisine and rich heritage. In northern Sweden, you will get to see only meat-based recipes. But, the residents of the southern part of Sweden depend more on vegetables in their dishes. The flavourful Swedish cuisine features various fish dishes. The cuisine of Sweden is influenced by French delicacies as well. If you want to know more about Swedish cuisine, please keep reading about the following ten Swedish dishes.

1. Kottbullar

This is a Swedish meatball recipe. The classic Swedish recipe of Kottbullar is famous worldwide. To prepare the delicacy, you will need ground beef, minced pork, egg, onion, milk, and breadcrumbs. You must add a generous amount of butter to this dish of Kottbullar. We suggest you pair the Kottbullar with mashed potato and some delicious dark sauce. You can prepare Kottbullar at your home during the holiday season.

Recipe for Kottbullar

2. Smulpaj

Tourists generally order for Smulpaj during the summer and spring months. To make a perfect Smulpaj, you will need lots of fresh fruits such as berries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and so on. You will also be needing other items such as wheat flour, butter, oatmeal, etc., to prepare this delightful recipe. The Smulpaj is actually a dessert recipe that is served hot with some whipped cream.

Recipe for Smulpaj

3. Semla

The craze for Semla among tourists increases during the February month in Sweden. Semla is actually a sweet roll. But, many people prefer to call Semla a modern Swedish Pastry. From Semla, you will get an extraordinary flavor of cardamom. The main ingredient of the Semla is the wheat bun, and it features a high level of wheat flour.

Recipe for Semla

4. Sill

Sill is a historical dish still being served in Sweden for several years. Mostly the Herring fish is used in this Swedish delicacy. Apart from Herring, the chefs use other fish and seafood here. This Sill is sold in grocery stores in Sweden.

Recipe for Sill

5. Blodpudding

Blodpudding refers to a Black Pudding. The recipe is called this way due to the pork blood used during preparation. For Blodpudding, you will need milk, beer, apples, raisins, clove, pepper, etc. The recipe is being served in Sweden for hundreds of years. Today, you can order Blodpudding in any restaurant or cafĂ© in Sweden. The pudding doesn’t taste like meat or blood at all.

Recipe for Blodpudding

6. Pytt i panna

Many tourists call the dish Pyttipanna Swedish Hash. This savory recipe features ingredients like onion, pork, beef, potatoes, and other vegetables. You can either serve the dish with ketchup or fried egg. Some Swedish grocery stores sell the Pytt i panna in frozen form packed in jars.

Recipe for Pytt i panna

7. Kraftor

The star item of Kraftor is the Crayfish. For preparing the recipe, you will need freshly caught Crayfish. The perfectly cooked Crayfishes are generally boiled and then properly seasoned. In Sweden, people host grand crayfish parties. You can either serve a whole crayfish in these parties or cut its head, tails, and claws.

Recipe for Kraftor

8. Surstromming

This is so far the most delicious delicacy of Sweden. Not only this, Surstromming or sour herring is literally the smallest dish of this country. The traditional Surstromming is popular in both the Northern and Southern parts of Sweden. To prepare the recipe, you will be needing other items such as chopped potatoes, sour cream, and so on. Some crispbread gets along well with this delicious Surstromming.

Recipe for Sustromming

9. Kladdkaka

The Swedish dish of Kladdkaka has a similarity with the American mud cake. This is actually a chocolate cake with some Swedish twist. It features a creamy yet crispy outer layer. The recipe will taste good with afternoon tea or coffee. You can preserve this cake batter for several weeks in the refrigerator.

Recipe for Kladdkaka

10. Fried herring

This is the forgotten cousin of the Pickled Herring or Sill. The flavourful Fried Herring is served with melted butter. If you are cooking this Swedish delicacy of Fried Herring at home, you should prepare other items like mashed potatoes, green peas, etc., with the dish. This fresh yet savory Swedish recipe is a fish lover’s favorite.

Recipe for Fried Herring


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