10 Most Popular Foods in Suriname

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Trying cuisines worldwide comes out as an everlasting experience due to the fantastic and authentic flavors of the dishes. Surinamese cuisine primarily consists of meat, vegetables, and locally grown crops such as cassava. Surinamese food has a significant influence on it from the cuisines of many other countries but holds its authenticity.

If you are interested in trying some excellent dishes, try some mouth-watering dishes from Suriname!

1. Moksi Alesi

Moksi Alesi is a Surinamese dish that consists of meat, rice, and vegetables. The rice is enriched with tomatoes, black-eyed peas, coconut milk, etc., and served with some vegetables, salted meat/fish, and plantain. This dish is quite popular at parties and special occasions as it is wholesome as well as delicious!

Recipe for Moksi Alesi

2. Goedangan

Goedangan is a salad from Suriname, which is relatively easy to make and refreshing. The primary ingredients are green cabbage, cucumbers, bean sprouts, eggs, etc. The last step is dressing the salad that requires a sauce prepared with coconut milk, lime juice, yogurt, chili, and brown sugar.

Recipe for Goendangan

3. Murgi Talkari

Inspired by Indian cuisine Murgi Talkari is now a popular Surinamese dish. It is a curry consisting of chicken cooked in savory spices such as pepper, “garam masala,” hot peppers, etc. Murgi Talkari is usually served with rice and vegetables on the side and comes out as a treat to the taste buds!

Recipe for Murgi Talkari

4. Bojo Cake

Bojo cake is a sweet dish from Suriname which is extremely easy to prepare and tastes fantastic. It requires baking a blend of cassava, coconut, eggs, raisins, rum, coconut milk, butter, almond extract, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. After the cake gets a light-brown color, it is cut into small squares and consumed with whipped cream.

Recipe for Bojo Cake

5. Pepre Watra

Pepre watra is a spicy dish consisting primarily of fish cooked in some spices. The fish and the spices are put in a pot filled with water and cooked until ready. This dish is served with some rice or cassava bread.

Recipe for Pepre watra


Pom is a prevalent dish in Suriname and is typically prepared for special occasions. This dish consists of many ingredients but primarily consists of meat (chicken) and some roots. It is appropriately cooked in the oven and cut into small pieces for serving.

Recipe for Pom

7. Bakabana

Bakabana is a popular dish in Suriname and is easily found in local restaurants/stalls. It is plantain covered nicely in a sweet batter and fried in hot oil. It is served with some peanut sauce, which enhances the taste of this fabulous dish!

Recipe for Bakabana

8. Kip Pastei

Kip Pastei is an exquisite dish that becomes an instant favorite of anybody who consumes it due to its mind-blowing flavors! A puff pastry is filled with cooked chicken mixed with peas, carrots, tomato sauce, etc., and topped with boiled and sliced eggs. It is adequately baked and heartily enjoyed!

Recipe for Kip Pastei

9. Bruine bonen soup

Bruine bonen soup is a ubiquitous dish that is popular across the world. It is consumed widely in Suriname due to its delicious taste and wholesome nature. It requires cooking meat with brown beans and spices and serving it alongside some rice.

Recipe for Bruine bonen soup

10. Cassave brood

Cassava is locally grown in Suriname, hence is a staple in Surinamese cuisine. Cassave brood or cassava bread is made from bitter cassava through a process that includes drying the cassava under sunlight and baking it a little to make it more brittle. It is usually enjoyed alongside some soup/ curry.

Recipe for Cassave brood



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