10 Most Popular Foods in Saudi Arabia

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Food lovers often search for unique cuisines and love to taste the local dishes of any country wherever they visit. So, we bring here today exotic food dishes of Saudi Arabia.

Mostly the Saudi Arabian foods are spicy and based on rice and meat. Again, a particular method is followed to prepare the meat so that it can become halal. Scroll down and check the top 10 dishes in Saudi Arabia.

1. Martabak

It is one of the most popular street foods in Saudi Arabia. The dish tastes like a fried pancake and stuffed roti. Stuffing is done with different ingredients like egg, ghee, groundnuts, etc. Sometimes fresh coriander also becomes part of this delicious dish. The citizens of Saudi Arabia also call this dish Mutabbaq, which means folded. 

Recipe for Martabak

2. Ma’amoul

Foodies will never want to miss the taste of the ancient cookie of Saudi Arabia, Ma’amoul. The cookie is mainly prepared with dry fruits like walnuts, dates, groundnuts, and pistachios. People love to have this cookie during festive seasons like Easter and other celebrations. The cookie is often served with coffee and tea.

Recipe for Ma’amoul

3. Al Kabsa

If you are new to this country, you should taste Kabsa, the national dish of Saudi Arabia. The prime ingredient of this dish is rice and meat, and it is often called Makbus. The food is spicy, and you will love the taste of the blend of cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, and black pepper.

Recipes for Kabsa

4. Tharid

Tharid is considered the most popular food among the citizens here during the Ramadan season. It is said that this vegetarian soup was the favorite dish of Prophet Muhammad. This vegetarian soup is accompanied by crispy bread, and vegetarians love to consider this a daily meal.

Recipes for Tharid

5. Dajaj Mashwi

Individuals who have visited Saudi Arabia should not miss the chance to relish the taste of Dajaj Mashwi, a special barbecue dish. To prepare this cuisine, boneless chicken breast is crushed, soaked, and grilled. Along with the chicken, dried herbs and spice powders are used to make this dish delicious. Onion, garlic, ginger, and paprika are also used to prepare the food item.

Recipe for Dajaj Mashwi

6. Saleeg

Originated from Hejaz, Saleeg has become one of the most popular traditional food items in Saudi Arabia. It is a rice dish that contains a porridge-like creamy garnish. The dish gets complete with spicy roasted chicken. The rice is boiled with ghee, milk, and butter, and it is cooked until it reaches its taste.

Recipe for Saleeg

7. Sambuska

If you are in Saudi Arabia, how can you stop tasting the popular vegetarian snack, Sambuska? It is deep-fried and filled with different vegetables. People of this country also call the snack Sambuus. It is also popular as Samosa in other countries. You will surely love the crunchy taste of this snack.

Recipe for Sambuska

8. Hininy

Among various tasty traditional food dishes in Saudi Arabia, Hininy is considered quite popular. The cuisine is prepared with butter, brown bread, and dates. You will also love the flavor of saffron that enhances the flavor of the food. The food is extremely popular in Najd, and it is mainly prepared in the winter.

Recipe for Hininy

9. Muhallebi

People who love milk pudding will surely love the delicious taste of Muhallebi. Well, you can get variation in the preparations of this milk pudding. The prime ingredients are rice flour, sugar, and seldom seasoned with rose water. The preparation of this dessert is quite easy, and it does not take much time.

Recipe for Muhallebi

10. Shawarma

Shawarma is known as a great meat treat in Saudi Arabia. The cuisine is prepared with split-roasted and marinated meat. Lamb, beef, chicken, and turkey meat is roasted to prepare this dish. The food originated during the era of the Ottoman Empire in this country. The meat or the mixture of meats is slow-cooked and drizzled with their fats.

Recipe for Shawarma