10 Most Popular Foods in Rwanda

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Every country in terms of cuisine has its specialty. They not only taste amazing but also consist of the authentic flavors of the place. Rwandan cuisine is quite simple and mainly consists of meat, grains, vegetables, roots, fruits, etc. Hence, we have noted down some dishes from Rwanda for you to try and blow your mind with their unique flavors!

1. Igisafuliya

Also called “Kinyarwanda,” this is a simple yet delicious dish from Rwanda which primarily consists of chicken, vegetables, and spices. It is specially prepared with chicken thighs and some green plantains. Sometimes it is made a little spicy by adding some hot and green pepper.

Recipe for Igisafuliya

2. Isombe

Rwandan cuisine consists of a lot of Cassava, and this dish uses this ingredient as the base. The preparation process requires cooking some pounded and boiled cassava leaves with onions, green pepper, and spinach. Isombe tastes fantastic and also comes out as good for the body due to its high fiber content.

Recipe for Isombe

3. Misuzu

Also called “fried plantains,” Misuzu is a healthy yet delicious snack from Rwanda. It is effortless to make and takes significantly less time as well. It requires frying bananas in a particular way and serving them with some salt/honey.

Recipe for Misuzu

4. Brochettes

This dish can be called the Rwandan version of barbecued meat. Rwandans cook the meat (mainly beef) on a charcoal stove after skewering it, which gives it a smoky and exceptional taste. Brochettes are usually served with some boiled potatoes, fries, and roasted bananas on the side.

Recipe for Brochettes

5. Ugali

Cassava flour is one of Rwanda’s staples, also called “Ubugali,” and has fantastic health benefits. It is prepared by boiling cassava meal in hot water with a bit of salt. For a thicker texture and better taste, some butter is also mixed in the porridge.

Recipe for Ugali

6. Urwagwa

Uruwagwa is a type of beer made from banana which is a staple in Rwanda. It is produced by fermenting banana juice and as a source of yeast, Sorghum, maize, or millet flour are used. This beverage is one of the most popular and old beverages from Rwanda and tastes highly delicious!

Recipe for Urwagwa

7. Akabenzi

Akabenzi is a dish consisting of pork meat and comes out as an absolute favorite of the Rwandans. The succulent meat is dry-fried, cooked with some vegetables, and served with some boiled rice. It is a must-try as its flavors will surely give your taste buds a treat!

Recipe for Akabenzi

8. Matoke

Bananas are one of the staples from Rwanda which are used in various Rwandan dishes. Matoke is made from bananas fried in onions and spices and served with a pinch of salt and sometimes with some raw vegetables. It tastes pleasant and is a must-try!

Recipe for Matoke

9. Pili pili

Although Rwandan cuisine is not that spicy in general, the Pili pili is an exception. It is a Rwandan sauce prepared by grating and grinding slightly fried tomatoes, onions, and hot peppers. It is consumed with many other dishes as it adds a bit of spice kick to them.

Recipe for Pili Pili

10. Sambaza

Sambaza is a dish consisting of fried fish eaten with some Pili pili or mayonnaise. This dish has been in existence in Rwanda since the 1950s and is delicious! It is pretty simple to make and is a must-try.

Recipe for Sambaza


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