10 Most Popular Foods in Romania

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Romania is known for its beauty and marvels. Thus, it is a popular destination for many travel enthusiasts. However, the country also offers some mouth-watering delicacies for its visitors. So, if you adore trying new dishes, Romania has some delicious foods to surprise you. The country is known for its unique and simple cuisine that anybody will adore. Below are some must-try dishes while traveling to Romania. These handpicked delicacies are favorites of many and preferable choices of tourists. Ensure you try each one of them to make your trip complete. They will surely make your vacay worthy and memorable.

1. Sarmale

The most liked dish in Romania is Sarmale. They are cabbage rolls stuffed with various ingredients like rice, pork, vegetables, local herbs, and grape leaves. It is a healthy delicacy that you will enjoy eating. This lip-smacking dish is a must-try for everyone, and ensure you do not miss out on it.

Recipe for Sarmale

2. Mici

Love rolls? Then try these minced meat rolls from Romania. The dish is simply tasty and will leave you craving with each bite. It is made by combining cow and pork meat and adding different spices and garlic to the mixture. If you are a meat lover, you cannot skip on this lovely delicacy.

Recipe for Mici

3. Mamaliga

Another popular traditional Romanian recipe is Mamaliga. The dish is cooked using cornflour, butter, salt, and sunflower oil. This creamy delight is a popular side dish, and people enjoy eating it along with their meals. The simple-looking dish may look easy to make but requires a lot of practice and patience.

Recipe for Mamaliga

4. Ciorba de Burta

Ciorba de Burta is a yummy soup recipe that people adore eating during winters. The creamy texture is cooked using beef and pork legs, bell peppers, celery, carrots, and parsley. People prefer having this soup with bread and add cream for more taste. Try this lovely delicacy for the finest experience in Romania.

Recipe for Ciorba de Burta

5. Pomana Porcului

Pomana Porcului is a traditional Romanian dish that is cooked during Christmas. It is made using pork, and the meat is fried with its fat. The lovely delicacy is served with authentic pickles to enhance flavor. The recipe is simply bliss, and one must try it to enjoy their vacay thoroughly.

Recipe for Pomana Porcului

6. Cozonac

Easter and Christmas are incomplete, with Cozonac on the table. The challenging dish takes time to be properly cooked and is very famous in Romania. This sweet bread is stuffed with poppy seed paste, walnut paste, and raisins. You will easily find this delicacy in stores across Romania, so do not forget to try it.

Recipe for Cozonac

7. Jumari

Jumari is an appetizer made with bacon. The dish is cooked using pork, garlic, paprika, pepper, and other spices. It is a popular traditional Romanian recipe that will indeed satisfy your taste buds. However, people prefer eating it with raw onions, bread, and țuică.

Recipe for Jumari

8. Cighiri

Yet another famous pork dish is Cighiri. The delicacy is similar to meatballs and is cooked using a pig’s liver, lungs, and heart. The meat is further combined with garlic, bay leaves, eggs, onions, pepper, and salt. It is a simply delicious delicacy with a taste you will cherish.

Recipe for Cighiri

9. Papanasi

Papanasi is a tasty dessert made with cottage cheese. The dough is first rolled into donuts and then fried till it turns golden brown. Then the donuts are topped with sour cream, berries, jam, and cherries to add taste. It is a perfect dish for all sweet adorers.

Recipe for Papanasi

10. Varza a la Cluj

In this dish, the meat is not rolled but mixed. The dish is very famous in the northern region of Romania. However, you can easily locate it anywhere. It is a must-try for all food enthusiasts traveling to Romania to explore new dishes.

Recipe for Varza a la Cluj


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