10 Most Popular Foods in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a small island country on the Indian Ocean. There is a dominance of herbs, spices, fish, vegetables, rice, and fruits in Sri Lankan cuisine. Sri Lankan cuisine is somewhat similar to the cuisine of South India and Southeast Asia.

However, the residents of Sri Lanka use coconut and cinnamon for most of their dishes. Let’s learn about the top ten delicacies of Sri Lanka which no traveler can afford to miss.

1. Kottu

Kottu is a Sri Lankan fast food that is super tasty but greasy. This Kottu roti is the Sri Lankan version of a hamburger. The kottu roti is like a crispbread. On Sri Lankan street food stalls, you will get to see piled-up Kottu rotis. The Kottu roti is sliced before serving. You can prepare some spicy curry sauce to serve with Kottu roti.

Recipe for Kottu roti

2. Kukul mas curry

Kukul mas curry is actually Sri Lankan chicken curry. This tasty dish is cooked in every household in Sri Lanka. The main ingredients of Kukul mas curry are cardamom, cloves, fennel seeds, curry powder, chili powder, lemongrass, chicken, and so on. The local chefs add coconut milk to the dish, which creates a nice gravy. You can serve the dish to your guests with roti or rice.

Recipe for Kukul mas curry

3. Lamprais

The word Lamprais is dutch. This recipe is a combination of rice and meat. Among meats, you can use pork, beef, or lamb for cooking Lamprais. Some local chefs add shrimp paste to the dish to make it extra delicious. Modern-day Lamprais use eggs and chicken as well.

Recipe for Lamprais

4. Polos

Polos is actually a green jackfruit curry. First, this starchy jackfruit is sliced, and then it is boiled properly. The common ingredients of Polos are mustard seeds, turmeric, roasted curry powder, coconut milk, etc. This particular curry is served with steamed rice in Sri Lankan restaurants.

Recipe for Polos

5. Gotu kola sambol

This is a veg dish that is popular among tourists in Sri Lanka. The meaning of the dish’s name is pennywort salad. Gotu kola or Pennywort is actually a medicinal herb that is found only in Asian countries. Other ingredients used for this recipe are tomatoes, shallots, grated coconut, chili, pepper, lemon, etc.

Recipe for Gotu Kola Sambol

6. Pol sambol

Made with fresh coconut, Pol Sambol is a must-have Sri Lankan delicacy. To prepare Pol sambol from scratch, one needs grated coconut, red onions, lime juice, etc. You can add some Maldivian fish to the recipe as well. Mix the ingredients well in a bowl. You can serve the delicacy with pol roti if you want as well.

Recipe for Pol Sambol

7. Appam

Appam is actually a pancake made with some Sri Lankan twist. To make the batter of Appam, you will require rice flour, coconut water, sugar, and coconut milk. These sweet hoppers are shaped like bowls. In Sri Lanka, you will get egg hoppers on request as well.

Recipe for Appam

8. Parippu

Parippu is a Sri Lankan daal curry that is served with roti or jeera rice. Red lentils are generally used to prepare the Parippu. While preparing the recipe, chopped red onions and tomatoes are added. Use a chopping processor if possible. You can add a variety of spices to this dish of Parippu. In the end, add some coconut milk for an extraordinary flavor.

Recipe for Parippu

9. Fish ambul thiyal

This sour fish curry is prepared with some vegetables and spices. This curry-based recipe goes well with rice served on a clean banana leaf. You must add turmeric, pepper, and cinnamon to the dish. To bring the sour flavor to the dish, the chefs of Sri Lanka add a local fruit named Goraka to this dish.

Recipe Fish ambul thiyal

10. Watalappan

The Watalappan is actually a custard made with eggs. The dish is prepared during the Muslim festivals in Sri Lanka. If you have jaggery, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, eggs, etc., at your home, you can think about cooking Watalappan. You will find air bubbles inside this dessert recipe.

Recipe for Watalappan


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