10 Most Popular Foods in South Africa

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South African cuisine is a blend of Indian, Dutch, Malaysian, and French cuisine, making it a flavourful combination. South Africans love meat and usually have plenty of them, ranging from chicken to pork.

As a result of colonization and immigration, several regional dishes have fused to form a delicious cuisine. You should not leave this country without tasting the following dishes.

1. Bobotie

This dish includes meat (usually beef or pork), bread, eggs, and some curry spices. The golden color of the top layer is obtained by baking the mixture of meat, bread, and eggs for a generous amount of time. Bobotie goes well with yellow rice and onion and tomato salad.

Recipe for Bobotie

2. Melktert

Sweet and simple, this desert would satisfy your tastebuds, especially if you are sweet-toothed. The recipe doesn’t differ much from the milk cake except for the garnishing part, where you can add cinnamon. This tastes best when refrigerated overnight and served cold to the eaters.

Recipe for Melktert

3. Biltong

This was introduced to South Africa because of the Dutch immigrants called Voortrekkers, who carried cured meat during their long journeys. The curing process includes salting the beef, marinating it with vinegar, and air drying it to absorb moisture. Kids especially love this snack item and relish every slice of Biltong with utmost pleasure.

Recipe for Biltong

4. Potjekos

This is a traditional African stew made with meat and vegetables along with spices according to your preference. This serves as a perfect food item for family get-togethers and dinners. Plenty of greens ensure good health whereas the meat is delicious. 

Recipe for Potjiekos

5. Gatsby

Gatsby is a popular South African street food that can also be easily prepared at home. Long baguette bread is filled with French fries, chips, sauces, eggs, onions, and lettuce. If you’re in South Africa and craving some junk food, then Gatsby is the best choice.

Recipe for Gatsby

6. Apricot Blatjang

This is chutney made out of apricots and peaches, which is contemporary to bobotie or even cheese. There is a slight difference between pickles and Blatjangs in terms of consistency. While every Blatjang can qualify as a pickle, but every pickle cannot be termed as a Blatjang. 

Recipe for Apricot Blatjang

7. Boerewors

Spiralled premium quality sausages fried with various spices is known as Boerewors. Usually, beef is used to make the sausages; however, pork and lamb are also used. The sausages are garnished with dark vinegar, nutmeg, coriander, black pepper, etc.

Recipe for Boerewors

8. Denningvleis

This is one of the ancient South African dishes which was used earlier for health purposes. It tastes somewhere between sweet and sour due to the inclusion of tamarind during its preparation. Welsh lamb is most commonly preferred for making Denningvleis along with vegetables and spices and surrounded by yellow rice.

Recipe for Denningvleis

9. Chakalaka

Chakalaka is a vegetable condiment served along with bread, stews, braai, etc. this dish traces its root back to the mineworkers in Johannesburg who used to include chili, beans, tomato, onions in the preparation of vegetable cuisine. You can term it as a salad, a sauce, or an accompaniment.

Recipe for Chakalaka

10. Peppermint Crisp Tart

Every African household bakes this cuisine when they either don’t have enough time to make a meal or don’t have the mood to bake one. Kids love this dessert due to its delicious taste and creamy texture. Crispy biscuit is topped with cream, peppermint chocolate bar, and caramel.

Recipe for Peppermint Crisp Tart


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