10 Most Popular Foods in Sierra Leone

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Travelers across the world always want to relish the local dishes of the country where they visit. Like other world-famous travel destinations, Sierra Leone also comes with unique cuisines that you should try during your stay in this country. Well, take a look at the top 10 popular dishes of Sierra Leone that will make your trip memorable.

1. Leaf Stew

Leaf stew is also known as plasas in Sierra Leone. The cuisine is made with green vegetables like potato leaves, kale, and spinach. This cuisine is made more delicious by adding meat. Leaf stew, preferably eaten with rice, and this stew is prepared with Cassava leaves. It is the national dish of Sierra Leone.

Recipe for leaf stews

2. Krinkrinand Fish balls

Krinkrinand Fish balls or party fish balls are a popular dish among the citizens of Sierra Leone. However, if you are planning to visit the beach areas of Sierra Leone, you should not miss tasting the crunchy and delicious Krio dish. The primary ingredient of this food is grenadier fillers or any white fish.

Recipe for Krinkrinand Fish balls

3. Oleleh

Another typical Sierra Leone dish is Oleleh. This dish is also popular as Moi Moi in other parts of Africa. The dish is mainly prepared from black-eye beans after being blended with pepper and onions. So, once you are in Sierra Leone, you should not miss the mouthwatering taste of Oleleh.

Recipe for Oleleh

4. Agidi

Agidi, also known as Eko, is often served with delicious soup. It is a starchy dish prepared with maize flour. On the other hand, you can have Agidi with a nutrition-enriched fish dish. The cuisine gets a nice taste and flavor with the blend of spice. No doubt, the mixture of fish and spices makes the dish extremely delicious. 

Recipe for Agidi

5. Yebe

It is another delicious stew that you should taste during your stay in Sierra Leone. The stew is primarily prepared with cassava leaves, onions, chilies, and chicken. The people of Sierra Leone also add spices to this dish to make it vibrant and savory. This cuisine is famous among the inhabitants of the coastal region of Sierra Leone.

Recipe for Yebe

6. Pepper Chicken

The heart-warming is very simple to cook but extremely rich in taste. It requires very few ingredients like peepers, chicken, peanut butter, and tomato puree to prepare. The dish is often presented with another mouthwatering dish, Rice Vermicelli. While you are in Sierra Leone, it can be a perfect preference for your mealtime.

Recipe for pepper chicken

7. Fufu

The origin of Fufu is in Ghana, and later the food has become quite popular among the people of Sierra Leone. While tasting it, you will enjoy the charming taste of cassava root, yam, and corn. This taste of Fufu gets more enriched with groundnut stew. Other than Sierra Leone, the dish has also got variations in other countries in Africa.

Recipe for Fufu

8. Jollof Rice

This recipe is famous in various parts of Africa. Hence, travelers in Sierra Leone can easily taste this dish. The amazing thing about this food is that a vegan and a non-vegetarian can enjoy the taste of this food. The steamed rice is flavored with spicy tomato sauce. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can try this with beef.

Recipe for Jollof Rice

9. Fry Fry

Are you worried about what you should take as a snack in Sierra Leone? Well, Fry Fry is here to reduce your appetite for a snack. It is basically street food, and it is available in a wide range of variations. It includes all types of fried items which are served with bread. It can be Akara, fried chicken, fried plantains, and more.

Recipe for Fry fry

10. Coconut Cake

During your trip to Sierra Leone, you should not miss the taste of one great dessert: coconut cake. Coconut cake is quite popular in Sierra Leone, and it is also enriched with health benefits. You will love the caramelized taste of sugar and water along with the toasted coconut.

Recipe for coconut cake


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