10 Most Popular Foods in Slovenia

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Slovenia is situated among Croatia, Italy, Hungary, and Austria. As a result, it borrows many of its popular foods from its neighboring countries. If you want to enhance your taste buds with Slovenian dishes, then you have come to the right place.

Below, we have made a list of the top ten foods of Slovenia.

1. Dumplings

Slovenians love this dumpling that is full of exotic fillings. They make this dish with buckwheat, pork, veal, cheese, and potato. Besides, these dumplings have a nutty and earthy flavor that will burst in your mouth. You can serve them hot in the evening as a form of snack for your guests.

Recipe for Dumplings

2. Jota (Yota)

People in Slovenia make Yota with certain kinds of special ingredients. They use common vegetables present in their homes, such as beans, turnip, potatoes, and cabbage. Locals like to prepare Jota in their unique ways and preserve them. For instance, you store it in your freezer for a few days.

Recipe for Jota (Yota)

3. The Karst Prosciutto

The Karst Prosciutto is one of the most famous food dishes of Slovenia. It has a traditional recipe for drying and salting meat on Karst Bora. Moreover, it is a pork thigh that is air-dried. You can have the Karst Prosciutto with a glass of some Teran along with red Karst.

Recipe for Karst Prosciutto

4. Potica

Potica is a common dessert in Slovenia. You can have it with different kinds of fillings, and it is made out of dough. If you want to prepare this dish, you can make it with eighty types of fillings. Among its many ingredients, the most famous are poppy seeds, tarragon, cracknels, and walnut.

Recipe for Potica

5. Trout

Trout is a special fish dish of Slovenia. Their national staple is buckwheat flour, on which they roll this fish and later fry it. In case you visit Slovenia, you can get trout from the region of the Soča river. Making this dish will enable you to enjoy the rich taste of Slovenia.

Recipe for Trout

6. Korejevec

Korejevec is a Slovenian soup that originates from the region of Kozje. It is made with yellow and red carrots, wine vinegar, shallots, pepper, marjoram, cracklings, and beans. This soup simmers for almost half an hour with these ingredients. You can use the wine vinegar to enhance its final seasoning.

Recipe for Korejevec

7. Styrian Sour Soup

It is a sour soup that comes from the region of Lower Syria. You can make it with pork head, thyme, pig trotter, potatoes, salt, sour cream, marjoram, and parsley. At first, you have to slice and boil the vegetables with the addition of sour cream and flour. People in Slovenia have this after midnight.

Recipe for Styrian Sour Soup

8. Sireki

It is a traditional appetizer or snack. To prepare this Sireki recipe, you have to combine paprika, cumin, cottage cheese, and salt. The cheese has spice seasoning, and they mash it with a fork and shape it into small cones.  Later, Slovenians dry it by keeping it under the sun.

Recipe for Sireki

9. Celery Hot Pot

Celery Hot Pot is made from potatoes, celery, rice, and beans. At times you can also add meat. People in Slovenia can add a spoonful of vinegar and dry wine to enhance the sourness and acidity of the stew. Slovenians usually make this stew dish during the season of winter.

Recipe for Celery Hot Pot

10. Bakalca

Bakalca is a traditional stew dish that is made with different ingredients. These include mutton, beef, carrots, tomato, bay leaves, thyme, pepper, olive oil, and salt. You have to simmer it until the vegetables and the meat turns tender. Locals serve this dish with some pasta dumplings that go well with the warm stew.

Recipe for Bakalca


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