10 Most Popular Foods in Serbia

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Situated in the south-eastern part of the European continent, Serbia is known for its delicious cuisine and rich culture. Serbian cuisine is pretty extraordinary. In Serbian cuisine, you will get to see the use of various meat and vegetables. Every year many tourists come to Serbia to witness its heritage and taste its lip-smacking cuisine. Let’s know a little about the popular Serbian dishes.

1. Sarma

Sarma is the national dish of Serbia. The recipe of Sarma consists of both vegetables and meat. The Serbians generally prefer ground pork or beef for this extraordinary delicacy. The mix of rice and meat is rolled with cabbage leaves for Sarma. Many Serbians call Sarma the “Sarmica.” The Sarma looks like miniature egg rolls.

Recipe for Sarma

2. Burek

This is a controversial Serbian dish. Burek contains two main ingredients such as cheese and meat. This freshly baked meal is served in every restaurant in Serbia. Burek looks like an omelet to some extent. There are several Burek shops in Serbia. It will be better if you use cottage cheese or feta cheese with the recipe of Burek. Apart from this, minced beef is also added to the dish of Burek.

Recipe for Burek

3. Prebranac

If you are fond of beans, you might love the recipe for Prebranac. Prebranac is a simple Serbian dish that can be prepared pretty fast. You will see a significant demand for Prebranac during the winter months. In this recipe, the chefs add grilled sausage or fried bacon. You can use a bacon cooker for cooking that bacon properly. You can order it with some side dishes.  Every bite of the Prebranac will excite your taste buds.

Recipe for Prebranac

4. Gibanica

In Serbia, Gibanica is served as snacks. You can eat a bowl full of Gibanica for breakfast as well. This recipe of Gibanica can be made pretty quickly. Believe it or not, every Serbian person prepares this Gibanica at their home on a daily basis.

Recipe for Gibanica

5. Cvarci

This is one of the spiciest dishes available in Serbia. The dish is made with pork fat mainly. Here, the pork fats are cut into thin pieces. The crispy Cvarci will taste really good. The dish of Cvarci is somewhat organic in nature. You can serve Cvarci with any of your main courses.

Recipe for Cvarci

6. Kajmak

Kajmak is actually a side dish served in Serbia. This delicious recipe of Kajmak is made from pure milk. The dish looks like cheese from outside. You can eat Kajmak with grilled meat if you want. The dish is considered a dessert in some parts of Serbia.

Recipe for Kajmak

7. Cevapi

This Cevapi is pretty popular in Serbia and other Balkan countries. This is nothing but grilled meat found in the form of a roll. The taste of Cevapi can vary from one region of Serbia to another. To cook Cevapi, you should use either pork meat or minced beef. You can serve the dish of Cevapi with some flatbread if you want.

Recipe for Cevapi

8. Ajvar

To prepare this spicy Ajvar, the chefs use red paprikas. The Serbians consider the dish as a side dish. You can call Ajvar a salad as well. The Ajvar will taste good with bread. In Serbia, Ajvar is sold in grocery stores in glass jars. So, you can always go for a readymade Ajvar.

Recipe for Ajvar

9. Urnebes

The Urnebes is more of a spread pretty prevalent in Serbia. The dish can be quite salty to some extent. To prepare the Urnebes you will need chili peppers, garlic, sour cream, etc. The chefs add other items to the dish of Urnebes as well.

Recipe for Urnebes

10. Vanilice

Vanilice is nothing but a classic cookie made in Serbia. If you have sugar, egg, flour, lemon, walnuts, etc., you can cook the dish of Vanilice easily. These are actually bite-sized treats for sweet tooths.

Recipe for Vanilice


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