10 Most Popular Foods in Papua New Guinea

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Traditional cuisine of Papua New Guinea is mainly fruit and staple-based. The natives of Papua New Guinea are vegetarian. They cook food in large quantities, and this traditional process is called “Mumu”. Most of the delicacies of Papua New Guinea are prepared in the earthen pot. Almost all the dishes of Papua New Guinea are made with sweet potato, pork, vegetables, pawpaw, and so on. Let’s dig in the Papuan delicacies.

1. Talautu

Talautu is a traditional Papuan dessert, and it is widely popular in Australia and Oceania too. Delicious and refreshing Talautu is served generally at the end of every lunch and dinner in restaurants. Chefs add various ingredients to the recipe, such as lemon juice, sugar, coconut milk, pineapple pieces, and so on.

Recipe for Talautu

2. Kaukau

Made with sweet potatoes, Kaukau is a main course item. This savory dish is originally baked in the oven. To prepare the dish from scratch, you will have to peel the sweet potatoes properly at first. Later add coconut milk, garlic, ginger, etc., to the recipe. In many parts of Papua New Guinea, the dish is served as evening snacks.

Recipe for Kaukau

3. Kol pis no rais

The English translation of the recipe name is cold fish and rice. You can make the dish in Papua New Guinea with canned fish as well. Natives generally prefer tuna fish. You can add vegetables like corn, peas, etc., to the recipe to make it healthy and extra delicious. In coastal regions of Papua New Guinea, the dish is pretty popular.

Recipe for Kol pis no rais

4. Saksak

This coastal dish looks like a weird-looking dumpling. People of Papua New Guinea are pretty crazy about this dish of Saksak. It is generally served wrapped in properly washed banana leaves. To enhance its taste, chefs generally boil the dish in hot coconut milk. If you wish to preserve it, you should wrap the dish in aluminum foil.

Recipe for Saksak

5. Breadnut

If you are traveling to Papua New Guinea from the South-East part of Asia like Indonesia, you must have heard about this dish of Breadnut. Though the fruit is oval in shape, it has spikes all over its body. Generally, unripe fruit is used in the dishes. People of Papua New Guinea properly slice the fruit. After that, they boil it and make a curry out of it.

Recipe for Breadnut

6. Mumu

This traditional dish of Papua New Guinea is made in an earthen pot on hot stones. Banana leaves are an integral part of the dish. Natives generally add a large amount of coconut milk to Mumu. Key ingredients of Mumu are leafy vegetables, meat, fruits, etc. Steam comes out of the dish.

Recipe for Mumu

7. Cassava

Cassava is mainly found and imported from South America. Cassava has been prevalent since the Mayan age. In Papua New Guinea, boiled Cassava and fried pig skin are pretty popular. The Cassava dishes can be served with all types of Papuan main courses.

Recipe for Cassava

8. Green banana dishes

In the tropical parts of Papua New Guinea and coastal regions, you can find plenty of green raw bananas, etc. You can buy raw banana fry as snacks. You can also order green banana curry, boiled green bananas, raw banana nuggets, green banana stew, etc., in Papua New Guinea.

Recipe for Green Banana dishes

9. Bugandi Egg Drop Soup

If you are traveling to Papua New Guinea for the first time, you should definitely try out the Bugandi Egg drop soup. This hearty soup is made with spinach, spring onions, eggs, etc. From the name of the soup, foodies can guess the key ingredients of the recipe.

Recipe for Bugandi Egg Drop Soup

10. Kaima bona gatoi

This dish is a favorite of vegetarians in Papua New Guinea. If you are a food lover, you might prefer the dish with barbecued meat or fish. Serve some fresh salad with the dish. You can add extraordinary vinegar for salad dressing.

Recipe for Kaima bona gatoi




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