10 Most Popular Foods in Samoa

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Known for its rich heritage and culture, Samoa is an independent pacific island. Samoa is situated in close proximity to the famous Hawaii Island and New Zealand. The legend mentions Samoa as the “the Cradle of Polynesia.” Fruits and vegetables dominate the cuisine of Samoa actually.

Among meat, beef and lamb are pretty popular. Let’s take a tour of Samoan delicacies.

1. Sweet coconut bread

Do you know that the dish is called “Fa’apapa” in the local language? This Samoan dish is ideal for breakfast. This puffy coconut bread is more like American jam and toast. The dish features syrupy coconut milk, coconut flakes, and so on. To prepare this exceptionally sweet dessert, you will have to set aside around 40 minutes. 

Recipe for Sweet coconut bread

2. Banana pancakes

The widely popular banana pancakes are made in a slightly different way in Samoa. Here, these pancakes are crispy, and they are pan-fried like fritters. Obviously, this type of Banana Pancake or Panikeke is pretty different from American Banana Pancake. But, you will love this Samoan Panikeke. In Samoa, street vendors generally sell the Panikeke openly on the streets.

Recipe for Panikeke

3. Pani Popo

In the Samoan language, both coconut rolls and coconut buns are called “Pani Popo.” This traditional dish is served in coconut milk sauce. The foreigners prefer the dish with hot chocolate and homemade Samoan bread. The coconut rolls taste better if they are eaten frozen. At the end of dinner, you can serve pani popo to your guests.

Recipe for Pani Popo

4. Palusami

This south pacific dish of Palusami includes soft and tender beef. This Samoan treat can be prepared with local seafood as well. You can use a seafood boiler here if you want. The local traditional Palusami is made of corned beef and high-quality coconut milk. Do you know that this Samoan recipe is at least a thousand years old?

Recipe for Palusami

5. Faiai Eleni

The star ingredient of the recipe is raw mackerel fish. The flavourful recipe adds multiple vegetables such as onions, cucumber, tomatoes, grated coconut, and so on. You can grate coconut with a box grater. The traditional Faiai Eleni is served in a natural coconut shell. The recipe is a must-have in every reputed restaurant in Samoa.

Recipe for Faiai Eleni

6. Sapasui

This is nothing but Samoan-style Chop Suey. This south pacific recipe has a Chinese touch to it. Noodles or vermicelli are the main ingredients of the Sapasui. This hearty recipe adds meat chunks as well. You can find pork pieces, beef pieces, or chicken pieces in it. The traditional Samoan Sapasui is served with some raw carrots, broccoli, and other vegetables. It will taste good with some taro or rice also.

Recipe for Sapasui

7. Chicken Kale Moa

Green leafy kale makes the recipe of chicken kale moa a delicious yet digestion-friendly recipe. This Samoan treat is pretty spicy in nature. The local chefs of Samoa add several ingredients, such as ginger, garlic, coconut milk, onion, carrots, etc., to the dish. Its excellent aroma will boost your appetite almost instantly.

Recipe for Chicken Kale Moa

8. Masi Samoa

These are nothing but shortbread cookies. The heavenly Masi Samoa is also eaten with coconut milk. You will love it with a glass full of hot chocolate, jellies, or jams as well. This traditional Samoan sweet treat is prepared by many reputed chefs worldwide. It is loved by pastry lovers.

Recipe for Masi Samoa

9. Pisua

The Pisua is another dessert that is served cold and is highly popular in Samoa. This is more like a chilled pudding. Whipped coconut cream and caramel sauce make the Pisua an extraordinary delicacy of Samoa. The dish looks pretty colorful as well.

Recipe for Pisua

10. Kopa

 If you are looking for a combination of dumplings and dessert, you should definitely try out the Samoan treat of Kopai. It is mainly cooked in caramel syrup or coconut sauce. Both taste pretty good. It features tender dumplings shaped like balls. These rich textured balls will melt in your mouth almost instantly.

Recipe for Kopai



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