10 Most Popular Foods in Seychelles

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Located in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is actually an archipelago that is quite popular with tourists these days. The cuisine of Seychelles features the influence of African cuisine, Spanish cuisine, British cuisine, French cuisine, and finally, Chinese cuisine. The Seychellois cuisine is spicy to some extent as it uses coriander, tamarind, ginger, and other spices in each of its dishes. The residents of Seychelles are dependent on staple food, seafood, fish, and other animal meat. Let’s have a look at the top 10 delicacies of Seychelles.

1. Carotte banana

From the name, it is evident that the dish contains banana and a carrot. This sweet snack of Carotte banana can be served during breakfast. Most of the tourists prefer the recipe with a cup full of tea or coffee. The local chefs add honey and vanilla to the dessert to make it extra delicious. Many natives still wrap the dish of Carotte banana with banana leaves.

Recipe for Carotte banana

2. Salade de palmiste

Every gourmet coming to Seychelles will fall in love with this extraordinary delicacy named Salade de palmiste. The key ingredient of the Salade de palmiste is the heart of the palm fruit. Other than this, the local chefs also add ingredients like avocado, green tomatoes, red bell peppers, green mangoes, etc., for preparing this recipe. All these fresh fruits and vegetables are thinly chopped. Finally, for salad dressing, one can use lime juice and ginger.

Recipe for Salade de palmiste

3. Pwason sale

Colorful and tasty, Pwason sale is a traditional dish prevalent in Seychelles. The Pwason sale is made with salted fish. These salty fishes are preserved through sun-drying in most cases. You will get a unique aroma from this recipe of Pwason sale. The Pwason sale is generally served with rice and other spicy chutney.

Recipe Pwason sale

4. Pwason griye

This is actually a fish recipe quite popular in Seychelles. The meaning of the word Pwason griye is grilled fish. For this recipe, either people use rabbitfish or red snapper fish. Its delicious flavor comes from chili, garlic, ginger, and other spices. This savory dish is cooked by the women of Seychelles when guests are invited to their homes for dinner or lunch. You can have the Pwason griye with cooked rice and some vegetables.

Recipe for Pwason griye

5. Ladob

Ladob is actually a dessert recipe. The key ingredients of Seychellois Ladob are cassava, breadfruit, coconut milk, nutmeg, sugar, and so on. The dish of Ladob features a creamy texture all over it. Ladob is served both hot and cold in different parts of the island.

Recipe for Ladob

6. Grilled fish

This is one of the most ordered dishes in Seychelles. The grilled fish is properly seasoned, and after that, it is grilled in an open fire. The end result is a juicy and tender grilled fish that you can have with rice any time. For preparing this recipe, the people of Seychelles use red snapper, sailfish, jackfish, etc. You can have one big grilled fish with chilled beer as well.

Recipe for Grilled fish

7. Octopus curry

This is the most delicious seafood dish served in Seychelles. The traditional octopus curry is cooked with various spices, chopped vegetables, etc. Tourists generally order octopus curry with a bowl full of hot rice.

Recipe for Octopus curry

8. Satini

The Satini is a salad-type recipe that features both seafood and other animal meats. This traditional dish is made with items like raw papaya, apple, onion, etc. The recipe can be made both veg and non-veg. In the case of non-veg Satini, people of Seychelles use shark meat or other fish.

Recipe for Satini

9. Caris masala

This Caris masala is like Indian food to some extent. Due to the use of all types of Indian spices, you will get an Indian flavor coming from this Caris Masala. The locals of Seychelles use saffron, cumin, cloves, coriander, and other herbs in this recipe. While in Seychelles, you must try this extraordinary Caris masala.

Recipe for Caris masala

10. Roussettes

You may not like the way the dish of Roussettes looks, but its extraordinary taste will blow your mind. This curry-based recipe uses both meat and vegetables. This is more of a fruit bat curry. Roussettes is a local delicacy, and you should order it when you come to Seychelles.

 Recipe for Roussettes



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