10 Most Popular Foods in Saint Lucia

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Popular for its pristine natural beauty and friendly people, Saint Lucia is an Eastern Caribbean Island that is packed with several wonderful surprises. The culture of Saint Lucia is influenced by that of the French and British very much. Even the cuisine of Saint Lucia features numerous herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, etc., which are found in England only.

The cuisine of Saint Lucia has a slight Amerindian touch also. Let’s learn about some authentic dishes which travelers can find in Saint Lucia only.

1. Bouyon

Travellers can start their food tour with Bouyon, which is a healthy, tasty, and hearty soup. A bowl of Bouyon is served in every local restaurant of Saint Lucia. The local chefs add different types of meat to this soup. These are lamb, saltfish, beef, pork, chicken, etc. It would be nice if you add some chunks of vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, yam, etc., to Bouyon.

Recipe for Bouyon

2. Lambi

This Island’s special delicacy is made with soft Conch meat. Made in Creole style, Lambi includes a lot of spices, thinly cut vegetables, etc. The entire dish is a pan-fried one. While in Saint Lucia, every traveler should enjoy Lambi sitting at beach shacks with their family and friends.

Recipe for Lambi

3. Boudin

Popular as Black Pudding in Saint Lucia, Boudin features some unique items such as pig blood, rice, exotic herbs and so on. When looked at from outside, the Boudin is more like a sausage. The taste of Boudin can vary in different parts of Saint Lucia. This local recipe is quite popular among French and British tourists.

Recipe for Boudin

4. Pepperpot

This Caribbean delicacy is full of flavors, but it is not at all spicy. So, both young and adults can eat it. Sometimes the local chefs add pimento peppers to this recipe of Pepperpot. Other than this pepper, you will find thyme, cloves, orange peel, cinnamon, onions, garlic, etc., in the dish.

Among meat, goat meat, pork, oxtail, beef, turkey, etc, you will find in Pepperpot. This recipe should be eaten with some delicious homemade bread.

Recipe for Pepperpot

5. Cow heel soup

You can clearly understand that the most important ingredient of Cow heel soup is cow heel meat. The dish is paired with various other items such as okra, carrot chunks, dumplings, etc. The dish is used as an effective cure for your hangover as well. A hot bowl of cow-heel soup will make your lunch extraordinary.

Recipe for cow heel soup

6. Pemmie

The base ingredient of Pemmie is cornmeal. The local restaurants generally add pumpkin, sugar, dry coconut, cinnamon, etc., to the recipe. If you are visiting Saint Lucia in October, you will see plenty of Pemmie being sold in every store.

You can have this Pemmie for breakfast instead of a standard frozen breakfast. The dish of Pemmie is generally cooked, wrapping in clean banana leaves.

Recipe for Pemmie

7. Accra

Accra is a popular fish dish of Saint Lucia. This fish cake is generally grilled, and it definitely makes a good snack. The chefs generally use salted codfish in the recipe, along with deep-fried vegetables and other spices. This yummy dish goes well with spicy sauce.

Recipe for Accra

8. Green fig and saltfish

This wonderful dish of green fig and saltfish has been declared the national dish of Saint Lucia. There remain several ingredients in the dish. These are codfish, green banana, bell peppers, garlic, coconut oil, tomatoes, carrots, etc. The dish is served during the Jounen Kweyol festival of Saint Lucia.

Recipe for green fig and saltfish

9. Fried fish roe

This is an exotic delicacy of Saint Lucia Island. The fried fish roe will taste good with mustard sauce. I suggest the travelers eat the fried fish roe with some garlic sauce. Nicely seasoned fried fish roe is often added to fish broth or other tasty soups.

Recipe for fried fish roe

10. Lamb neck bouillon

The lamb neck bouillon is exactly like American chicken soup. This mouth-watering recipe is made with bone lamb, nicely cut vegetable chunks, fresh seasoning, and so on. This satisfying meal is common on the menu of every local restaurant of Saint Lucia, especially on weekends.

Recipe for Lamb neck bouillon


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