10 Most Popular Foods in Senegal

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Senegal cuisine is a fusion of various flavors due to its heavy influence from North African, Portuguese, and French cuisine. Because of its closeness with the Atlantic Ocean, fish is an integral part of their food items. As a tourist in Senegal, you ought to try the following dishes found in this country.

1. Mafé

It is a tomato, peanut, or groundnut-based stew cooked with chicken, lamb, or vegetables. Mafés are usually standard across West Africa; the Senegal Mafé is particularly enriched with different flavors, resulting in a thick stew or gravy. This dish is usually served alongside rice and can also be eaten separately. 

Recipe for Mafé.

2. Bissap

Bissap is a trendy drink found in Senegal which is extracted from hibiscus flowers. Bissap can be easily prepared at home by boiling them in water and adding sugar; lastly, you need to refrigerate the drink. It is an excellent beverage and option to serve the guests.

Recipe for Bissap

3. Chicken Yassa

Senegal Chicken Yassa originated from Casamance and is a delicious treat of Senegal. The chicken is marinated overnight with peanut oil, onions, vinegar, lemon, etc., and grilled the next day. White rice or diola rice usually accompany this dish. 

Recipe for Chicken Yassa

4. Thiou

This dish is prepared by cooking chicken, beef, lamb, or fish with tomato syrup. Various veggies are added to increase the nutrient value and flavor of the dish. You can either have it with rice or bread.

Recipe for Thiou

5. Domoda

Being the national dish of Gambia, Domoda is even quite famous in Senegal. Domoda can be found in three different varieties, which are fish, meat, or dumplings. This dish can be cooked with or without meat, along with a thick peanut paste. To increase the essence and taste of this dish, chicken, chili peppers, caramelized onions are also added to it.

Recipe for Domoda

6. Kaldor

Since Senegal food items mainly consist of fish, this dish is a mixture of fish with various other ingredients to make it healthier and savoring. Fried fish and vegetables are added to the cooked paste of tomatoes, onions, and other spices and are later poured over rice and served. Lime juice is added on purpose to give a tangy flavor to the paste.

Recipe for Kaldor

7. Combi

Combi is a coconut rice pudding made with rice, coconut milk, sugar, water, and salt. Usually, it is served as a warm dish; however, one can freeze it and eat it during summer. You can additionally add coconut chips on the top of the pudding while serving it.

Recipe for Combi

8. Ndambé

Popular street food in Senegal, Ndambé is a black-eyed pea stew cooked with any meat, usually beef. The stew has a vital essence due to onions, tomatoes, chili pepper, bay leaves, garlic, etc. This dish is typically served with rice, quinoa, bread, or couscous.

Recipe for Ndambé.

9. Bassi-salté

This is a traditional Senegal cuisine consisting of vegetables, millet couscous, and vegetables. The inclusion of raisins and dates increases the sweet quotient of the dish. Seasoned with vegetables and meat, Bassi-salté is served with a thick sauce on the top.

Recipe for Bassi-salté

10. Banana Glace

This is a popular Senegalese dessert that includes bananas as its main ingredient. This dish consists of four bananas topped with mashed bananas, sugar, cream, almonds, cherries, raisins, etc. Usually, this dessert is accompanied by expresso or black coffee. 

Recipe for Banana Glace


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