10 Most Popular Foods in South Sudan

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The culture and civilization of Sudan keep increasing forever, and new aspects are adding to the heritage. The habits of food are also deep in the roots of the society of Sudan. The variety of food comes from the rich trade traditions Sudan underwent during its history.

The Arabian and Syrian food traders also brought a pinch of influence as well. The significant contribution here was to bring spices such as pepper, garlic, red pepper, and many more.

1. Kuidiong

Sweetened Semolina, AKA Kuidiong is a traditional Sudanese dessert that Dinka people prepare in the Southern region of Sudan. The main ingredients of this delicacy are milk, yogurt, semolina, sugar, and butter. When the semolina starts turning nutty and pale in color, you should top it with milk when you serve.

Recipe for Kuidiong

2. Moukhbaza

This cuisine originates from East Sudan, where people prefer local cuisines. This dessert is made of banana paste that you can acquire using a mixer and mashed bananas. The eastern region is immensely preferable to Ethiopian cuisine and tastes. Dairy and milk products remain a crucial constituent for food preparation in the East.

Recipe for Moukhbaza

3. Kisra

Kisra is becoming the critical Sudanese dish originating from Central Sudan. This food is stable for Sudan’s citizens, and it is a Sorghum flour bread. Many people like to eat this bread with a stew made of dried onions, meat, spices, and peanut butter. Milk and yogurt act as flavor enhancers for the mix.

Recipe for Kisra

4. Molokhia

Molokhia is a food made of Molokhia leaves and chicken/beef broth. This plant is known as the Corchorus Olitorus plant, and it borrows the name Molokhia from similarly pronounced Arabic names. You can eat it with thin and flatbreads that do not kill the natural flavor of these unique herbs.

Recipe for Molokhia

5. Asseeda

Asseeda is a form of polenta that people usually serve with the mullah. Mullah is a prominent local name for Sudanese stew. This cuisine looks similar to oatmeal but is served during all occasions of this country. The main ingredients are water, rye, and four. This meal is made during Ramadan months, religious events, and wedding celebrations.

Recipe for Asseeda

6. Umfitit and Elmaraara

Elmaraara and Umfitit are incredibly delicious appetizers in Sudan, and they come in pairs. The main ingredients of this mix are sheep liver, lungs, and stomach. You can also find onions, peanut butter, and salt for taste; however, eaten raw. Every meal in Sudan gets coupled with stews and appetizers as one of the critical Sudanese traits.

Recipe for Umfitit and Elmaraara

7. Gourrassa

Wheat Flour is one of Sudanese people’s major diet parts, and Gourrassa is just another form. This meal is made of wheat and is baked in a circular shape, much like chapatis. You can change your Gourrassa with the size and thickness your diet prefers. A lot of people in North Sudan prefer this meal with other food items.

Recipe for Gourrassa

8. Shaiyah

The Shaiyah is a delicious blend of pan-fried lamb and special spices. You can also make this delicious meal with beef or goat meat. Shaiyah is a meal prepared for special occasions. This meal is a staple of several communities in and around Sudan who have to try a counterpart of a peak.

Recipe for Shaiyah

9. Kajaik

Kajaik is a famous stew dish of the southern Sudanese region. The south region has many lakes, rivers, and so they decide to make fish their prominent diet. This meal is made primarily of dried fish and commonly finds inclusion in natural margarine and porridge.

Recipe for Kajaik

10. Ful Medames

This meal is the national food of Sudan, and it is a delicious bean fava dish served with boiled eggs and bread. People consume this food for breakfast and for preparing for fasting. This food has high protein content and is a very nutritious food suitable for vegetarians.

Recipe for Ful Medames


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