10 Most Popular Foods in San Marino

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Known for its historic architecture and flavourful cuisine, San Marino is located in the Southern part of Europe. This country is surrounded by Italy. So, there is an influence of Italian cuisine in the cuisine of San Marino. All types of herbs and spices are used in Sammarinese cuisine.

The natives of San Marino are pretty crazy about various types of meat such as beef, rabbit, pork, etc. Let’s know about Sammarinese delicacies.

1. Verretta

This chocolate-covered dessert is pretty popular in San Marino. It features a crispy layer on the outer part. This wafer cake can be divided into multiple layers, which consist of hazelnut, cocoa cream, wafers, etc. This traditional Sammarinese recipe is being served in San Marino for hundreds of years. If you want to have Verretta, please order fine wine with this dish.

Recipe for Verretta

2. Torta tre monti

Popular in entire Europe, Torta tre monti is a delicious cake that features more than one layer. This wafer cake features hazelnut cream, chocolate, etc. The dish has been named in such a unique way because this traditional Sammarinese treat represents three towers of San Marino. While in San Marino, you should visit the La Serenissima bakery. This bakery has been baking the Torta Tre Monti since the year of 1942. The cake will go along with a cup full of nice coffee.

Recipe for Torta tre monti

3. Bustrengo

This is also a dessert recipe prevalent in San Marino. The fruit cake is made of cornmeal, stale bread, flour, eggs, milk, honey, apples, raisins, and so on. Though the fruit cake remains on demand during the Christmas period, it is available throughout the year. Locals of San Marino prepare the Bustrengo in a copper pot for a nice taste. It goes well with some sweet wine.

Recipe for Bustrengo

4. Polenta

To prepare polenta from scratch, you will need cornflour, sauce, sage, lard, bird meat, salt, water, etc. Believe it or not, the dish is pretty popular in the Northern part of Italy as well. You can serve the dish at both lunch and dinner with some flavored sauce. The dish is properly seasoned here.

Recipe for Polenta

5. Cappelletti

Cappelletti is truly a Sammarinese dish that is pretty affordable in nature. Served in every single restaurant in San Marino, the dish is mainly for lunchtime. It consists of only flour and meat. The traditional dish of Cappelletti is cooked on special occasions mainly.

Recipe for Cappelletti

6. Strozzapreti

This is a typical pasta recipe that is quite well-appreciated in San Marino. The local chefs add meat sauce, cheese, etc., to the recipe. This Strozzapreti features seasoned vegetables as well. Apart from these ingredients, you will need flour, water, salt, and meat for this delicious Strozzapreti.

Recipe for Strozzapreti

7. Titan cake

The titan cake is an almond cake that features only two layers. These layers are filled with peanuts, eggs, honey, and so on. The sweet titan cake is pretty popular in San Marino. It often comes with a chocolate-based filling all over it. You can d├ęcor the titan cake with dark chocolate or chocolate chips if you want.

Recipe for Titan cake

8. Piadina

This is actually a cake, but it looks and tastes like bread. Various ingredients such as meat, vegetables, cheese, water, flour, etc., are used to prepare the Piadina. In San Marino, the dish is popular as a snack mainly. But, you can have this light dish for breakfast and lunch as well.

Recipe for Piadina

9. Bean soup

All the regions of San Marino feature this common dish of bean soup. Though the dish is pretty typical, it is healthy and tasty. Sometimes pork rinds are also added to the dish. You can eat it with pasta at any time. But, traditionally, the dish of Bean soup is for dinner.

Recipe for Bean Soup

10. Nidi di Rondine

This is nothing but a casserole dish made of pasta. The chefs of San Marino use several ingredients as toppings of Nidi di Rondine. These are bechamel sauce, prosciutto, basil, Italian cheese, and so on. The locals of San Marino make cylindrical rolls with this pasta casserole. If you are baking the Nidi di Rondine from scratch, you should take it away from the oven when you see golden and crispy crust. 

Recipe for Nidi di Rondine


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