10 Most Popular Foods in Singapore

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Singaporean people care deeply about what they intake. This small country is knit together by their shared interest in food. Their specialty to convert simple food items into extraordinary makes them unique. Singapore consists mainly of Chinese, Malay, Eurasian, and Indian people; therefore, the food blends these ethnicities.

1. Chili crab

Spicy and savory, Chili crab is a fancy way to cook crabs with sauce and spices. Their priority for this dish is live mud crab which is well-known for its juicy meat and big claws. Eggs can be included too in the gravy, depending upon the eater’s preference. Slices of bread are usually served along this dish to soak up the curry.

Recipe for Chilli crab

2. Char kuay Teow

This is very popular among Singaporean street hawkers as well as fancy restaurants. The dish consists of noodles fried along with sausages, shrimps, fresh chives, eggs, bean sprouts, and sauce. You must include oyster sauce, dark sauce, and light sauce for enriching the taste of this dish.

Recipe for Char kuay teow

3. Kaya toast

Simple yet delicious, your perfect partner for an evening coffee Kaya toast serves as a yummy snack. The fusion of Kaya (coconut and egg) jam and butter makes the toast savory. You can serve the Kaya toast with half-boiled eggs drenched in soy sauce and coffee.

Recipe for Kaya Toast

4. Nasi Lemak 

This is a renowned Malaysian meal that includes fried anchovies, fried fish, chicken, peanuts, sambal, grilled fish, tamarind juice, along with coconut rice. Your stomach will get filled up to its brink, and your satisfaction level will rise to its optimum capacity. Season your dish with some crispy peanuts, cucumbers, and garlic sauce.

Recipe for Nesi Lemak

5. Satay

The national dish of Indonesia, Satay, is quite popular on the streets of Singapore. You can choose beef, pork, chicken, or any other meat suiting your preference and marinate it with lemon and turmeric. This dish suits as a perfect appetizer, and you can accompany this with cucumber-chili relish and peanut sauce.

Recipe for Chicken Satay

6. Bak Kut Teh 

A very popular Singaporean breakfast, Bak Kut Teh translates to “meat bone tea,” which traces its origin in China. While the ingredients are simple and less, the quantity must be appropriate to attain the perfect taste of the soup. This soup goes along with garlic or steamed rice.

Recipe for Bak Kut Teh

7. Murtabak

Murtabak has various names in different places, e.g., Mutabbag in Arab. The vegetable, meat, and egg filling inside the crispy pancake are jaw-dropping. You can either prepare the filing separately and pour it inside the dough or mix everything and then deep-fry it.

Recipe for Murtabak

8. Roti-Prata

“Roti” means bread, and “Prata” means flat. This dish has its origin in Malaysia, Pakistan, and India, where they are cooked in different versions. The more time you spend kneading the dough, the softer and tastier your Roti-Prata would turn out. These are usually served with chicken, beef, pork curry, or vegetable curry.

Recipe for Roti-Prata

9. Hokkien prawn mee

Yellow, fat, and round noodles are the priority for making Hokkien prawn mee. Shrimps, squids, and pork are generously dipped in the red-orange sauce formed by the mixture of different spices and vinegar. You can top it up with fishcakes, boiled prawns, spinach, chili pepper, etc.

Recipe for Hokkien prawn mee

10. Fried Carrot Cake

A cake from a carrot? Well, yes, you heard it right. However, they use daikon instead of carrots which are mentioned in the name. Once refrigerated enough to form a solid mass, the daikon is chopped into small pieces to fry and add various spices and ingredients like garlic, eggs, chili, and soy sauce. Season it with onion rings and serve along with a spicy sauce.

Recipe for Fried Carrot Cake